Mega Millions Pays Out Mega Money to Marylanders

Baltimore Man is 20th Marylander this year to win $250,000 Prize

Mega MillionsAlthough the Mega Millions jackpot eluded Marylanders this time around, a Baltimore man is $250,000 richer thanks to the multi-state game. He matched all but one number from Friday’s drawing to win the quarter of a million dollars and become the 20th Marylander so far this year to win Mega Millions’ second-tier prize. Maryland has also produced 106 third-tier $10,000 winners since January.

The winner, and his wife-of-48-years, learned of their good fortune after enjoying a special breakfast out on Saturday morning. The retired Social Security worker stopped to get the winning numbers printout at a nearby store and upon returning home sat back in his chair with his recently purchased Mega Millions tickets to see if he had a match.  The lucky winner began to chuckle and called to his wife, “I have it, come look at the ticket.”  Thinking that he was joking, she paid no attention. After calling to her again, she put on her glasses, checked the ticket and started to laugh out loud.

The family man said that he will continue to play his favorite Lottery games. With his newfound wealth he intends to make some home repairs, buy a car and maybe take a vacation. The winning ticket was sold at Cold Spring Laundry, located at 1403-A E. Cold Spring Ln. in Baltimore.

2 responses to “Mega Millions Pays Out Mega Money to Marylanders

  1. Mary Ann Slomba

    Please tell me why channel 11 does not show so many of the lottery drawings. I understand Sat. midday and Sun. nite, but now they do not even show the drawings during the 11pm news. Why do they just show the numbers and not even announce them> But mostly, who is there when these numbers are drawn. I feel cheated when I cannot see the drawings.

    • Mary Ann: We’re sorry you’re having a tough time viewing the drawings. Programming circumstances from time to time can cause the drawings to be delayed. However, for the most part drawings can be seen six times per week on WBAL-TV11 at approximately 11:22 PM.