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Mums the Word for Instant Keno Scratch-off Winner

$25,000 Win Kept Secret

Thirty-nine-year-old, Mary Rosber is good at keeping secrets. She won $25,000 playing the Instant Keno scratch-off and kept the win hidden for a whole week.

It is a ritual for Mary’s boyfriend, Andre, to pick up Lottery tickets on Fridays, come home and put them on the dresser for Mary. It was no different on December 4th, except this time, a big winner was among them.

“When I saw the winning ticket, I thought, ‘this can’t be right’,” she said. “Nothing like this ever happens to us.” Instead of spreading the good news right away, the Coast Guard Credit Union employee hid the ticket in her closet and did not tell a soul for almost a week.

“I was in shock,” said Andre, when Mary finally showed him the ticket a week later.  “We kept checking the ticket over and over.” They said the win did not feel real until they verified it at the store where they bought it. That was this past Saturday and the couple said they were nervous wrecks until claiming the ticket’s prize today at Lottery Headquarters.

Mary and Andre said it is going to be a huge load off their shoulders to be able to pay off some bills. They also said a cruise may be in the future for them and their two kids. “And, Christmas will be decent this year,” Andre said with a big smile.

The winning ticket was purchased at Middlesex Liquors located at 1334 Eastern Blvd. in Baltimore.


Breakfast With a Bonus in Montgomery County

$1 Million Scratch Win on the Way to Work

A Rockville man visited a neighborhood grocery store to pick-up breakfast for his co-workers and wound up becoming Maryland’s newest millionaire. A stop for croissants led to the purchase of an Extreme Cash Blast scratch-off, a decision that would change the lives of the winner and his family.

While food for his friends was a purchase he planned to make, the Lottery ticket was a last-minute addition to his shopping. “I wasn’t going to get a ticket but changed my mind as I was leaving. I scratched it and was just amazed, my hands started to shake,” he told officials.

He called his wife with the news and she suggested that he bring the ticket home for safe keeping. “I decided to continue on to work and try to not let my excitement show. It turns out that I didn’t do too well,” he admitted. Several coworkers asked the big winner what was wrong, why he seemed so nervous. He somehow got through the day without divulging his secret.

When he got home, he and his wife shared the story with their daughter and much yelling, screaming and hugging ensued. Her college tuition, several family bills and maybe a vacation will soon be taken care of, thanks to the win.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Bloom Grocery, 845 Rockville Pike. Extreme Cash Blast still has two remaining $1 million top prizes remaining.

Gold Bar Bonus [VIDEO]

Gold Bar Bonus launches today, Monday, December 14.

Join the Millionaire’s Club [VIDEO]

Are you Livin’ Lucky?

The Livin’ Lucky internet promotion is going strong, with more and more players entering their lucky codes online.  It’s simple to enter!  First, purchase a Livin’ Lucky scratch-off at a local Maryland Lottery retailer.  Next, scratch the Lucky Code in the lower right-hand corner.  Finally, enter the code at!

Once entered, you will be eligible to win a variety of prizes and your code remains entered for the rest of the promotion.  Every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs each!  And, every time an additional 10% of the Livin’ Lucky scratch-off is sold, a drawing will be held for one winner to receive $10,000. At the end of the promotion (after the final claim date has been announced for the scratch-off) a grand prize of $100,000 will be given to one winner.

Congratulations to our recent winners, including the following players who received $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs:  Daniel Barner from Indian Head, Godfrey Apugo from Randallstown, Dale Hare from Frederick, Vickie Davis from Columbia, and more!  Check out pictures of winners at

Remember, you MUST keep the perforated section which contains the lucky code.  If chosen as a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize.  Start Livin’ Lucky today and Let Yourself Play!

Ravens Away Trip Winners Receive Itinerary

Ten lucky winners received their Ravens Away Trip itinerary on Thursday, December 10.  They are schedule to leave Baltimore for Pittsburgh on Saturday, December 26.  All of the winners will travel on the team plane with the players, coaches, medical staff, team staff and members of the media.  They will also stay in the team hotel and be escorted to and from Heinz Field on the team bus.  This unique experience will give these fans a never before seen insider look into what it means to Play Like a Raven and take on the Steelers in what promises to be an important game AFC North game if the Ravens want to make the playoffs.


Ravens Cash Fantasy continues to be the hottest ticket in town and the most popular $5 ticket in our history.  Plenty of fantastic prizes remain including one $1 million top prize, 2010 season tickets, autographed photos and jerseys and the second chance grand prize, season tickets for life.  Click here for our upcoming drawing dates.

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Scratch-Off has “Shock-Value” for Hyattsville Man

Wins $30,000 Top Prize on Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

“I had no clue – talk about shocking,” said the 52-year-old Prince Georges County man. He was describing the second-wave of excitement that hit him when he realized that his winning Blackout Bingo scratch-off was worth much more than he originally thought.

“I had an ‘X’ on one of the game’s Bingo cards and thought I had won $500,” he said. “I was in heaven. Just pumped up and excited.” After further examination, he was happily surprised to find out that he had actually won the ticket’s top prize of $30,000. When the Federal contractor claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters he was still searching for words to describe the feeling. “This is unbelievable,” he said.

The lucky man purchased the $30,000 winning scratch-off last Sunday with proceeds from other winning Blackout Bingo tickets. “It’s my favorite game,” he said.

He has shared news of the win with only a select group of friends, and is thankful for his good fortune. “I feel like I was blessed because I do good things for my friends and neighbors,” said the winner.

The winning ticket was purchased at Eastern Avenue BP, located at 4501 Eastern Avenue in Mount Rainier, MD.