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HOT FIVE – October 2010 [VIDEO]

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, September 25.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our
scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-Offs
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Gold Bar Bonus ($20) – 61% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 1 remains
4 $50,000 prizes remain
Over 20 $1,000 prizes remain

Gold Bar Bonus



The Winning Hand Promotion
Click to learn how you can enter to win a Luxury Poker table and $1,000. Just send $10 worth of any combination of the following HOT FIVE tickets by October 8th.

High Roller ($10) – 69% sold
Top Prize – $250,000; 2 remain

Blackjack Blowout ($5) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 1 remains

Blackjack Blowout
Trump Card ($5) – 75% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 1 remains



Reese’s Scratch-Off ($2) – 75% sold
Top Prize – $20,000; 1 remains
Over 200,000 prizes remain between $2 and $1,000

Reese's Scratch-off

Lottery Commercial Inspires Hanover Woman to Purchase Winning Ticket

Wins $50,000 prize on Gold Bar Bonus scratch-off

Gold Bar BonusA Hanover woman got the urge to scratch when the Lottery’s 1,000 Ways to Win commercial came on the television. “I saw the commercial and wanted to try one of the tickets,” said the 64-year-old retiree. She sent her husband to the store to pick up a Gold Bar Bonus scratch-off.  She asked him to get the ticket “because he’s the lucky one.” When he returned with a ticket that won $50,000, the celebrating began.

The lucky lady scratched the ticket when her husband returned from the store. She struck it big when she matched three watermelons symbols on one line at the bottom of the ticket.

The former hospitality host has no immediate plans for the money but mentioned that her daughter will be getting married in the next year. “She has started saving for her wedding, but if she doesn’t have enough it’ll be nice to say ‘Mom’s got your back,’” said the winner.

Today’s winner purchased her Gold Bar Bonus ticket at the 7-11 on Dorsey Road in Hanover.

Baltimore Baker Takes Home Lots of Dough

Wins $50,000 on Gold Bar Bonus Scratch-Off

Gold Bar BonusThe 31-year-old baker was enjoying his day off and decided to stop and cash in a couple of winning scratch-off tickets. “I had a string of luck lately,” said the man, who was accompanied to Maryland Lottery headquarters by his dad and best friend.

The tickets were worth $50 and $25. After receiving his winnings, he then bought two more scratch-offs. “It was a spur of the moment decision,” he said. While in the store, he began to scratch his tickets. “I scratched the bottom part and saw that it was a winner, and then I was hesitant to finish.” The same friend who came with him to claim his win was with him at the time and encouraged him to scratch the rest of the ticket.

“I had a feeling it was a big winner,” said his friend. “I told him, ‘you might as well see what you have.’”  What he had was enough to make the single-baker nearly “hyperventilate.”

His friend told him, “You won. No mistake, you won.”  The happy duo then quickly called the winner’s father to share the great news. “When I called my dad, I told him ‘Get up and come with me.’”  “He scared me at first,” said the man’s father.

The happy winner intends to use his prize money to pay off all his debt, buy a used car and save.  The winning ticket was purchased at Royal Farm #047, located at 12545 Eastern Ave. in Baltimore.

One Win, Three Celebrations for Kent County Man

Wins $50,000 Playing Gold Bar Bonus Scratch-off

Paul Berlen - Gold Bar BonusLast week started off with some pretty tough news for Paul Berlen, a volunteer firefighter from Galena.  His full-time sales job had suddenly become a no-time job when his company downsized and, with no immediate prospects, facing the next few weeks and months was going to be a struggle.  A little voice and a big lottery ticket then entered the story.

“I went to the store to get batteries for my fire-pager and decided to try a scratch-off,” Paul told officials.  “It wasn’t a winner but, as I was walking out, a voice told me to try one more.”  He scratched that extra ticket, the Gold Bar Bonus game, and saw immediately that he’s won $10,000.  He went straight home to share the news with his mom and girlfriend.  His mom saw that he hadn’t finished the game and reminded him to scratch the rest.  “All of a sudden the $10,000 became $30,000 – you should have heard us yelling.”  Celebration #3 came when Paul’s girlfriend noticed that there was a little more of the ticket to scratch.  That last bit of latex was covering an additional $20,000 bringing Paul’s total win to $50,000.

Paul’s winnings will help with an engagement ring (Congratulations!) and a new truck.  As for future employment, Paul thinks that the police academy may be the place for him.  As he was leaving Lottery Headquarters Paul admitted, “I still can’t believe all this is real.”  Paul found his Lottery luck at the Country Store, 2815 Northeast Road in North East, Md.

Ellicott City Man Strikes “Gold”

Wins $50,000 on Gold Bar Bonus Scratch-Off

Gold Bar BonusA 70-year-old man and his wife had much to celebrate over the holiday season.  A routine stop after work resulted in a $50,000 Lottery win for the Ellicott City man. “I was on my way home and decided to make a quick stop,” said the lucky winner.

The father-of-two purchased one random scratch-off and took it home to play. As he revealed the numbers he saw several matches. After calculating all the winning prize amounts, he was delighted to discover that he’d won $50,000.

The man, who works in construction, has some home renovation plans of his own. “I plan to fix up my condo in Florida with my winnings,” he said. “I’ll also pay some bills.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Normandy Wine, located at 8450 Baltimore-Natl. Pike in Ellicott City.

Montgomery County Woman Begins New Year a Millionaire

Wins $1,000,000 Gold Bar Bonus Top Prize

Gold Bar BonusA Germantown woman became the Maryland Lottery’s first millionaire of 2010.  The 51-year-old won the $1 million top prize on the new Gold Bar Bonus scratch-off.

The winner’s fiancé stopped at the store on Sunday to cash in $40 worth of winning tickets.  He then purchased two of the $20 Gold Bar Bonus scratch-offs.  When he got home, his fiancé scratched the tickets and revealed the big win.

“I started crying immediately,” said the winner, a Federal Employee.  “We were both numb!”  Her fiancé added, “You always hope to win, but you never really expect it.”

The win couldn’t have come at a better time.  The happy couple is moving into a new house this month, and can now indulge a little more.  The winner also plans to buy a new car and save some of the winnings.  “This win will allow us to live more comfortably, and hopefully help me retire early!”

When given the choice between the annuity and the cash option, the winner chose the latter.  The winning ticket was purchased at 5 Twelve Food Mart, located at 7001 Annapolis Rd. in Hyattsville.  Gold Bar Bonus, which launched last month, still has two remaining top prizes.

Gold Bar Bonus [VIDEO]

Gold Bar Bonus launches today, Monday, December 14.