Cruising Couple ‘Weigh Anchor’ on $100,000 Keno Doubler Prize

Owings Mills Woman turns $5 Wager into $100,000

KENOAn Owings Mills couple had been making last minute preparations for an upcoming trip when they reeled in a whale of a jackpot. A few days before taking a cruise to celebrate her husband’s birthday, a registered nurse and her husband were enjoying dinner and a few games of Keno at a local restaurant when they won $100,000 on an 8-spot game.
“We don’t play that often, but we like to play when we go out somewhere that has the game,” said the 60-year-old. Since they were celebrating a birthday, the couple tried a combination or their birthdates, years and ages on the ticket. Later as the couple ate, they looked up to see some of their numbers on the screen.
“I saw three of the numbers and they just kept coming – they kept jumping,” said her husband. When all the numbers had appeared they were surprised to see how much they had won. Combined with the Doubler bonus printed on the ticket, their $50,000 prize grew to be $100,000. “We were excited then, but you don’t really feel all of the win until you come in to claim the prize,” he said.
When news of the win circulated through the restaurant, the couple became instant celebrities for the rest of the night. “Everyone was congratulating us and comparing their own Keno strategies,” said the woman. They even had a security escort to their car at the end of the evening.
If you ask the lucky couple, the hardest part of winning the jackpot has been waiting to claim their prize money. The couple left their lucky ticket in the care of their daughters while on their cruise. “We just made ourselves so nervous with all of the possibilities of losing the ticket while on the trip,” said the winners.
The couple say they may use the winnings for renovations and travel but plan to share a portion with immediate family and their church. The winning ticket was purchased at Greene Turtle, located in Owings Mills.

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