Ravens Cash Fantasy Party with Jonathan Ogden – October 25 – Padonia Station

Ravens Cash Fantasy party will feature thousands of dollars in giveaways

Jonathan Ogden, arguably the best left tackle to ever play in the NFL, will make a special appearance at Padonia Station on Monday, October 25th from 6 pm to 8 pm. The event, which will promote the Maryland Lottery’s Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off, will include a question-and-answer session with Ogden. In addition, the party will feature $2,000 in cash giveaways with a drawing every half hour for the chance to win $500. There will also be a drawing for a pair of club seats to an upcoming Ravens game.

The $5 Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off, which went on sale August 2010, is the second of its kind for the Maryland Lottery. The original ticket was launched last year and holds the distinction of being the best-selling $5 scratch-off ever sold by the agency. This year’s Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket features more than $11 million in instant prizes – including three $1 million top prizes.  With nearly 50% of the ticket already sold, there is still one $1 million instant top prize and eleven $10,000 prizes remaining on the ticket. David Brady from Edgewater claimed the first $1 million instant top prize in August and Marc LaGrossa from Stevensville claimed the second instant top prize this month.

Like last year’s scratch-off, each ticket features a perforated portion with a special “EXTRA YARDS” code that players can enter on mdlottery.com/ravens. Players who enter their “EXTRA YARDS” codes on the Maryland Lottery’s website will have the opportunity to win premium prizes that include season tickets for life, season tickets for 2011, Ravens Draft Day Party and trip to NYC, luxury skybox tickets and numerous other experiential prizes.

Upcoming Ravens Cash Fantasy party locations and dates include the Brass Rail Pub in Pasadena on Sunday, November 21st from 11 am – 1 pm and the Corinthian Lounge in Woodlawn on Monday, December 13th from 6 pm – 8 pm.  For more details click here.

13 responses to “Ravens Cash Fantasy Party with Jonathan Ogden – October 25 – Padonia Station

  1. We went to Padonia station today to meet ogden….we got in line and were told that your name had to be on the list…(of about 20 people)….the lady there said you have to have been invited.We got this email inviting us to go,but we were not on the”list”. WE TOLD THE WOMAN ….THIS JUST SUCKS! and left. I cannot believe the maryland lottery would LURE it’s subscribers to these”SPECIAL EVENTS”……SHAME ON ALL OF YOU..MARLAND LOTTERY…PADONIA STATION…..AND RAVENS….JOHN OGDEN!!!GREAT PR….THANKS, JAMIE AND MONICA DENT!!!!!!

    • richard dent: We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding. The last thing we want is for a player to feel misled.

      The Ravens Cash Fantasy event was open to the public and advertised as an Question and Answer session with J.O., along with the ability to win cash prizes and Ravens tickets. Where the confusion may lie is that we also held a private autograph session with Ogden for 25 randomly selected winners. These winners were selected the week prior through an e-mail enter-to-win contest for our Ravens Cash Fantasy All-Pro and Hall-of-Fame players (as of November 17 at 11AM) only.

      Again, we apologize for any misunderstanding.

  2. Thank you so much. I love that place! I’d love to come and see J.O. WOW. It’s awesome , but I have kids with homework.Thank you so much anyway.
    The lotto is fun and the ravens activities of course are as well.

  3. Who did NOT see the game yesterday? My husband said that if I do not wear a muzzle during future Raven’s games, one of us has to go! HaHa…I am gonna miss him!

  4. Terry Levee Jr.

    This would be great! I look forward to being the winner of this contest. J O was one of if not the best who ever played the game. Should I not win I will request a recount.

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  6. It would be a blast to sit and talk football with Jonathan Ogden and to hear some of his stories and of course knowing you are with the first player that will represent the Ravens in the Hall of Fame.

  7. I’m hoping to win the contest so my wife and her friend can meet Jonthan Ogden in person.

  8. Caryn Solomon

    I would like to say that it would be a honor to meet Jonathan Ogdan and be included in the fun at this Ravens Cash Fantasy Event.

  9. How to win that money i need it

  10. Went to the party @ Maria’s on Sunday and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to Monday night the 25th with Big John O

  11. I’m lookingf forward to winning this contest to meet with the best left tackle that ever played in the NFL Jonthan Ogden. This would be the best thing that’s happened to me and an event of a lifetime.

  12. I’m lookingf forward to winning this contest to meet with the best left tackle that ever played in the NFL Jonthan Ogden. I can’t wait to hear from you.