Three Dumpster Dives, Help of Maintenance Workers, Net $10,000 Ticket

Glen Burnie man wins top-prize on Black Cherry Doubler

Dennis Keatley - Black Cherry DoublerDennis Keatley never imagined he would misplace his winning $10,000 Black Cherry Doubler scratch-off. However, the other morning, he found himself desperately digging through his apartment complex’s dumpster in search of his missing Lottery ticket.

The Glen Burnie resident purchased the winning ticket several months ago, but was reluctant to cash it, in fear that he would spend his whole prize at once. To keep his ticket safe while he pondered what to do with his winnings, Dennis placed the scratch-off in a DVD case. The DVD case rested on the coffee table untouched for months, until one day it was no longer in sight.

Once Dennis noticed the DVD case with the winning ticket inside had disappeared, he searched his apartment up and down. The ticket was no where to be found, so Dennis made a desperate decision. “As a last resort, I went to my apartment complex’s dumpster and searched every trash bag that looked like mine,” Dennis explained. Still coming up empty handed, Dennis retreated back to his apartment, where he was unable to sleep all night.

Dennis was not ready to give up hope, and early the next morning, he went back to the dumpster. But his second attempt to retrieve the lost ticket was again unsuccessful. Later that afternoon, two maintenance workers arrived at his door and explained to Dennis that the trash was being picked up the next day. They had noticed Dennis in the dumpster earlier and offered to help him search again before it was too late. The three men took on the dumpster for a final time. Within minutes of ripping apart garbage bags, the lost DVD case with the winning ticket appeared!

“I was lucky that day. If they didn’t come back to help me, that would have been it. The ticket would have been gone forever,” said Dennis.

Dennis is almost ready to retire, and will use his winnings for personal expenses. The winning ticket was purchased at Super Fresh, located at 7740 Ritchie Hwy in Glen Burnie.

One response to “Three Dumpster Dives, Help of Maintenance Workers, Net $10,000 Ticket

  1. Well I hate to say it but it seems rather stupid to let a ticket sit for that amount of time. The money could have been gaining interest or whatever !!!!! HAPPY DUMPSTER DIVING !!!!! I hope you gave the guys that helped you find the ticket a nice TIP !!!!