HOT FIVE – September 2010 [VIDEO]

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, August 28.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our
scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-Offs

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Platinum Rewards ($20) – 77% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain, 1 top prize drawing
3 $50,000 prizes remain
Over 100 prizes of $1,000 or more still available
That’s right, it’s still hot! Three $1,000,000 prizes remain!
Don’t forget to send in your tickets with TPD for a chance at $1,000,000.
Official Rules

Platinum Rewards

Money Money Money ($10) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 2 remain
10 $10,000 prizes remain
23 $1,000 prizes remain

Money Money Money

Raise the Stakes ($5) – 97% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 2 remain
80 prizes of $500 or more

Raise the Stakes

Multi-Prize Bingo ($5) – 72% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 2 remain
3 $10,000 prizes remain
2 $5,000 prizes remain
31 $1,000 prizes remain

Multi Prize Bingo

Year of the Ox ($2) – 82% sold
Top Prize – $9,000; 3 remain

Year of the Ox

146 responses to “HOT FIVE – September 2010 [VIDEO]

  1. Can you tell me where I can find RAISE THE STAKES and YEAR OF THE OX in or near 20705? What is the current percentage sold of YEAR OF THE OX and LUCKY 8s? Has the claim date been announced for YEAR OF THE OX?

    • Leda:
      Year of the Ox is 83% sold. You can find it at Giant at 11701 Beltsville Dr.
      Raise the Stakes is 99% sold. You can find it at Greenway Liquors, Laurel Food Mart, Maryland Farms Super Liquors.

  2. Where can you buy Raise the Stakes in the 21234, 21236, 21237, 21220, 21221 areas?

    • Sue:
      You can try these locations in 21234…

      Buttons Liquor Store
      Carney Liquors
      Galleria Deli
      Liquor Mart
      Liquor Outlet
      NP Liquors
      Speedy Mart
      Team Spirits
      Tobacco Mall
      Towsontown Exxon

  3. What percentage is platinum rewards sold and are the million dollar prizes out there. Also who sells scatch offs in the 21061 Area. Can u give me list.

  4. Are there any Raise the Stakes in the 21244, 21117, 0r 21136 area. Thx.


  6. Raise the Stakes in 21060 , 21113 and 21061

  7. hello, Are there any Raise The Stakes in area code 20602, 20601, and 20744?

    • Orlan:
      20602/20601 – You can try Commerce Liquors and Holiday Liquors.
      20744 – You can try Allentown Liquors, Dash In, Food Zone, Kash King, Lee’s Convenient Market and Mike’s Rest and Liquors.

  8. Why does it take so long to update the winning hand and livin lucky pages??

  9. Where could I find raise the stakes in zip codes 21201 amd 21401?
    Thank you for your immediate rsponse!

  10. what percentage is hot streak sold now thank u

  11. Hi, Raise the Stakes is listed as having two $50,000 winning tickets left. Does this mean the tickets haven’t been purchased yet?
    Or does it mean they could have been purchased, but might not have been cashed in yet?

  12. Are you guys working on a subscription for the powerball

  13. where can I find raise the stakes in 21225 or 21230 thankyou

    • Marko:Try these locations in 21230…

      A&B Discount Mart
      American Convenience Store
      Bargain Cigarette
      Cash Bar
      Morrell Park Deli
      Ole Federal Hill Rest. & Liq.
      Pratt Cut-Rate Liquor
      Westport Liquors

  14. where would i find raise the stakes scratch off in the 21222 area?


  15. The Raise the Stakes shows two top prize $50,000 tickets left. Does this mean they haven’t been purchased yet?
    Or does it mean they have been purchased, but not cashed in yet?

  16. Did the $10,000 drawing take place? The web site shows a date of 2 Sep.

  17. hello can you tell me where i can find raise the stakes scratch offs near 21207

  18. Hello, Can you please tell me where I can find Cashino scratchers in the 20723, 20743 and 20708 areas. THANKS!!!

  19. Is there any link where we can see the blogs from prior month’s? You previously listed retailers that had at one time Big 8 Bingo and I wanted to look back at July and August on the retailers that you listed. Then I can do some research on my own.

  20. where can i find Raise the Stakes in zip code 21128?

  21. LOOKING FOR RAISE THE STAKES IN 21286, 21133,21136

    • Linda: In 21286 you can try…

      Button’s Liquor Store
      Carney Liquors
      Galleria Dela
      Liquor Mart
      Liquor Outlet
      NP Liquors
      Speedy Mart
      Team Spirits
      Tobacco Mall
      Towsontown Exxon

  22. Hello, are there any Cashino tickets in the 20723, 20708 or 20743 area? Thanks.


    Hi, Where Is Raise the Stakes tickets near area 20657? Thanks, Gary

  24. The Lottery web site shows the livin lucky drawing to be on the 2nd of Sep. Did it take place?

  25. Where to purchase “Raise the Stakes” in 21076 and 21113.
    Also what is the % sold so far?

    • Kay: Raise the Stakes is now 99% sold.

      You can try to find them at…
      Caton House Bar N Tavern
      Cherry Hill Grocery
      Daddy Pa’s
      Dorsey Road Shell
      King Dollar
      Patapsco Village Liquor
      Royal Farms #086
      Selmas Liquors and Grocery
      Speedy Mart
      Wing Hing

  26. Can you please direct me to some Blackout Bingo games in the 21037, 21401 or 20716 areas? Thanks.

  27. when does the lottery start instructing retailers to pull BIG 8 BINGO from sales due to a close claim date?

    also, is there any way of telling whether or not the ticket is sold and just not claimed yet

    • John: There are two dates that are important to lottery retailers. The first date is the final activation date. This is the final date retailers can activate a book of scratch-off tickets. The second date is the final claim date. This is the final date winning tickets can be claimed by players.

      In the case of Big 8 Bingo, the final activation date was August 13. From that point Lottery retailers have 182 days to sell their remaining inventory and players have 182 days to claim their prizes. We do not instruct retailers to pull games that have gone through this process.

      There is no way to tell whether or not a ticket is sold. All winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout the print run of the game and we have no way of knowing which tickets are winners. We do know what scratch-off prizes remain and this information can be found at our scratch-off prizes remaining page.

      Thanks for writing in. I hope this information helps clear up your questions.

  28. where can I find raise the stakes in zipcode 21236 or 21234 Thanks

  29. Can the Maryland Lottery Agency include the precentage sold on the scratch off prizes remaining page like they do on the Hot Five?

  30. milton kalthof

    are there any raise the stakes in harford county

  31. where can i find raise the stakes on the delmarva peninsula salisbury area

  32. where can I find Raise the Stakes in 20901?

  33. Where can I find the winning information for Livin’ Lucky? A winner was chosen September 2nd but the information is not posted on the website.

  34. what percentage is hot streak sold now? thank U.

  35. Were can I find Big 8 bingo in 21206 or 21239


    • Linda: We are continuing work on the databases necessary to enable this type of feature. Unfortunately, we have not set a date for when it will be available. Please stay tuned for more details.

  37. I see someone won one of the year of the ox $9000 scratch-off. Where was the winning year of the ox $9000 scratch-off ticket purchased at? Are there anymore year of the ox in the 21401 or 21658 area zip code to purchase?

  38. Where can I find Raise the Stakes in 21215?

  39. where can I find Big 8 bingo in the 21225, 21060, 21061, 21122 and 21146 zip code area.

  40. Hi I was wondering if you can tell me where i can find the RAISE THE STAKES in the 21221 area or the 21224 zipcode. Thanks

    • Frank:
      You can try the following in 21221:
      Compass Convenience
      Essex Amaco
      Food Stop
      King Liquors
      Krauszer Food
      Pulaski BP
      Rosedale Liquors
      Rosedale Shell
      Rossville Sunoco
      The Necks Stop Convenience Store

  41. Where can I find Raise the Stakes in the 21236 area?

  42. Hello, Where can I buy the Raise the stakes and the other top 4 scratch offs in 21224 area, thanks

  43. Where can i find the Raise The Stakes scratchcards in 21771?? Thanks

  44. platinum rewards: if you reveal the TPD draw entry, do you win any other prize with that? or do you still have to match you winning numbers to win $$?

  45. Where can find Platinum Rewards scratch-offs in the 21209, 21210, 21211 area codes. Thanks.

  46. Tickets 80 or 90 percent sold yet no body wins.

  47. Where can I find Platinum Rewards tickets in the 21117 area code?

  48. How about Multi-Prize Bingo in 20735 (Clinton) or 20601 (Waldorf) zip codes??? 20657 Lusby?? Thanx

  49. Where can I find raise the stakes and platinum rewards in 21117?


  50. Can you tell me where to find nutcracker cash and hot streak tickets near 20723?

  51. im giving up i play and play and never win anything. I bought eight raise the stakes cards and lost on every single one. The hot five is a joke just to get people to play games that have little or no prizes remaining.Im gonna stop . I wasting to much money and not getting anything back. Its just not worth not throwing my money away anymore. The reason most people lose is because most of the tickets that are printed are losing tickets. For example, Lets say they print 1.2 milliion tickets more than half of those are losing tickets . That is something i have observed . I bought maybe eight tickets and most of the time i only had 1 winner. This time I didnt have any .That is why people dont really win that often.People do win but not very often. They say its random but they have to know where the tickets are going so it cant be completely random. I quit just forget it.

  52. any more Raise the Stakes near 21044?

  53. Where can I find raise the stakes in 21157, 21158, 21048?

  54. Where can I find the Total rewards in 21209, 21210, 21211 area. Thanks.

  55. were can i find raise the stakes in the 21229 area?

  56. Anybody out there know where I can find Big 8 Bingo scratchoffs. Thank you.

  57. I have a question about the raise the stakes game. Do the cards have match the exact order on the back of the game to win or can it be any order. Also can a king be in the straight.

    • Miki: A Royal Straight Flush should match exactly as seen on the back of the card and a King can be in this hand. The remainder of the examples can be used as such since some cards can vary, yet still have the same outcome.

  58. Brenda Edwards

    I’ve only found two locations that have plat.rewards in my area. Oxon Hill,Md. on Livingston Rd. and Marlow Heights Shopping Center lottery center. Any others in the area?

    • How can I determine if the retailer has given me the value of my scratch off ticket. I purchased a $5 super cross word and the bonus word showed a value of $50 dollars. The retailer stated I’d won $100 based on the ticket number entered in the computer. The ticket number had the letters ffv on the ticket . Does this denote a code for the value of the ticket and how can customers be assured they are getting the true value?

      • Brenda: Our suggestion is to first and foremost sign the back of your ticket if it is a winner. From there cash your ticket and focus your attention on the Lottery terminal. Each terminal includes a display that will shown your exact winnings and the value that is owed to you.

    • Brenda: Please send a specific zip code and I can provide you a location where you can find them.

  59. Where can i find Raise the Stakes near area code 21040?

  60. Where can i find raise the stakes in 21044 area?

  61. Hello there, I’m looking for Multiprize Bingo in the 21061 area. Any suggestions?

  62. where can I find raise the stakes scratch offs in maryland? The closer to Owings mills the better but I don’t mind driving to get them.


  63. where can I find Multi-Prize Bingo near the 20685 zip code?

  64. Where can i finnd raise the stakes in 21225 area thankyou or closets

  65. Where can I find raise the stakes in zip 21225 thankyou

  66. Sheryl'sKitchen

    Where can I purchase Raise the Stakes in area codes: 20853, 20850, and 20906. Thanks


    • I know whatyou mean I constantly lose playing hot streak. I came across one ticket that was total winner but only low tier prizes but the losing cards always had the high prizes what a coincidence. I buy 8 hot streak tickets only 1 is a I bought the new ravens scratcher and won 4 out of 8 tickets

  68. every month i try the hot five, can’t seem to have any luck .I do better with games that are not hot five.


    • Linda: Lottery agents, as well as the Lottery itself do not know where winning scratch-off tickets are located. The geographic locations of our winners are random and we have no way to predict where the winners will be.

  70. Are there any RAISE THE STAKES IN 21133 AREA

  71. hey lottery & lottery lovers! i love playing but feel as though there should be a 2nd chance to the scratch off tickets and the pick 3 and 4 games. my suggestion is just this: everyone should collect there non-winners and keep them for a yearly or promo events throughout the area where we could bring them for drawings. the drawings would be funded from the unclaimed ticket, winners and etc. ex. 50 to 100 non-winning pick 4 tickets could go into a random drawing at a promo event for $100 therefore recreating excitement and a following from your most dedicated players. we need something to encourage us for continuing to play and not winning; you’d be giving us the thrill and word-of-mouth positive feedback. instead constantly hearing that we’re tired of losing and/or never winning. and you could do the same with the scratch off’s – save 20 – $5.00 tickets for a chance at $100 drawing. or larger numers/drawings, etc. i don’t know how many tickets the individual would need to keep but you get the picture/just of my idea — have one of your anaylst figure it out. wink! lol

  72. Hello, No Set for Life on the hot 5 again this month???? The last time I checked Set For Life had over 85 percent sold and there are alot of players waiting for the 2ed chance drawing for well over a year. By the time you get this drawing done everybodys life will be alot shorter, You really need to move on this, its been long enough. Tom

    • Tom: Set For Life is now 88% sold. I’ll talk to the product development team to see what they think about adding it next month. We would like to announce the final drawing just as much as you do because that means the game is coming to a close. Thanks for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players.