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Lottery Winners to Fly with the Ravens to Carolina Panthers Game

Ravens Cash FantasyA once-in-a-lifetime experience is about to take place for some extremely lucky Marylanders. Ten winners were selected through the Lottery’s Ravens Cash Fantasy contest to accompany the Baltimore Ravens to their November 21st game vs. the Carolina Panthers. Each winner will receive a trip-for-two which includes: flying to North Carolina on the team plane with the Ravens; a one-night hotel stay at the team hotel; tickets to the Ravens vs. Panthers game; and $500 spending money. The winners, who hail from all over the state, are:

  • Tracey Jessilonis from Pasadena
  • Edward Maddox from Gwynn Oak
  • Mike Allaire from Glen Burnie
  • Charles Bardo from Severn
  • Heather Street from Pylesville
  • Denise Riley from Halethorpe
  • Felicia Peddicord from Baltimore
  • Howard Keyser from Baltimore
  • Michele Edelmann from Middle River
  • Elizabeth Mauk from Sharpsburg

Ravens Cash Fantasy players are encouraged to keep registering their EXTRA YARDS in the ticket’s Internet promotion. Prizes such as season tickets for life, season tickets for 2011, VIP training facility tour, framed autographed jerseys, autographed footballs, and autographed photographs remain to be won. Visit mdlottery.com/ravens for details on prizes, drawing dates and more.

Lottery Luck Finds Retired Steel Worker

Wins $40,000 Playing Keno

Steve Davidson - KenoSteve Davidson spent thirty years working at Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore before retiring and taking his family to the mountains of West Virginia. He comes back to town once a month to visit his mother, a trip which today was a few miles longer than normal – the distance from Glen Burnie to Lottery Headquarters.

“We took my mom out to lunch and while we were there I decided to play Keno,” Steve told officials. A long-time fan of Maryland Lottery games, Steve has an eight-digit Keno combination he plays whenever he’s back in his hometown. “I’d been playing these specific numbers for a while with no success. I told my wife I was trying them just one more time.” Those eight numbers, along with Steve’s selection of the game’s “super bonus” option, made this lunch a memorable one.

Steve watched the game as the family began eating. “I saw number after number coming up,” he explained, “and when that eighth number matched I was stunned.” When he was informed that he’d just won $40,000 he had an even more dramatic reaction – especially for a Baltimorean. “I was so excited that I couldn’t finish my crab cake.”

Some of Steve’s winning will go toward paying off a recently purchased truck. The family’s new favorite spot for lunch and Keno? – Romano’s Restaurant, 6905 Ritchie Hwy.in Glen Burnie, where the winning ticket was purchased.

Glen Burnie Couple Wins $1 Million Playing Big Money Mega Play Scratch-off

Four $1 million prizes remaining

Big Money Mega PlayWell into the process of claiming a $1 million prize at Lottery Headquarters yesterday, a Glen Burnie couple remained unconvinced of their good fortune.  They honestly believed that there would be a last-minute disappointment, that something would go wrong.  Accustomed to calming down excited winners, Lottery officials instead found themselves having to assure the winners that lottery luck had indeed found them, that this was all real.

“We’ve had some set-backs in recent years, not a lot of things have worked out for us,” explained one half of the couple, a secretary in a Baltimore County office.  “It’s almost impossible to believe that this is truly happening.”  The winners describe themselves as casual players, spending several dollars a week on the Lottery’s big-jackpot games.  “Once in a while I get a scratch-off along with my Mega Millions and Powerball tickets,” she told officials.

One of those “once in a while” moments happened last week and the instant ticket chosen was Big Money Mega Play.  The winner told officials, “I scratched it that night when my husband was already asleep.  I looked at it again and again and finally had to wake him up.”  From that point to the minute they entered the Lottery’s claim center the couple searched for the fine print on the ticket that would negate their win, sure that they were missing something.

Once all the paperwork was behind them the couple began to relax just a bit, the relief visible on their faces.  “We’re thinking now about all the good we can do for our family, our friends, our church.  Now that it’s finally real, it’s like an answer to a prayer.” The winners found their luck at Doc’s Liquors, 7067 Baltimore & Annapolis Blvd.in Glen Burnie.  There are still four $1 million prizes remaining to be won on the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off.

Glen Burnie Man Wins $150,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Bonus Match 5Three Bonus Match 5 tickets, four birthdates and one anniversary date added up to a big win for a lucky Glen Burnie man. The 50-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim his $150,000 prize – the result of three $50,000 winning Bonus Match 5 tickets.

The grocery store employee was preparing to watch a football game, but before the gridiron action, he tuned in to the Lottery drawings on WBAL. As the Bonus Match 5 numbers were revealed, his wife became increasingly excited as he called out the numbers. At the end of the drawing, they anxiously ran to their computer to check their ticket and verify their win on mdlottery.com.

“I checked the tickets about five times before I could believe what I saw,” said the winner.  Once convinced of their new wealth, he and his wife cheered and celebrated. They then put the ticket in a safe place overnight.

The man, who has one stepdaughter and two grandchildren, plans to use his winnings to pay off his car and help his mother and mother-in-law with costly bills. The winning ticket was purchased at High’s, located at 7602 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd in Glen Burnie.

Big Money Mega Play Results in Great Day for Glen Burnie Man

Claims $50,000 Scratch-Off Prize

Jeffrey O'Neill - Big Money Mega PlayPractically bursting with excitement, Jeffrey O’Neill described his winning moment and life’s philosophy. “I told my son, ‘live right, do good things and it comes back to you,’” said the 43-year-old father-of-two. His mantra proved true this morning when the self-employed home improvement contractor found himself $50,000 richer.

Jeffrey stopped at his regular stomping grounds to get his breakfast sandwich and a couple of Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. “My contractor friends and I call it our office,” said Jeffrey. Well known to the folks who own the store, Jeffrey was relaxing a bit before starting his day when they asked him to get a large sign from across the street. In typical Jeffrey fashion, he happily agreed and then returned to finish his Lottery play.

“I won $23 combined on Keno and a scratch-off,” said Jeffrey. “So I said, ‘give me that $20 ticket.” When Jeffery realized that he had a $50,000 winner, he couldn’t contain himself. “I ran outside and jumped in the air and clicked my heels.”

The goodhearted dad intends to use his winnings to help his son’s mom and will finally be able to buy new tires and a ladder rack for his truck. “I work seven-days-a-week and do for everyone else,” he said. “I’m just so happy!”

The winning ticket was purchased at Sunflower Shell, located at 8078 Ritchie Hwy. in Pasadena. Big Money Mega Play features five top prizes of $1 million, with all five still remaining to be won. There are also four $50,000 prizes left on the ticket.

Three Dumpster Dives, Help of Maintenance Workers, Net $10,000 Ticket

Glen Burnie man wins top-prize on Black Cherry Doubler

Dennis Keatley - Black Cherry DoublerDennis Keatley never imagined he would misplace his winning $10,000 Black Cherry Doubler scratch-off. However, the other morning, he found himself desperately digging through his apartment complex’s dumpster in search of his missing Lottery ticket.

The Glen Burnie resident purchased the winning ticket several months ago, but was reluctant to cash it, in fear that he would spend his whole prize at once. To keep his ticket safe while he pondered what to do with his winnings, Dennis placed the scratch-off in a DVD case. The DVD case rested on the coffee table untouched for months, until one day it was no longer in sight.

Once Dennis noticed the DVD case with the winning ticket inside had disappeared, he searched his apartment up and down. The ticket was no where to be found, so Dennis made a desperate decision. “As a last resort, I went to my apartment complex’s dumpster and searched every trash bag that looked like mine,” Dennis explained. Still coming up empty handed, Dennis retreated back to his apartment, where he was unable to sleep all night.

Dennis was not ready to give up hope, and early the next morning, he went back to the dumpster. But his second attempt to retrieve the lost ticket was again unsuccessful. Later that afternoon, two maintenance workers arrived at his door and explained to Dennis that the trash was being picked up the next day. They had noticed Dennis in the dumpster earlier and offered to help him search again before it was too late. The three men took on the dumpster for a final time. Within minutes of ripping apart garbage bags, the lost DVD case with the winning ticket appeared!

“I was lucky that day. If they didn’t come back to help me, that would have been it. The ticket would have been gone forever,” said Dennis.

Dennis is almost ready to retire, and will use his winnings for personal expenses. The winning ticket was purchased at Super Fresh, located at 7740 Ritchie Hwy in Glen Burnie.

Glen Burnie Woman has “Super” Morning

Wins $50,000 on Super Bonus Crossword Scratch-Off

Super Bonus CrosswordHer Super Bonus Crossword tickets sat for nearly a week before the Glen Burnie woman decided to scratch them yesterday. “I just bought a couple and put them aside,” said the unfazed winner. Though she plays only occasionally, this is the second large Lottery win for the widowed mother-of-three, who recounted nonchalantly that she had won $25,000 in 2004 on another scratch-off.

When asked how she responded to her most recent windfall, she said matter-of-factly, “I just said ‘Holy Cow.’”  The National Security Agency employee, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by one of her sons was alone when she scratched the ticket and double-checked it to verify her win. “I then had my son check it again,” she added.

While the lucky player showed little reaction to her newfound wealth, she was quite adamant about how she intends to spend her winnings. “I’m not paying bills,” she said. “I’m going to buy nice things.” A new rug will be among the nice things she wants to buy to fix up her home. The winning ticket was purchased at 5th Avenue Liquors, located at 508 South Crain Hwy. in Glen Burnie.

Mega Millions Luck Strikes Maryland, Twice

Two $250,000 Second-Tier Wins Last Night

Mega MillionsTwo Maryland Mega Millions tickets correctly matched enough of Tuesday night’s winning numbers to garner the game’s second-tier prize of $250,000.  Ticket holders in Laurel and Glen Burnie are checking their numbers carefully this morning, hoping to make a trip to Lottery Headquarters later today.

Last night’s winners missed the $24 million jackpot by just one number.  The game’s jackpot climbed to $33 million for the next drawing this Friday night.  “People typically think of Mega Millions in terms of the jackpot,” said Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett, “but we’ve had a significant number of local players win the $250,000 prize.”  Lottery records show that there have been 17 second-tier Mega Millions wins in Maryland so far this year.  There have also been 90 $10,000 third-tier wins.

The Lottery retailers that sold the Mega Millions winners are the 7-11 convenience store at 14001 Baltimore Ave. in Laurel and the Greentree Exxon station at 8001 Crain Hwy. in Glen Burnie.

Player’s Club is a Winner the Second Time Around

Glen Burnie Man wins $50,000 Prize

Player's ClubThe Glen Burnie man was hesitant at first about buying another Player’s Club scratch-off on Friday evening. He soon discovered that his $20 was well-spent, when he scratched his way to a $50,000 prize. His first luck of the evening was on another scratch-off, which yielded a $10 win. “I knew then that my luck may have changed for the best,” he said with confidence.

“I saw the $50,000 Player’s Club ticket and didn’t believe it,” said the 38-year-old. “I thought it was a misprint or something.”  His wife was also skeptical about their windfall. “When I told her that I’d won, she thought I was playing a joke on her.” He had to take the winning ticket to her job and show it to her before she would believe their good fortune. “She was happy when she saw the winning ticket,” he exclaimed.

The ticket was kept in a drawer in the house for safe keeping until he arrived at Lottery Headquarters this morning. “I checked that drawer every night,” said the winner. “I told my wife when I got up this morning, ‘I’m going to Washington Boulevard.’”

The lucky winner plans to buy a car for his 18-year-old son to help him get back and forth to school and work. He will also pay bills and save some of his prize money. The winning ticket was purchased at McKinsey Road Shell, located at 601 Ritchie Hwy. in Glen Burnie.

A Change of Luck For Glen Burnie Couple

Wins $10,000 Powerball Prize

It’s a good thing Jacquelyn Snowden’s husband returned to the Shell Station to purchase their forgotten Powerball tickets. The self-proclaimed “unlucky” couple had a reversal of fortune on May 22nd when they matched four numbers out of five plus the Powerball to take home the $10,000 third-tier prize.

The couple didn’t know they had a winning ticket until the next morning, when Jacquelyn’s husband checked the numbers online revealing they were $10,000 richer.

“You’re joking,” Jacquelyn said when her husband told her they had won. She couldn’t believe their luck had finally changed.

The couple plans to use their winnings for home improvements. Jacquelyn intends to renovate their kitchen, while her husband would like to work on their swimming pool.

The occasional Lottery players also plan to play Lottery games more frequently in the future. The winning ticket was purchased at the MVA Shell Station, located at 6616 Ritchie Hwy. in Glen Burnie