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Thanksgiving Surprise for Forestville Man

$50,000 Bonus Match 5 Win with Taxes Paid

Bonus Match 5Working on Thanksgiving Day is a sacrifice that millions of Americans make every year (another thing for the rest of us to be thankful for), but for a Forestville man, being away from home on that special day was made a bit easier by a $50,000 win.  A quick Lottery purchase on the way to work and a quick look at the winning numbers online made Thanksgiving 2010 a memorable one.

Today’s winner, a concierge at a Washington, D.C. hotel, is a big Bonus Match 5 fan, playing several times a week.  On Thanksgiving morning he stopped by Lee’s Minimarket at 5400 Marlboro Pike in District Heights to get his ticket on the way to work.  The holiday was a busy time at the hotel and his work kept him occupied well into the evening.  He did find time, however, to check the winning Bonus Match 5 numbers on the Lottery’s webpage.  As number after number matched his ticket, the winner said, “I absolutely could not believe my eyes.”

He called home with the news but still had a few hours on his shift.  The time, he tells us, seemed to drag a bit as he looked forward to getting home to celebrate the holiday and the big win with his family.  The $50,000 win, taxes-paid due to a special promotion which was drawing to a close, will help with school bills and making this Christmas extra special for his daughter.

Silver Spring Man Wins $50,000 Taxes-Paid Bonus Match 5 Prize

Bonus Match 5A $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize is certainly something to get excited about. A $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize with all state and federal states paid is something to get really excited about. That was the reaction of the 50-year-old Silver Spring man who arrived at Lottery headquarters to claim his taxes-paid prize. The happy winner who was accompanied by his girlfriend was overwhelmed by his newfound fortune.

The “bonus” win was a result of the Lottery’s current Bonus Match 5 Doubler promotion which runs through November 21st.  During the promotion, not only will Bonus Match 5 winnings be doubled if the word DOUBLER appears on the winning ticket, but the Lottery will also pay the estimated state and federal taxes on all of the top-tier $50,000 and $100,000 prizes.

“On November 4th, I saw the new taxes-paid promotion and so I was tempted to play,” said the winner, who originally hails from Vietnam. He followed his instincts and purchased $6 worth of Bonus Match 5 tickets with Quick Pick numbers. The following day he went back into the store to purchase more tickets and also to check his ticket from the previous evening’s drawing.  “All I remember is the cashier telling me to go to Lottery headquarters,” said the father-of-two. “I instantly knew that I hit big.”

The store cashier plans to use his winnings to pay on his mortgage and car.  He also intends to give some money to his family. The winning ticket was purchased at Barnabas Liquors located at 4620 St. Barnabas Rd. in Temple Hills.

Bonus Match 5 Doubler

UPDATE: Monday, November 19
The Bonus Match 5 Doubler has been extended one week. The promotion will now end on Sunday, November 28.

Bonus Match 5 DoublerPlay Bonus Match 5 October 25 through November 21 for a chance to double your winnings up to $100,000 on every play of $1 or more.  Just look for the DOUBLER! on your ticket.

Also, TAXES ARE PAID on all top prizes of $50,000 and $100,000.

Let Yourself Play!

Glen Burnie Man Wins $150,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Bonus Match 5Three Bonus Match 5 tickets, four birthdates and one anniversary date added up to a big win for a lucky Glen Burnie man. The 50-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim his $150,000 prize – the result of three $50,000 winning Bonus Match 5 tickets.

The grocery store employee was preparing to watch a football game, but before the gridiron action, he tuned in to the Lottery drawings on WBAL. As the Bonus Match 5 numbers were revealed, his wife became increasingly excited as he called out the numbers. At the end of the drawing, they anxiously ran to their computer to check their ticket and verify their win on

“I checked the tickets about five times before I could believe what I saw,” said the winner.  Once convinced of their new wealth, he and his wife cheered and celebrated. They then put the ticket in a safe place overnight.

The man, who has one stepdaughter and two grandchildren, plans to use his winnings to pay off his car and help his mother and mother-in-law with costly bills. The winning ticket was purchased at High’s, located at 7602 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd in Glen Burnie.

Friendly Purchase Results in $50,000 Windfall

Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

Carlos Aguilar - Bonus Match 5Carlos Aguilar was nearly 5,000 miles away when he discovered that he was $50,000 richer. His friend of 22 years, Orlando, purchased a  Bonus Match 5 ticket for him while he was in  Hawaii where he was taking one of his sons to college.

Orlando bought the Bonus Match 5 ticket for Carlos the day he left town.  Orlando also was the one to check the ticket and discover his friend’s good fortune. “I was so excited, I immediately called him in Hawaii,” said Orlando, who accompanied Carlos to claim his prize.

“He called me at 10:30 PM our time, which is 5:30 AM in Hawaii,” said the 40-year-old winner.

“I was asleep. When he told me I’d won the Lottery, I sure was surprised. If it was somebody else he would have cashed it,” added Carlos with a chuckle.

Aguilar’s faithful friend Orlando kept the winning ticket in his wallet until Carlos returned home this past Wednesday.  “I would have been here Tuesday, but I missed my flight. I’m still tired. I’m still trying to get use to the time difference,” Carlos confessed.  However, Carlos doesn’t have a problem getting use to being $50,000 richer and having a real friend he can count on.

The Montgomery County resident said this is the first time he has won anything.  When asked what his plans were for his newfound riches, the father-of-two-college students said that he intends to pay for school for both his sons and, of course, give something to Orlando. The winning ticket was purchased at the Silver News at 8661 Colesville Rd in Silver Spring.

Fun-Loving Ocean City Couple Shares Bonus Match 5 Win

$50,000 Top Prize Claimed

Bonus Match 5“One time I hit Bingo, so I created a trail of money from my car, up the path and into the house,” said a lucky Lottery player from Ocean City. “That’s how I told my husband I won.” The creative flair for announcing news is something the twosome has in common. This time around, it was the husband’s turn to cleverly communicate their $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win..

The retired couple bought the Bonus Match 5 ticket prior to taking a five-day cruise. Upon their return, they had no idea they had won.  Even after seeing signs in the store where they had purchased the ticket saying that it had sold a winner, they didn’t suspect it was them.

It was almost three weeks later that the 73-year-old wife threw all of her Lottery tickets on the bed and headed out to play Bingo. That’s when her husband decided to check them. To his surprise one of the tickets was a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 winner.

Instead of just telling his wife about their good fortune, he decided to do something a little different. “When I came home from Bingo, he was grinning in the doorway of our bedroom and on the bed was a strong box,” she said. “When I opened the box, the ticket was inside. I knew it was a winner.”

The happy pair said that they will use the prize money to pay down their mortgage and paint their house. The winning ticket was purchased at Ocean Market, located at 14107 Coastal Hwy. in Ocean City.

Columbia Woman Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

Bonus Match 5A Howard County woman received a huge bonus while playing the Maryland Lottery.  As usual, the 51-year-old played her daily numbers.  But, this day turned out different when she matched all five of her Bonus Match 5 numbers, bringing home the $50,000 top prize.

“She plays all the time, and our daughter always looks up the winning numbers for her at,” her husband of almost 30 years said.  On August 9th, when the winner checked the numbers, everything changed.   “She called me at work and was so excited,” her husband continued. “But I had to be calm because I was in a meeting.”  She kept the winning ticket in her purse until arriving at Lottery headquarters to claim her prize

With her winnings, the mother-of-two plans to get her daughter a car, pay for college and pay taxes.  She and her husband have owned their own business since the 1970’s.  The winning ticket was purchased at Box N Save, located at 3409 Dundalk Avenue in Baltimore.