22-Year-Old Stevensville Man is Maryland’s Newest Ravens Cash Fantasy Millionaire

Marc LaGrossa - Ravens Cash FantasySunday was full of Ravens wins here in Charm City. After our home team trounced the Broncos, Marc LaGrossa scored his own big victory winning one of the Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off’s $1 million instant top prizes.

The Eastern Shore man and his girlfriend were on their way home that same day when he stopped to pick up some beverages for his brother. While in the store, he decided to buy a Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off. With his girlfriend in the driver’s seat, they continued home and Marc proceeded to scratch his ticket. “I looked at it and told her ‘I think I just won $1 million,’” said Marc. The soft-spoken winner said that his girlfriend didn’t believe him until they reached their destination and he showed her the ticket. Then her reaction was much like his — cool, calm and collected. “I don’t show much emotion,” said the father-of-one. His dad, Charles, who accompanied Marc to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize, summed up the winner’s demeanor saying, “If he was any more laidback, he’d fall back.”

Marc, who works fixing pallets and is also a member of the Marine Reserves, intends to use his winnings wisely. “I’ll keep doing what I’m doing,” he said. “I’ll pay bills, put some away and hopefully buy a house.” Reflecting on his son’s newfound fortune, Charles said of his youngest son, “I’m happy for him. This is a good start.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Jinx’s Liquors Inc., located at 1225 Shopping Center Rd. in Stevensville.

Like last year’s scratch-off, each Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket features a perforated portion with a special “EXTRA YARDS” code that players can enter online at mdlottery.com/ravens to win premium prizes that include season tickets for life, an away-trip with the team, the chance to be a team photographer for a game, and numerous other experiential prizes.  There is still a $1 million instant prize also available to be won.

8 responses to “22-Year-Old Stevensville Man is Maryland’s Newest Ravens Cash Fantasy Millionaire

  1. I just want to say Congrads. Dont know if you have kids if you do im sure they are glad you played the game. My girls did live with me until mom decided to take them away from me and the their football team the Ravens. when i told them about this game and if I would be so lucky to win the big one, that I would then be able to bring them back with me so we could watch the Ravens the way we did before. Good luck

  2. It’s sad to see such disgust from people that feel less fortunate because you blow your money on scratch off’s and have had no success, so with lack of continued success, maybe you should save your money and invest wisely so that you won’t continue to struggle.

    Just as the young man won, whom I know, had more luck then you, he had a stroke of luck. Bitterness will get you nowhere!

    Just sayin’

  3. I am happy for your winnings, but dont take this the wrong way. I think this is so fake because of myself being a single struggling mother living here in Lanham, MD. My hopes were so high in believing that I am gonna be a winner as well, but it turns out to be a joke. I have been doing scratch off tickets for a little over a year now and I am still in the same struggle; which I’ve been praying to finally get out by doing the scratch offs. Again, happy for you, but its not fair how no winning scratch offs are sent here where I live.

    • Nikia: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. Please take a look at our winners stories from 2009 and 2010. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State including winners in Prince George’s county.

      Thank you for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players.

    • U should never play hoping to win because very few people ever win. The lottery was designed so that you lose most of the time. I was buy 8 tickets of 1 scratch and guess what most of the time I only got 1 winner that did not even cover what I had spent. I learned my lesson now I only buy 1 or 2 tickets a week.

    • Very few people win the lottery. Put it this way lets say there are 3 1 million prizes and the lottery prints maybe 3 million scratch offs. About half of those are losing tickets and most are small prizes. So your chance of getting the top prize is extremely low. So you should never play the lottery thinking your gonna win because most of the time you wont. One thing I learned playing scrathers is that you should never buy many tickets from the same roll because most will be losing tickets. You should only buy 1 Or 2 tickets. If you’re on a winning streak stop as soon as you lose on 1. You gotta play smart so you dont waste all your money away.


  5. I can’t even imagine winning a million dollars on a scratch off ticket. I think I would have a heart attack!