Livin’ Lucky – Validation Pending

Livin LuckyQ- Why does the $10,000 Livin’ Lucky cash prize drawing state “validation pending?”

A – As the Livin’ Lucky Internet Promotion Official Rules state, winners have 60 days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. Also, winners must present their original Lucky Code. If a winner can not locate their Lucky Code, the Lottery must still allow him/her 60 days to claim. Once the 60 days have passed, an alternate winner will be announced. The $10,000 winner’s name will be announced and posted on the website after the winner claims the prize.

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  2. Well can you post the person’s name, maybe they don’t know they won.

    • Eric: Each entry includes the entrants name and contact information. We reach out to each winner in multiple ways. In the case of Livin’ Lucky, winner’s often are trying to find their Lucky Code to claim their prize.

  3. why has it been at 74% for so long

  4. clarence woods

    how do i find out what is the lucky code number???

  5. y dont u post the codes up on the website so people can see it?

    • ernest: You can view the codes and winners names for the $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky tickets drawings here. The name and codes of the winner for the $10,000 prizes are not made available until the winner can claim their prize by presenting their Livin’ Lucky ticket stub.

  6. The original draw date for the last $10,000 was Sep 2 But an email was sent out showing Sep 9 as the drawing date. So when did the drawing take place?

    • John: It appears that the drawing on Sept. 2. The 60 day claim period has expired and an alternate winners has been drawn and notified. We will announce their name as soon as their prize has been claimed.


  8. Hi I was wondering if there is a way to be sure that when you submit codes they are being accepted and registered. The reason I ask is that since the beggining of this promotion I have probably submitted about 500 codes and have not won anything on the second chance. This is a lot of entries and I doubt very many people had as many entries as me. Is there a way to find out how many entries have been registered under my name or email or however you would track it?

    • Brad: To date we have over 601,000 entries into the Livin’ Lucky 2nd chance contest. Unfortunately, due to the pure volume of entries we are unable to fulfill your request to manually confirm that your entries have been accepted or not.

      We’ve learned a lot since this promotion launched and have taken steps to allow users to track their entries with 2nd chance contests like Ravens Cash Fantasy. Look for more of the same in the future.

  9. I do alot of scratch off tickets and hit a few under 600 but in the scratch off remaning it doesnt change why

  10. when is the 61 day for the drawing if the other winner doesnt come foward

  11. How ddo the winners get contacted? And, if you send mail and its certified what if that person is not home when the mail comes?

    • Andrew: Initial contact is done via telephone. If that doesn’t work, and an email address is provided, we will try to reach them through email next. If still no response, a certified letter is sent to the address provided. When certified mail is sent, if the person is not home, something will be left there to let them know something is waiting for them at the post office.

  12. When Are The Next Drawings For The $300.00 Worth Of Living Lucky Codes? And How Come Its never On The Home Page Of Maryland Lottery ?
    I Think A Lot People Are Starting To Belive This Is Just Another Lottery Cummic… From The Sounds Of What Iam Reading ..But Heck You Know We All Play Anyway.. Just For That One Chance Of Maybe Hitting It Big !

    • Lucy Lou: The next drawing is October 28th. You can find a link to the Livin’ Lucky page on the left hand side of our homepage under WHAT’S HAPPENING. There you will find a schedule of drawings and more.

  13. So if this person can not validate their winnings (can not find their lucky code), then will the drawing be done on exactly the 61st day after the original drawing? If not then when and where will the re-draw date be posted/announced?