Trip to Grocery Store Satisfies Hunger for Win

Rockville Woman Wins $50,000 on Lucky Times 20 Scratch-Off

Lucky Times 20Friday afternoon, finished with her shopping and leaving the store laden with grocery bags, the Rockville woman decided to stop at the Lottery’s instant ticket vending machine and purchase one Lucky Times 20 scratch-off. That little deviation from her departure resulted in a $50,000 win for the happy 50-year-old.

The woman, who works for the federal government, began scratching her ticket even as she continued her exit. “I saw the 10X bonus first,” said the woman. She then proceeded to scratch the rest and quickly realized that she had won 50 grand. “I did the math and knew something was pretty good. I was sort of numb,” she said.

The occasional Lottery player quickly phoned her fiancée with the good news and he shared in her excitement. The twosome intends to use the winnings to buy a new roof and do some other things which they’ve been putting off.  The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #127, located at 17821 Georgia Ave. in Olney. The Lucky Times 20 scratch-off still has two $1 million prizes and three $50,000 prizes available to be won.

6 responses to “Trip to Grocery Store Satisfies Hunger for Win

  1. Are there any Raise the Stakes scratchers in 21703 or 20886 area?

  2. How many Platinum Rewards tickets were made and how long has this game been in circulation?

  3. I am happy for your winnings! I just wish that they would finally send the winning tickets here in Lanham,MD so I can also be a winner too. I been doing the scratch offs for a little over a year now and I haven’t won yet.

    • Nikia: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. Please take a look at our winners stories from 2009 and 2010. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State including winners in Prince George’s county.

      Thank you for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players.