Retired Military Man Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize

Powerball with Power PlayA Crofton man was thrilled when he realized that he’d won $200,000 in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing. Just one number short of winning the $47 million jackpot, the 51-year-old was the sixth Marylander this year to take home the second-tier prize. Since January, 33 Marylanders have won the $10,000 third-tier prize playing the state’s newest big jackpot game. .

“It just feels so unreal,” he said. “When I first looked at the ticket, I thought I had the wrong date.”  The lucky winner’s wife told Lottery officials that she thought they were in trouble because her husband decided to call a family meeting to break the news to them. “We were thrilled when we found out it was good news,” she said. “We didn’t want to get our hopes up, so I  also checked to see if my husband had actually won.”

The couple said that they play Powerball each week and typically quick-pick their numbers. They intend to give some of their winnings to a charity that helps military men and women. Other plans for their prize money include home renovations, investing and paying their kids’ college tuitions.  The winning ticket was purchased at the Safeway on Chapel Lake Dr. in Gambrills.

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