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Bonus Match 5 Win Brings Back Memories

Owings Mills Woman Takes $50,000 Top Prize

Bonus Match 5Eight years ago Nancy Swierk, who normally plays Keno, decided to purchase a  Bonus Match 5 ticket and won the game’s $50,000 top prize. Last week, on a whim she decided to play that game again, and once again matched all five numbers for the top prize.

The physical therapist was playing Keno with her coworkers after work last Thursday, as she regularly does. Before leaving, she decided to buy a Bonus Match 5 ticket. After watching the drawing on TV and seeing her numbers, Nancy excitedly called the winning numbers line and checked the internet just to make sure she was a winner. Once Nancy confirmed that she was $50,000 richer, she called the owner of the store to tell him the good news.

The 52-year-old plans to repair her dishwasher and car, pay some bills, and spoil her two “soon-to-be-fat” cats. The winning ticket was sold at Lakeside Liquors, located at 9229 Lakeside Blvd in Owings Mills.

Newspaper Pressman Makes Headlines – Wins Lottery Three Times

Lusby Resident Wins $150,000 Bonus Match 5 Jackpot

Chris Hoffman - Bonus Match 5For Lusby resident Chris Hoffman, “stop the presses” has always been a phrase he associated with a momentous occasion followed by changing newspaper printing plates. The 50 year-old Washington Post press operator recently had a moment of his own, when he won $150,000 playing the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5. Hoffman won the game’s top-prize of $50,000 on each of his three tickets

The morning after Hoffman and wife Lori celebrated their 27th anniversary, he woke her with startled shouts. “He had this look on his face like we had to go somewhere. I started worrying that someone was in the hospital,” said Lori.

Hoffman knew how much he had won when he saw his numbers on the Lottery website. “I kept screaming ‘I hit it big. No way. No way!’ I couldn’t think of anything else to say,” said Hoffman. “I woke up everybody in the house.” When the exuberant winner double-checked the winners, he saw that there were three winners in the State of Maryland. “Me, me and me,” said Hoffman, referring to the three tickets bearing the numbers that he had played in the game for over 15 years. “The numbers came from the top of my head and I kept playing three tickets because I always knew they would pay-off,” said Hoffman.

The Hoffmans plan to use the winnings to pay off their truck, pay down the mortgage and help their kids. The happy couple is also looking forward to spoiling their first grand child, due to arrive in December. “This is the best blessing. We’re not struggling, but this is going to make life really good for a while,” said Hoffman. The winning tickets were purchased at Ranch Liquor on Town Square in Lusby.

A Dream Come True for Aberdeen Couple

Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top-Prize

Gabriel Jones - Bonus Match 5Gabriel Jones’ mother has been having a recurring dream. In her dreams, her 37-year-old son wins the Lottery.  Yesterday evening, her dream became a reality as Gabriel matched five out of five numbers to win the Bonus Match 5 top prize of $50,000.

Every day the Aberdeen resident plays his five lucky numbers, as well as two lines of numbers he chooses somewhat randomly. Last night he sat in the kitchen, checking his numbers online as Tineka, his girlfriend, was upstairs hoping for a win. Although he knew immediately that his lucky numbers didn’t match, Gabriel saw that his second line of numbers looked like winners. When he called Tineka downstairs to tell her the good news, she thought the prize was $100. Upon realizing their ticket was actually worth much more, the ecstatic but disbelieving couple, checked and double-checked it. They even ran down the street right away to 7-11 to have it scanned.

The win comes at the perfect time for the couple of five years, who have been struggling with unemployment. “Now we can afford a ring,” Tineka said with a big smile on her face and tear-filled eyes. The couple would also like to use their winnings for a down payment on a house, and Gabriel plans to fix up his 1986 Porsche. The couple intends to continue playing the Lottery. They hope that one day they will hit the jackpot of their favorite game, Powerball, and their dreams will come true once again.

The winning ticket was sold at The Eagles Nest, located at 8 Aberdeen Shopping Plaza in Aberdeen.

Career-High Win for Washington, DC Man

Wins $50,000 Prize on Bonus Match 5

Lester Smith Jr. - Bonus Match 5Lester Smith Jr. plays Bonus Match 5 every day. He’s even won before. But for the first time Tuesday evening, Lester finally hit all five numbers to win the game’s top prize of $50,000. His good fortune came as no surprise to the loyal Lottery player. Just a day earlier, he told his boss that he knew he was going to win a big prize. The next day his boss received the call, “I got it.”

The 71-year-old’s reaction to discovering he was $50,000 richer was nonchalance. “I was calmer than the retailer who checked the ticket. He couldn’t believe a big winner was sold in his store.” The washer and dryer installer has no extravagant plans for his winnings. The self-proclaimed “homebody” will give some to his two children, and continue to play the Lottery. “You have to play to win,” said Lester.

The winning ticket was sold at Royal Farms located at 8686 Washington Blvd in Jessup.

Déjà Vu for Baltimore City Woman

Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top-Tier Prize

Bonus Match 5The full-time city worker is no stranger to big wins. Back in 2004, she won $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. This time around, her newfound wealth was by way of Bonus Match 5 and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Somehow it seems to come when I’m in desperate need of it,” said the 63-year-old. The mother-of-one, said that Friday was the first time since 1998 that she changed any of the five Bonus Match 5 numbers that she typically plays. The winning ticket was actually a Quick Pick, but she still credits her luck to the fact that she played her mother’s age at her birth.

“I was watching the drawing and thought how good it would be to win,” she said. “When I realized I had all five numbers, I couldn’t believe it.”  She went back to the store to check the ticket and when the clerk told her it said “Cash at Lottery” she recalled the message from her previous win.

There are expected layoffs for city workers next year. However, the lucky winner views the future with confidence, “I may not have a job, but thanks to this windfall I will be able to afford normal monthly expenses.”

The city employee plans to use her winnings to pay bills and also help pay medical bills for a family member. “This will enable me to be debt-free and if I can help my family member that’s all the reward I need,” she said with a smile.  The winning ticket was sold at Mulberry Street Exxon, located at 513 W. Mulberry St. in Baltimore.

U.S. Army Veteran Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

Nakia Grant - Bonus Match 5Last Friday, Nakia Grant was in the right place at the right time.  Her boss asked her to go to the store to pick up some supplies, and while she was there she decided to purchase a couple of Bonus Match 5 tickets.  “I have only played one other time, but I figured why not,” said the 32-year-old U.S. Army veteran.  Later that evening, before going to bed, she checked her tickets online.  She looked at the computer and then her ticket.  She then looked at the computer and ticket again, in a “back and forth” motion.   “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…my first reaction was WHOA!”  She told her partner, who had the same shocked reaction.  Nakia couldn’t sleep that night, and the next morning decided to check the ticket one last time.

The winner kept the ticket in her wallet until that Monday when she visited Lottery headquarters to cash it.  Her plans include paying bills, saving, sharing with family, taking trips to Disney and maybe Las Vegas, and going back to college.  The winning ticket was purchased at 1 Convenience Store on 10201 Reisterstown Rd. in Owings Mills.

Lottery Players Win Big This Weekend

Daily Games Have Huge Payouts

Last Friday, the evening drawing kicked off a weekend full of happiness for many Maryland Lottery players.  First, the Pick 3 drawing produced 0-0-0, paying out $680,025.  Next, the drawing official moved to the Pick 4 machine, pulling 1-9-2-9, resulting in more than $1.15 million in prizes.  The winning didn’t stop there.  The Bonus Match 5 drawing was conducted next, producing a top-tier $50,000 winning ticket.  That ticket was purchased at 1 Convenience Store, located at 10201 Reisterstown Rd. in Owings Mills.  The winning numbers were 8, 11, 12, 24, 27 and Bonus Ball 23.

The winning continued all weekend long, culminating with the biggest payout of all during the Sunday midday Pick 4 drawing.  2-1-2-1 paid out more than $1.9 million, putting a little extra money in the pockets of 3,272 players.

Players have 182 days to claim their prizes.  The Lottery urges all winners to sign the back of their tickets.  For winning numbers and more information, visit mdlottery.com.