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Mega Millions is Just the Prescription for Hospital Staff

15 Co-Workers Share $10,000 Third-Tier Prize

Mercy Hospital GroupCrowding the Winners’ Lounge at Lottery Headquarters, the 15-strong contingent from Mercy Hospital buzzed about their $10,000 windfall. Though their respective cuts of the money amounts to just over $430, the billing department employees were none-the-less delighted with their prizes.

Their designated spokesperson, Terry Bachman, explained the group’s weekly Mega Millions purchasing practices. “We started this a little over two years ago,” said Terry. “We each contribute $6 a week.”  Terry buys the tickets from different retailers, usually opting for Quick Picks. The group has won $150 twice in the past and feels confident that this most recent win is the next step in their trip to hitting the jackpot. “The big one is coming,” echoed throughout the room.

Terry began making calls to share the good news after discovering that one of their tickets matched all but one number. Word quickly spread and plans for the money were made. “I’m going to Atlantic City,” said Judy Loftus. “I’m buying a ticket for Florida to go celebrate my birthday,” added Sheila Myers-Barrante.  Though non-committal about his plans for the money, Tim Carlisle chimed in, “I was grinning from ear-to-ear.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Chartley Liquors, located at 122 Chartley Rd. in Reisterstown.


Laurel Family’s Home Saved from Foreclosure by $250,000 Mega Millions Win

Mega MillionsTheir $250,000 Mega Millions win couldn’t have come at a better time for a Laurel family. They were facing likely foreclosure on their home after an unfortunate chain of events put the husband, a former business owner, out of work for nearly a year.

Their fortunes changed dramatically last Monday when the father-of-two asked his wife to take a trip to the local 7-11 to purchase a couple Mega Millions tickets for the next drawing. The trip to the store reminded her that she had two Mega Millions tickets from the previous drawing that she hadn’t checked. She quickly headed home and looked up the numbers on the computer.

One of the tickets matched every number except for the Mega Ball, which earned the family their $250,000 prize. The family celebrated with tears of joy as their three-year-old son jumped around yelling “We won the Lottery!”

The foursome will use their winnings to bring their lifestyle back to normal. The husband hopes to invest in some properties and his wife plans to go back to school full-time for an English degree. The family will continue their celebration with a two-night vacation in Ocean City next week and a Disney Cruise for their children’s upcoming birthdays.

The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11, located at 14001 Baltimore Ave in Laurel.

Mega Millions Luck Strikes Maryland, Twice

Two $250,000 Second-Tier Wins Last Night

Mega MillionsTwo Maryland Mega Millions tickets correctly matched enough of Tuesday night’s winning numbers to garner the game’s second-tier prize of $250,000.  Ticket holders in Laurel and Glen Burnie are checking their numbers carefully this morning, hoping to make a trip to Lottery Headquarters later today.

Last night’s winners missed the $24 million jackpot by just one number.  The game’s jackpot climbed to $33 million for the next drawing this Friday night.  “People typically think of Mega Millions in terms of the jackpot,” said Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett, “but we’ve had a significant number of local players win the $250,000 prize.”  Lottery records show that there have been 17 second-tier Mega Millions wins in Maryland so far this year.  There have also been 90 $10,000 third-tier wins.

The Lottery retailers that sold the Mega Millions winners are the 7-11 convenience store at 14001 Baltimore Ave. in Laurel and the Greentree Exxon station at 8001 Crain Hwy. in Glen Burnie.

Mega Millions Miracle for Montgomery County Couple

Win $250,000 Second-Tier Mega Millions Prize

Mega MillionsIt was a bitter-sweet win for a Gaithersburg husband and wife. The couple, who have been dealing with a recent death in the family, hit the second-tier Mega Millions prize on Friday.

The Montgomery County couple stumbled upon an old Lottery ticket that had belonged to their uncle, who recently passed away. While driving, the ticket fell from the truck’s visor and onto the husband’s lap. They had a hunch that it was a sign, and decided to play the numbers from the ticket as a tribute to their uncle.

The couple believes that it was a miracle when every number except the Mega Ball matched Friday’s drawing. Even though the Lottery retailer confirmed it was a winning ticket, they continued to re-check the ticket until this morning. “I’m still in a daze. It’s like I’m dreaming,” explained the mother-of-three, who kept the ticket safely tucked in their uncle’s Bible all weekend.

The winners plan to pay bills with their prize. They will also continue to play the Lottery, hoping for another miracle. The winning ticket was purchased at 3 Star Beer & Wine, located at 18524 Woodfield Rd. in Gaithersburg.

$250K Mega Millions Winner

Mega MillionsOn Friday, July 17 one lucky Maryland Lottery player became a 2nd tier Mega Millions winner. The winning ticket was sold at 3 Star Beer and Wine in Gaithersburg, MD.  If you were in the area, check your tickets to see if you were the big winner.

Mega Millions Win Comes at Perfect Time for Chester Man

Wins $10,000 Third-Tier Prize

Himelrick $10K Mega MillionsFriday brought a much needed win for Stephen Himelrick of Chester. The elevator mechanic/constructer became $10,000 richer after the evening’s Mega Millions drawing. Stephen, a victim of the struggling economy, was laid off last July.  He said the big win was just what he and his wife needed.

Bought with his change at the gas station last Thursday, the winning ticket sat in Stephen’s dresser until Saturday morning when he checked the numbers online. The room was filled with a shocked silence as the 52-year-old sat in disbelief.  However, the other end of a phone call to his wife was a very different scene.  His wife was with her mother and daughter — they were all jumping and screaming in celebration.

The couple plans to use their winnings to pay bills, put some in savings, and treat themselves to a nice seafood dinner. The winning ticket was sold at Friendly Food Store, located at 1383 Main Street in Stevensville.

Mitchellville Man Wins $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Donato Floriza - PowerballDonato Floriza loves the Maryland Lottery’s Mega Millions and Powerball games. “I’ve played since the games began here in Maryland,” said the former Navy and Army Corps of Engineers employee with a grin. Although Donato lives near D.C., he says that he is a Marylander at heart.

Tuesday morning, after dropping his wife and son off at work, Donato bought a $5 Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket and some Powerball tickets. The next day, the 63-year-old went to Kentland Shell, where he had made his Lottery purchases, to check his Mega Millions ticket.

“I tried to play it cool because there were people in the place,” said the lucky winner after finding out that he was $250,000 richer. Donato didn’t reveal his good fortune to his wife and son until arriving home. “The whole drive home she talked about paying bills, only to get in the house after the ride and see yet another bill on the table,” said Donato.

This was the perfect time to tell his wife of 23 years the good news.  While at first she was rendered speechless, she than asked him how much they had won and began making lots of plans. “We should do this and we should do that,” Donato said with a smile when recounting his wife’s response.

Predictably, the father-of-two intends to pay bills with his windfall and will also use some for a Father’s Day celebration. The winning ticket was purchased at Kentland Shell, located at 7777 Landover Rd in Prince George’s County.