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Ravens Cash Fantasy – I WON – Sondra Wilson

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Holidays Arrive Early for Baltimore Grandmother

Wins $30,000 Top Prize on Winter Green Scratch-Off

Winter GreenA Baltimore grandmother is already in the holiday spirit.  The 74-year-old received three Winter Green scratch-offs from her grandson on Tuesday, one of which happened to be a top-prize winner. The grandson, who accompanied her to Lottery Headquarters to claim her $30,000 prize, said, “I’d won $40 on Pick 3, so I thought I’d get them for her.”

Part of the Lottery’s lineup of special holiday scratch-offs, the $3 ticket has a scratch-n-sniff feature with the winter green scent. “I chose that ticket because it was new,” said the grandson. “I thought maybe there’d be some fresh winners.” He then added, “She’s always taking care of me. It was my turn.”

The winner, who was alone when she discovered her good fortune, quickly called her benefactor with the news. When asked what her reaction was to the win, she simply said, “Unbelievable.” Her grandson was equally skeptical and wasn’t convinced they were $30,000 richer until receiving confirmation at Lottery Headquarters.

The happy twosome intends to save the winnings. “I see people really do win now,” said the grandson.  “Maybe she’ll give me at least a dollar,” he added. The winning ticket was purchased at Mel’s Corner, located at 225 E. Eutaw St. in Baltimore City.  There are still four $30,000 top prizes remaining on the Winter Green scratch-off ticket.

“Honey, You’ll Never Guess What Happened Today”

Dundalk Man Surprises Wife With $50,000 Trump Card Win

Trump CardA bit of exercise with his friends was all that was on the mind of a Dundalk man when he visited Eastpoint Mall this morning to do some walking.  His day, it turned out, would involve a little more excitement than he expected as well as a little more travelling – all the way to Lottery Headquarters to claim a $50,000scratch-off prize.

Today’s winner, a retired Bethlehem Steel electrician, plays lottery games often and has had moderate success over the years.  He bought a handful of instant tickets this morning from the American News stand and played them there at the mall among his fellow walkers.  “I scratched them and found a few small winners.  Then I came to the last ticket.”  That last one, Trump Card, was a particular favorite.  “I’d won with it a couple of times before.”  He scratched.  He looked.  He looked again.  He studied – and then all conversation at the table stopped with his announcement, “I don’t believe this.”

With the claiming paperwork behind him, the Dundalk winner had one more exciting job ahead of him.  “I’m heading home now to tell my wife the good news.  Her afternoon is about to get as exciting as my morning was.”

Dundalk Woman Wins $100,000 Money Money Money Top Prize

Money Money MoneyThe retired Harbor Tunnel toll employee barely made it to Lottery Headquarters today.  Despite her profession, she has a phobia of being in enclosed places.  The tunnel, the beltway and the elevator ride proved to be nerve-racking for this lucky winner. After confronting her fears and navigating the challenging route, the 64-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim her $100,000 prize on the Money Money Money scratch-off ticket. “I came through the tunnel, the wind was blowing and I was shaking,” said the woman, who was accompanied by one of her sons and a friend of the family to claim her winnings

Although thrilled with her newfound wealth, she was so nervous and excited about making the trip to Lottery Headquarters that her stomach was upset. “It’s still upset,” she told Lottery officials. Recounting her winning experience, she said “When I saw all those 0’s I thought I was seeing things. First I laughed. Then I cried.”  She attempted to call her son but was unable to reach him. “I won and couldn’t tell anyone. I left my son a message saying ‘Call me, call me.’” When finally delivering the good news, her son’s response was that he would have to see the ticket himself. “He thought I was pulling his leg,” she said.

The winner intends to use her windfall to purchase a new car, have a nice Christmas for her large family and fix her kitchen floor. The winning ticket was purchased at Wise Avenue Citgo located at 220 Wise Ave. in Baltimore County.  The Money Money Money scratch-off still has a $100,000 top prize remaining on the ticket.

Family Visit Brings a $10,004 Powerball Prize to Cumberland Man

Greg Smith - PowerballGreg Smith of Cumberland now has 10,004 reasons to spend more time with his family; a leisurely trip from his home in Cumberland to visit his brother in Frederick resulted in a third-tier Powerball win.

Smith, who works in commercial insurance, hadn’t had the chance to visit his brother in Frederick since he moved there and decided to make the trip on Wednesday, October 6th.  An avid Powerball player, he realized only after arriving in Frederick that he hadn’t bought his ticket for that evening’s drawing.  When he stopped for gas, Smith decided to buy his tickets right then and there – and purchased tickets for the next four drawings.  This was a break in his normal routine as he usually buys his tickets in Cumberland and has since Powerball came to Maryland this past January.

As usual, Smith checked his numbers online and is still in disbelief that he won.  “My mother-in-law won $15,000 from a scratch-off in West Virginia and that was the only big Lottery win our family has ever had,” he said with a huge grin.  “The next win is going to be the big one.”

Smith, who is married with three children, hasn’t figured out how he’s going to spend the money yet.  He just wanted to “see the check in person” before making any plans.

The winning ticket was purchased at Riverside Market Place at 1991 Monocacy Boulevard in Frederick.

Baltimore Man Claims Second Big Scratch-Off Prize in Just Three Months

Wins $100,000 Diamonds & 7’s Top Prize

Diamonds & 7'sIt was a hot July day when the 56-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim his first big scratch-off prize — $50,000 on the Trump Card instant ticket. Now, on a cool, crisp October afternoon, only three months later, he was back in the Lottery’s Winners’ Lounge, accompanied by his wife, to chat about his second and even more impressive win.

Yesterday, the career school teacher bought three Diamonds & 7’s scratch-offs. After revealing that they were non-winners, he bought another Diamond & 7’s. “You know you have to keep playing to win,” said the father-of-one. His persistence paid off to the tune of $100,000 when the ticket revealed it was a top prize winner. When asked what made him buy the fourth Diamond & 7’s scratch-off he simply said, “Faith.”

Later that evening when he returned home he woke his wife to tell her the good news. “I was in awe. I’m still in awe. Lady Luck is with you,” she told her husband.

Since he has won before, the winner had a ready answer when asked what he will do with his second windfall. “Right now I only have plans to spend it wisely,” he said with a smile.  The winning ticket was purchased at Hertsch’s Tavern located at 1902 Gwynn Oak Ave. in Baltimore County.  The Diamonds & 7’s scratch-off still has a $100,000 top prize remaining on the ticket.

Catonsville Man is “Roll”ing in the Dough

Wins $100,000 on Lucky Roll Scratch-Off

Anthony Viscardi - Lucky RollAnthony Viscardi of Catonsville picked up more than a few groceries when he stopped at Giant on Tuesday. On his way out of the store, he stopped at the Maryland Lottery’s Instant Ticket Vending Machine and bought a Lottery scratch-off.  He then got in his car and scratched the ticket revealing a $10,000 win. Delighted with his newfound wealth, little did Anthony realize that there were nine more $10,000 prizes awaiting him. “I thought that was it,” said Anthony..

Upon returning home, he looked at his Lucky Roll scratch-off again and proceeded to scratch more of the ticket revealing nine more $10,000’s. “When the second $10,000 came up, I said ‘Oh my God,’ then there was another and another and another and…..” Expressing shock and disbelief, the 62-year-old added, “I had nine more heart failures. I thought it was a joke.”  In fact, the insurance representative was skeptical about the authenticity of his win right up until receiving the confirmation at Lottery Headquarters.

When asked by a Lottery representative whether he will continue to play Lottery games, Anthony responded, “Are you kidding? I went back to that machine the next day.” Anthony, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarter by his wife of 34 years, said that they haven’t quite decided what they will do with their windfall, but may take a small trip to Atlantic City. The happy winner summed up his experience with a laugh, saying, “It was dumb luck. I didn’t save anybody’s life.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #117, located at 6223 Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore.

Lucky Roll is part of the $10 Lucky Casino scratch-off that has 3 different looks:, Lucky Roll is green and purple with dice imagery, Lucky Spin includes blue and yellow roulette imagery and Lucky Cards is predominantly red and mimics the look of a deck of playing cards. All three Lucky Casino tickets can be found in the same pack of tickets and although they may look different, they are designed with the same fun number match play style.  There is still a $100,000 prize remaining on the Lucky Casino scratch-off.