Wicomico County Woman “Aces” $50,000 Win

Jackie Booker - Aces HighOn medical leave from her job making aircraft parts, Jackie Booker of Salisbury has been spending some of her down-time playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.  Two days ago she bought a few tickets to help pass the time, saving one, Aces High, for the next day – yesterday.  Today, Jackie showed up at Lottery Headquarters with that one saved ticket.  She headed back across the Bay Bridge $50,000 richer.

“I was home alone when I scratched it,” she explained to officials.  “I was so shocked when all those numbers were there that I threw the ticket across the room – I refused to believe what I was seeing.”  Jackie calmed down a bit, just enough to look at her Aces High ticket again.  “I saw what I had won and threw the ticket again, this time in excitement.”

Being home alone meant that there was no one with whom to share the news.  “I tried calling my daughters but couldn’t get them.  I was pacing back and forth until, finally, my eldest daughter stopped by.”  That second set of eyes, a trip to the store and a call to the Lottery confirmed for the family that good luck really had paid them a visit.  According to Jackie, “There was a lot of yelling, shouting and dancing in our house yesterday.”  There were also plenty of smiles at Center City Tiger Mart, 500 South Salisbury Blvd., the seller of the lucky ticket.

6 responses to “Wicomico County Woman “Aces” $50,000 Win

  1. Cousin Bobby

    I’m happy for you, Jackie. I really am. But it’s been a few days since you won; don’t you think it’s about time you gave me the $10 you owe me?

  2. Congraz I am truly happy for you and your family may god continue to bless you and your family. Heal quickly from your surgery.

  3. Joseph Tidwell

    I have been playing the Md lottery games for over 25 years and have spent over a million dollars in scratch offs and numbers and I don’t know anyone who have ever won more than $1500 bucks. I hope someone or myself wins or I believe that its all fixed.

  4. Congrats Ms. Jackie eastern shore is now on the map for sure..spend wisely Ms. Jackie..I have been winning small here and there..hopefully the powerball is mine…..

  5. idalmis zuniga

    CONGRATULATIONS jackie god bless for win that money i be the nex

  6. Finally someone on the Eastern Shore wins it seems they hardly ever get a big winning prize there.