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Baltimore Man Claims Second Big Scratch-Off Prize in Just Three Months

Wins $100,000 Diamonds & 7’s Top Prize

Diamonds & 7'sIt was a hot July day when the 56-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim his first big scratch-off prize — $50,000 on the Trump Card instant ticket. Now, on a cool, crisp October afternoon, only three months later, he was back in the Lottery’s Winners’ Lounge, accompanied by his wife, to chat about his second and even more impressive win.

Yesterday, the career school teacher bought three Diamonds & 7’s scratch-offs. After revealing that they were non-winners, he bought another Diamond & 7’s. “You know you have to keep playing to win,” said the father-of-one. His persistence paid off to the tune of $100,000 when the ticket revealed it was a top prize winner. When asked what made him buy the fourth Diamond & 7’s scratch-off he simply said, “Faith.”

Later that evening when he returned home he woke his wife to tell her the good news. “I was in awe. I’m still in awe. Lady Luck is with you,” she told her husband.

Since he has won before, the winner had a ready answer when asked what he will do with his second windfall. “Right now I only have plans to spend it wisely,” he said with a smile.  The winning ticket was purchased at Hertsch’s Tavern located at 1902 Gwynn Oak Ave. in Baltimore County.  The Diamonds & 7’s scratch-off still has a $100,000 top prize remaining on the ticket.

HOT FIVE – August 2010 [VIDEO]

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, July 31.
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scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-Offs
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Platinum Rewards ($20) – 75% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain, 1 top prize drawing
Over 600 prizes of $500 to $50,000 remain

Platinum Rewards

Diamonds & 7’s ($10) – 74% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 2 remain
7 $10,000 prizes remain

Diamonds & 7's

Hot Streak ($5) – 94% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 1 remains
Over 50 prizes of $500 or more

Hot Streak

Cinema Cash ($3) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
8 $3,000 prizes remain
8 $1,000 prizes remain
2nd Chance Contest – Click Here

Cinema Cash

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black Cherry Doubler ($2) – 59% sold
Top Prize – $10,000; 4 remain
Over 200 prizes of $500 or more

Black Cherry Doubler

Deale Woman Dealt $100,000 Prize

Wins Top Prize on Diamonds & 7’s Scratch-Off

Rita Balazek - Diamonds & 7's Cool, calm, collected, Rita Balazek’s outward demeanor belied her true feelings. “I am not calm, believe me,” said Rita.  “I have cried, cried and cried some more.” Rita was at work yesterday and with a few minutes to kill, decided to play a few Lottery games. She had won $250 last week playing Pick 3 and then another $60 on a couple of scratch-offs. She thought that she would reinvest a bit of her prize money and purchased a few more instant tickets, one of which was Diamonds & 7’s.

“I was playing and not hitting and told one of my employees to rub me for good luck,” said the 49-year-old.  When she began revealing the numbers on her Diamonds & 7’s, she first thought that she’d won $100. “Then I thought it was $1,000 and then….” When she realized that she was $100,000 richer, she nearly died. “My employees thought that I was having a heart attack.”

The mother-of-two didn’t fully grasp her good fortune until claiming her win at Lottery Headquarters. “I kept thinking, this isn’t real.” Rita intends to pay off bills with her Lottery winnings and may take a mini-vacation with her two sons who live out of state. The winning ticket was purchased at River Hill Sunoco, located at 5015 Signal Bell Ln. in Clarksville.

Diamonds are a Severn Couple’s Best Friend

Couple Takes Home $100,000 Playing Diamond & 7’s Scratch-Off

Diamonds & 7'sA happy couple was enjoying a nice lunch and playing some Keno on Saturday when Lady Luck appeared. She sprinkled her dust on them as they were playing scratch-offs, resulting in their $100,000 Diamond & 7’s scratch-off win.

The couple initially planned to visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Saturday with family, but because of the weather, they decided to stay closer to home. “Just think, if we had gone to the Harbor, we would have missed out on this win,” said the husband of the winning duo.

They took a short trip up the road to Glen Burnie instead and enjoyed an afternoon of good food, drinks and Lottery. “I bought four tickets and let my wife scratch them,” said the Constellation Energy employee. The very first number to appear was a 7 symbol, so she knew she’d won something. However, she scratched the rest of the ticket before revealing the amount won. “I showed my husband, asking was I seeing it correctly,” said the Department of the Army employee. They doubled checked it at a Lottery retailer and the $100,000 win was confirmed.

The sensible couple said that they will use the winnings towards home improvements and a really nice vacation.  The winning ticket was purchased at Sunset Restaurant, located at 625 Greenway Ave. in Glen Burnie.

Baltimore Housekeeper Cleans Up

Wins $100,000 Top Prize on Diamonds & 7’s Scratch-Off

Diamonds & 7'sA trip to pay her car insurance ended up very profitably for a Baltimore housekeeper. Since the 67-year-old woman was out running an errand, she decided to stop by the local 7-ll to purchase Lottery scratch-offs. “I love them,” she said. “It’s so exciting to just scratch it off.”

The happy winner purchased two $10 Diamonds & 7’s tickets and proceeded to scratch the first one in the store. “I saw $10,000 and just felt weak,” said the mother-of-one. “I had to leave the store and finish scratching the ticket in my car.”

When she resumed scratching, the ticket continued to reveal higher and higher winnings. The woman was so nervous that she called her brother to come and get her and then lay down in her car. “I really couldn’t believe it. I must have looked at that ticket 17 times,” she said. The avid scratch-off player said that since her big win she will now switch to different Lottery games. “I’ll play Pick 3 and Pick 4 and other ones, but no more scratch-offs.”

The woman intends to use her winnings to pay off her car. “I have to think about what else I’m going to do,” she added with a smile.

The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11 #23698, located at 6401 Reisterstown Rd. in Baltimore.