Increase Your Winnings

When you play Mega Millions and Powerball in Maryland.


  • Automatically win $1,000,000 when you match 5 white balls
  • Multiply your winnings on all other non-jackpot prizes

Just add Power Play when you play Powerball or add Megaplier when you play Mega Millions for your chance to win even more.


30 responses to “Increase Your Winnings

  1. How can the Daily and Evening Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings be seen live in the Washington DC area. We know in the Baltimore area they are shown live but they are not shown in DC ?????

    • G.Johnson: The Lottery has attempted to address this issue through agreements with other television stations around the state to broadcast our drawings. Unfortunately, these arrangements proved unsatisfactory due to an inability of potential partners to guarantee the time needed to air all of our drawings. We continue to explore additional avenues that meet our broadcast requirements and that can fit within our budget.

      Please remember that, along with the winning numbers line (410-230-8830), winning numbers always can be found on our website, in many local newspapers and by visiting any of the more than 4,000 Maryland Lottery retail locations across the State.

      Thanks for taking the time to write in. We appreciate hearing from all of our players.

  2. salice romaine hill

    Has anyone in the state of Maryland every won a million dollar prize more than once in various lottery games.

  3. The multiplier for Mega Millions, is this promotional or will it be permanent? I like the fact where we can have a Mega Ball now. How about in Multi Match. Will that have a multiplier at some point?

  4. since there are so many states in the games which state does the drawing and how is it shown in various states

  5. William Reedy

    Is there any place that i can go to find all of the winning number combinations that have been drawn for megamillions since the game first started?

  6. Platinum Rewards-What is the percentage sold so far?

  7. It seems that Platinum Rewards scratchoffs are getting harder to find. Can you tell me where I can find them in zip code 21921? What is the percentage sold to date?

  8. Even trying to win anything on the scratch-offs is a joke anymore…. spend $60-$70 on the same ticket just to “win” $7, $10 or $15 back… it’s a scam!

    • R.Cuthbert: We’re sorry you feel this way. Hopefully the following explanations for our games can help.

      Winning scratch-off tickets are distributed randomly throughout an entire game. If the average chance of winning a prize is 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every five consecutive tickets. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets back-to-back without receiving a winner at all. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance. In addition, the odds on the back of the ticket are the ‘overall odds,’ which is best described as the ratio of winning tickets to non-winning tickets from all tickets printed for the game.

      In addition, winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Numbers drawn for each of the Lottery’s daily drawing games are arbitrary. Every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. In addition, each ball drawn has the same exact chance of being drawn as any other ball in the machine, at any point in time.

      Thanks for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players. Good luck with future play.

  9. Charlene Scott

    Have the computer been upgraded to include the megaplier, since everything is electronic?

  10. when does the multipiler start in maryland?

  11. Also, since Multi-Match moved to Mondays and Thursdays, when will the new play slips/forms be available? I have looked in numerous locations especially in Elkridge and can’t find any except the old ones which are not being used at this time. Please help.

    • ND Mitchell: As old playslips are used, retailers are receiving new Multi-Match playslips featuring the new days. Because the Multi-Match’s game play wasn’t changed, like the new Megaplier feature from Mega Millions, there hasn’t been a committed effort to replace them immediately. Please keep in mind that the original/old Multi-Match playslips still work at all lottery retailers.

  12. Mega Millions Megaplier..will new play forms/slips be available? If so, when so I can be on the lookout for it especially in Elkridge like Cindy’s Skylight Liquors and Baskin-Robbins.

    • ND Mitchell: Play slips have been revised and are being made available by our sales representatives at all 4,000+ lottery locations across the state as of Monday, October 18. If you can’t find new playslips are your favorite lottery retailer, please let us know and we’ll drop some off as soon as possible.

  13. When will Powerball be available on subscription?

  14. I’v very excited Maryland finally added the magaplier. The surrounding states have had it for years. Its a great way to obtain higher winnings

  15. I am a subscriber to the Mega Millions game. Can I upgrade to the Megaplier option with my current subscription which started about one month ago? If so, how do I go about doing that?

  16. Mrs. A. Anderson

    It’s about time! Always going to DC for the Mega Millions multiplier, now I can multiply Mega in Maryland, and WIN BIGGER!!