Glen Burnie Couple Wins $1 Million Playing Big Money Mega Play Scratch-off

Four $1 million prizes remaining

Big Money Mega PlayWell into the process of claiming a $1 million prize at Lottery Headquarters yesterday, a Glen Burnie couple remained unconvinced of their good fortune.  They honestly believed that there would be a last-minute disappointment, that something would go wrong.  Accustomed to calming down excited winners, Lottery officials instead found themselves having to assure the winners that lottery luck had indeed found them, that this was all real.

“We’ve had some set-backs in recent years, not a lot of things have worked out for us,” explained one half of the couple, a secretary in a Baltimore County office.  “It’s almost impossible to believe that this is truly happening.”  The winners describe themselves as casual players, spending several dollars a week on the Lottery’s big-jackpot games.  “Once in a while I get a scratch-off along with my Mega Millions and Powerball tickets,” she told officials.

One of those “once in a while” moments happened last week and the instant ticket chosen was Big Money Mega Play.  The winner told officials, “I scratched it that night when my husband was already asleep.  I looked at it again and again and finally had to wake him up.”  From that point to the minute they entered the Lottery’s claim center the couple searched for the fine print on the ticket that would negate their win, sure that they were missing something.

Once all the paperwork was behind them the couple began to relax just a bit, the relief visible on their faces.  “We’re thinking now about all the good we can do for our family, our friends, our church.  Now that it’s finally real, it’s like an answer to a prayer.” The winners found their luck at Doc’s Liquors, 7067 Baltimore & Annapolis Glen Burnie.  There are still four $1 million prizes remaining to be won on the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off.

14 responses to “Glen Burnie Couple Wins $1 Million Playing Big Money Mega Play Scratch-off

  1. michele brantley

    Congrats on your win. Spend your money wisely and remember those less fortunate than you now. To Lottery officials ….it seems that all big winning tickets are located in Baltimore and most recent Glen Burnie. Spread the wealth. I’m in the areas just outside DC, Capitol heights, Largo, Mitchellville. We never have big winers here.

    • I think more people play the lottery in Glen Burnie in Baltimore thats why there are more winners there.

  2. I wish I had that right luck, it can save my family from losing a home.

  3. is the scratch offs only in fartherest counties? Because the money sure not in the city or baltimore county.

    • Terry: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. Please take a look at our winners stories from 2009 and 2010. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State. Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  4. all i buy is a piece of card board i never win anything thats the truth

  5. Congratulations. Yes, always give back and you will never be a loser.

  6. Cheryl Robinson

    Glad for you. Here is another Glen Burnie Pasadena winner. Maybe I should drive there. Every week or two it’s at least one.

  7. Congrats….is there a cash option for the prize or did the couple actually receive $1m?

    • G bushrod: Each of the $1,000,000 prizes will be paid in an annuity of 20 equal annual payments unless the winner selects the “cash” payment option within 60 days after the date that winner claims the top prize. The cash option amount is less than the annuity amount.

  8. I play this one all the time great odds for winning nice prizes. Spend it wisely.

  9. Mrs. A. Anderson

    Congratulations! God Bless you

  10. Congrats!!!!