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Elkton Electrician Claims $10,000 Powerball Prize

David Nickler - Powerball

When David Nickler contemplated buying a Powerball ticket last week he assumed, as anyone would, that the biggest challenge he would face would be matching the winning numbers correctly.  He was wrong.  It turns out that matching four white balls plus the Powerball was a much easier task than convincing his family that he’d actually done it.

A fan of the Lottery’s large jackpot games, the Elkton electrician buys Mega Millions and Powerball tickets for each drawing.  His ordinary routine had extraordinary results as he took home a third-tier $10,000 Powerball win.

He discovered his good fortune on Thursday morning when he checked his numbers online at mdlottery.com. “Everyone else in the house was still asleep,” said David. “I quietly yelled to myself.”  When the rest of the family did wake up, David shared the news, without much satisfaction.

“I didn’t believe him,” said his wife Sherry, who accompanied David to Lottery Headquarters. The happy twosome said that the past week has been an exciting one as they anticipated claiming their prize. David will share some of his winnings with his son who is getting married and also intends to pay bills. The winning ticket was purchased at Vlamis Liquors, located at 801 Bridge St. in Elkton.

The Maryland Lottery has awarded more than $16.6 billion in prizes since its inception in 1973. One of the largest sources of revenue for the State, the Lottery supports important programs that include education, public safety and health, economic development and the environment. Total contributions have exceeded $11.2 billion since the agency’s founding.   For more information, go to mdlottery.com.

Pick 3 Triple Play Promotion [VIDEO]

UPDATE: July 9
A lot of players have been asking, what happens to prizes if they go unclaimed?  If prizes go unclaimed, the funds will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes, by law, are required to be returned to the players in some fashion.  In order to do so, we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players.  For instance, unclaimed prizes are used for promotions such as Keno Sprinkler, Racetrax Doubler and Hit It Here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Three Ways To Win With $1 Plays


From May 17th through June 20th, players will have additional chances to win on the Lottery’s classic numbers game, Pick 3!  This Pick 3-only promotion will randomly produce bonus coupons with 8-digit codes for players.  If the coupon’s last two digits match the last two digits of that evening’s Pick 3, the player will win $100.  We’re giving away over 2,500 $100 winners each week.  Click here to see if you won.

If the last two digits do not match that evening’s Pick 3 drawing, players should save the coupon for that week’s Weekly Prize Drawing, which draws an entire 8-digit coupon number for a chance to win up to $250,000.

Let Yourself Play

Please remember to keep your bonus coupons. Bonus coupons must be presented and match exactly in order to claim your prize.
Official Rules


Wednesday, May 26

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00284859 Unclaimed Sunrise Market & Deli Beltsville
$25,000 00145256 Unclaimed Mary Mervis Deli Baltimore
$10,000 00354241 Thomas Harden Lewes Liquors Chestertown

Wednesday, June 2

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00400665 Unclaimed U-5 Foods Easton
$25,000 00506722 Verine Colbert MDBEP #27 at NIH Bethesda
$10,000 00489451 David Ross Food City Express Baltimore

Wednesday, June 9

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00782234 Unclaimed 7-11 #11716 Hyattsville
$25,000 00805494 Unclaimed Fairhill Liquors Elkton
$10,000 00679112 Unclaimed Everest Greenish Grocery Baltimore

Wednesday, June 16

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00924154 Unclaimed Friendship Gourmet Market Chevy Chase
$25,000 01121265 Unclaimed Sheldon Lounge Baltimore
$10,000 00993759 Mary Washington Charlotte’s Baltimore

GRAND PRIZE DRAWING – Wednesday, June 23

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$250,000 01125747 Unclaimed 7-11 #32271 Bel-Air
$100,000 01262708 Unclaimed Ridgeway Liquors Baltimore
$50,000 01130388 Gloria Cunningham Lucky’s Superette Odenton

Lottery Luck Finds Elkton Couple

$200,000 Powerball Win

PowerballA retired manufacturing manager and his wife are not only the latest locals to have luck playing the new-to-Maryland Powerball game, they’re also the biggest winners Maryland’s seen so far. The pair enjoys all Lottery games and likes to play them frequently. Last week’s $200,000 win, however, has cemented Powerball as their definite favorite.

“We stayed up late to watch the drawing and wrote down the winning numbers,” said the happy Elkton woman. “I compared them to our ticket and thought it was a $7 winner – it was pretty late and I was tired.”  She stopped by her neighborhood Lottery store after work to cash-in her ticket and saw a sign announcing that they’d sold a big winner.  “I saw the sign but thought nothing of it.  I gave them the ticket to get my $7.”  The clerk’s reaction clued her in to the fact that something extraordinary had happened.  “He told me that they’d been looking for me — for our ticket.”

After a quick prayer of thanks, she returned home with the store’s sign in tow. “My husband asked me about my day.  I told him it was so-so but got a lot better on the way home.”  She showed him the sign and told him the news.  It took a little while, but she finally convinced him that it was real.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased at Big Elk Liquors in the Big Elk Mall in Elkton.

Powerball Luck Finds Two Marylanders

$200,000 Wins in Elkton and Rockville

PowerballWhile yesterday’s $252 million Powerball jackpot went to a Missouri player, two Maryland players won large cash prizes last night.  Big Elk Liquors in Elkton and Belby Discount Beer & Wine in Rockville both sold $200,000 second-tier winning tickets for last night’s drawing.  Both tickets are yet to be claimed at Lottery Headquarters.

“Just yesterday we met our then-biggest Powerball winner, an Anne Arundel County man who claimed a $50,000 prize,” reported Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett.  “What a difference a day makes.”  Last night’s $200,000 wins are now the biggest Maryland has seen since the popular game arrived here earlier this year.  “We’re hoping to continue the pattern and get an even bigger Powerball winner soon, maybe even this weekend.”  Saturday’s jackpot is $20 million.

The Powerball drawing is held in Orlando, Florida and can be seen locally on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 11:22 pm on WBAL-TV, Channel 11.  The multi-state game is played in 41 states, Washington D.C. and the US Virgin Islands.

250,000 Reasons for Birthday Celebration

Delaware Woman Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize on 20th Birthday

Mega MillionsQuiet and reserved, the young Lottery winner appeared unfazed by her new-found wealth. Accompanied by her father, she arrived at Lottery Headquarters on her 20th birthday to claim her second-tier Mega Millions prize.

An infrequent Lottery player, she had followed her dad’s lead when she purchased her Mega Millions tickets nearly five months ago. She and her dad, who is an avid Lottery player, were at dinner when he decided to buy some tickets. “I bought 20 and she bought 2,” he said. “Look who won.”

The tickets were purchased for the November 13, 2009 drawing. The jackpot for that evening was $17 million dollars and the winning numbers were 27-43-45-49-54 and the Mega Ball was 44. “She matched all five numbers and her Mega Ball was 04,” said Dad. “That’s how close she came to winning the whole thing.”

The dad and daughter duo both wished to remain anonymous and waited so long to come claim their prize to avoid any attention. “We wanted to wait for the hype to die down,” said the winner’s father.

Although eager to allow her father do most of the talking, the winner said that she will use her winnings wisely. “I want to continue my education and make some investments,” she said. “I’m interested in psychology.” She also intends to buy her dad a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. “She promised me the new Street Glide,” said Dad with a huge smile.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Howard House Tavern, located at 101 West Main St. in Elkton.

98 Rock Cinema Cash Weekend Giveaway Winners

98 Rock

Twenty lucky listeners won a Maryland Lottery-98 Rock prize pack presented by Cinema Cash including:

One (1) $40 Cinema Cash visa gift card
Two (2) passes to the premier of MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine

Three (3) Cinema Cash scratch-off tickets

The winners are:

Chuck Perdue
Northeast, MD

Thomas Mohler
Port Republic, MD

Ron Fortney
Baltimore, MD

Donna Bullick
Baltimore, MD

Clinton May
Charlestown, MD

Tim Gallagher
Reisterstown, MD

Patty Roberts
Baltimore, MD

John Bardoll
Keadesville, MD

Ronald Marvin
Baltimore, MD

Jason Simmons
Towson, MD

Brendan Rydell
Bel Air, MD

Arden Shaw
Baltimore, MD

Mark Gordon
Owings Mills, MD

Wendy Atkinson
Halethorpe, MD

Heather Seilonen
Phoenix, MD

Keith Vibert
Baltimore, MD

Roy Baldwin
Elkton, MD

Jay Perkins
Reisterstown, MD

Aaron Lovegrove
Elkridge, MD

Cathy Magowan
Baltimore, MD

Cecil County Man Claims $250,000 Prize Just in the Nick of Time

Imagine finding out you just missed the cut-off to claim a huge Lottery prize.  Luckily, an Elkton man will never know since he found his winning $250,000 second-tier Mega Millions ticket just days before the final claim date.  He claimed the winning ticket with just one day remaining.

The 52-year-old was preparing to pay his truck insurance on Friday when he happened upon the ticket.  “It’s up for renewal every six months,” the winner said. “I was putting the insurance papers in my console and that’s when I saw the Mega Millions ticket.” After finding his ticket, the lucky man remembered an article he saw about a big prize that hadn’t been claimed, but he just shrugged it off.  “I figured it had been claimed by now,” he said.

The winner confirmed the $250,000 win by checking the website and calling the Maryland Lottery claims center to find out if he calculated the 182 day claiming period correctly. “When I realized I won, I was speechless,” he told Lottery officials. “Then, the biggest smile came across my face.”

He’s keeping news of the win quiet. “My wife doesn’t even know yet. I may put a copy of the winning ticket in a Christmas card to see if she figures it out,” he said.

With his winnings, he plans to donate to a Christian charity, help family, invest and take a vacation. The winning ticket was purchased at a Royal Farm convenience store in Elkton.

Thirsty Baltimore County Man Finds Fortune

Quick Stop for a Soda Brings $250,000 Mega Millions Wins

A Parkville man was returning from a long day at a charity event last week when he developed a taste for birch beer.  A stop at a roadside store quenched his thirst and also reminded him to pick-up a Mega Millions ticket.  He and his wife play every week and have long believed they were going to win but, so far, no luck.  Maybe the birch beer did the trick, because that ticket turned into $250,000.

As is her habit, the lucky winner’s wife checked the winning Mega Millions numbers at mdlottery.com.  “I couldn’t quite believe so many numbers matched so I called my husband at work,” she told officials.  “I read him our numbers and he confirmed it.  He told me to put the ticket away somewhere safe.”

The couple is keeping their good luck quiet right now, although many will benefit from their good fortune.  Several charitable groups will receive anonymous help and their kids’ college loans will soon disappear.  As for themselves, some home improvement projects and a new car are all possibilities for the present with a new house somewhere in the distant future.

According to our winner, “This money will allow us to do a lot of things we’ve talked about.  It gives us a great sense of security.”  They warned officials that they fully expect to be back at Lottery Headquarters, however.  “We still expect to win the jackpot one day.”

The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased at Brantwood Liquors, located at 1076 Augustine Herman Hwy. in Elkton.

Cecil County Man Hits it Big with Keno Bonus

Celebrates $30,056 Win

Keno BonusA Cecil County man is finding Keno to be his lucky game. His ticket started out as a $10,000 win, but with the three times bonus added, he ended up with over $30,000.

The man bought an eight spot Keno ticket for 20 games while he was out with a few family members.

Six of the eight numbers he chose were birth dates that were special to him, including those of his children and his wife. The other two numbers he selected were his wife’s two favorite numbers.

After rushing to get his ticket in just a couple seconds before the game began, he watched in surprise as all of his numbers started to pop up. “I was so close to not getting my ticket in before the game started,” the lucky man told Lottery officials.

“Just give me a three,” he shouted as he saw his last number appear on the screen. With that, he and his entire group began to cheer. The Cecil County man instantly called his wife of 31 years with his unbelievable news.

The winner, who works as a director of building and grounds, plans to pay bills and save the rest of the money for a rainy day.

The winning ticket was purchased at Wesley’s, located at 3700 Telegraph Rd. in Elkton.

Good Deal Found in Elkton

Woman Wins $50,000 on Deal or No Deal Scratch-off

Deal or No DealThe Lottery’s Deal or No Deal instant game caught Orlean Bell’s eye when she dropped by an Elkton gas station to fill up last week. Though the game has been in stores for more than six months, this long-time scratch player had yet to play it. She thought to herself, “Today is a good day to try something new,” she told officials.

“I took the ticket home to scratch and sat there in shock,” Mrs. Bell admitted. “I read the instructions over and over before I started to believe, but even then…..” Any doubts were soon erased by family and friends who stopped by to celebrate her win. They assured her that she wasn’t seeing things.

The Delaware resident plans to share her good fortune with family. She also wants to splurge on something for herself, although just what that might be is still undetermined.

When contacted by Lottery officials, the owner of the gas station that sold the winning ticket was very excited. “We’ve been a Lottery agent for about two years and this is our biggest win.” The winning Deal or No Deal instant ticket was purchased at Xtreme Gas, located at 722 North Bridge Street in Elkton.