Frederick County Man Shocked by Win

Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Mega MillionsFrankie Favorite of Thurmont is a long-time Lottery player, finding a few dollars each week to play Maryland’s two big-jackpot games, Mega Millions and Powerball.  He’s won a few dollars from time to time, but it seems that he’s been saving his luck for a more substantial prize.  While not the jackpot, Frankie’s $250,000 Mega Millions second-tier win this past Friday is a bigger reward than he ever expected for his loyalty to the game.

“I normally check my tickets when I stop in to get some for the next drawing,” he told Lottery officials today.  “But yesterday I happened to swing by the store and they told me to check my tickets because they’d sold a big winner – I thought they were kidding.”  Frankie knows the staff of the Sheetz convenience store at 428 North Church Street in Thurmont pretty well and they often joke about Lottery results.  “I was walking away from the counter when I noticed the cashier’s face, she looked serious.”  Confirmation of the $250,000 win was followed by lots of yelling in the little store.

Frankie tells us that this Mega Millions win comes at a good time for him as he’s been through a pretty tough year, family-wise and economy-wise.  A down payment on a new house and maybe a Harley are in his future.

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