HOT FIVE – August 2010 [VIDEO]

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, July 31.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our
scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-Offs
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Platinum Rewards ($20) – 75% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain, 1 top prize drawing
Over 600 prizes of $500 to $50,000 remain

Platinum Rewards

Diamonds & 7’s ($10) – 74% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 2 remain
7 $10,000 prizes remain

Diamonds & 7's

Hot Streak ($5) – 94% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 1 remains
Over 50 prizes of $500 or more

Hot Streak

Cinema Cash ($3) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
8 $3,000 prizes remain
8 $1,000 prizes remain
2nd Chance Contest – Click Here

Cinema Cash

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black Cherry Doubler ($2) – 59% sold
Top Prize – $10,000; 4 remain
Over 200 prizes of $500 or more

Black Cherry Doubler

255 responses to “HOT FIVE – August 2010 [VIDEO]

  1. How many PAY DAY BONUS #801 tickets have been produced for possible circulation? Are they all out in circulation or does some remain @ the Lottery warehouse?

  2. Another question, I noticed that there were 3 $250,000 Livin Lucky winners left now there are two but I have not seen anything on the Press Releases. Does lottery always announce who the winners are?

    • J Robert: Typically for winners of $10,000 or more we’ll write a winner story. The first $250,000 Livin’ Lucky winner just came in about two weeks ago. You can read the story here. Good luck finding those other two!

  3. How do you change your address for livin lucky entries already submitted?

  4. Lottery advertises the new Big Mega Ticket but it is not on the scratch prizes remaining come?

  5. What scratch offs, of any price, have more than 98% sold? Also what percentage of Super Bonus Crossword have been sold?

    • Brittany:
      Super Bonus Crossword is 12% sold.

      Games over 98% include: Cashino, Big 8 Bingo, Cash Winfall, Red Hot 5’s, Money Surplus, Ruby Red 7’s, and Winner Weather.

  6. I noticed the last claim date for WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POKER (game #661) is 11/05/2010. I have not seen this game in 3-4 years. I really had fun with this game. Is there a chance your records might indicate where it was available when it hit its last activation date? I live in 20685 but don’t mind driving. Thanks

    • Ozzie: The final activation date (5/7/10) for our retailers has gone an passed. Unfortunately, once this date occurs the 182 day countdown towards the final claim date begins and we can no longer find the game in our system.

  7. What percentage of Platinum Rewards has been sold as of 8/25.


  9. I noticed that some of the million dollar prizes are offered in 20 payments or a cash option. I don’t see this on the Platinum rewards. Is this offered w/ the Platinum Rewards or is the prize one payment of 1million? Thanks.

    • Maria: Platinum Rewards has a one time cash payment, where as the other million dollar prizes on all other games including Raven Cash Fantasy will be paid with 20 equal annual payments unless the winner selects a cash payment option.

    • Maria: Platinum Rewards has a one time cash payment, where as the other million dollar prizes on all other games including Raven Cash Fantasy will be paid with 20 equal annual payments unless the winner selects a cash payment option.

  10. can u tell me where i might be able to find raise the stakes near 21207., 21217 and 21218

  11. Pennsylvania Lottery page has a lot more information on it then Maryland for instance you can put in the numbers you play and find out if and when they have hit. When will maryland Lottery have something like that.

  12. I am not talking about the scratch offs, I mean when someone does not turn in a winning ticket, you do not have a page of whee the ticket was purchased.

    • Linda: We do not have a page like this as the tickets are distributed randomly and we have no way of knowing where they were purchased. We can only provide players with what prizes remain.

  13. what percentage is hot streak sold now?

  14. has any oriole even come close to hitting the maryland lottery sign??

    • Chris: To date we are not aware if any Orioles home runs have come close to the sign. We are holding out hope that it does get hit before the season comes to an end. I do know that the sign was hit by a Blue Jays player earlier in the season. However the rules stipulate that the sign must be hit by an Orioles player.


  16. Are there any Big 8 Bingo scratch offs in the 21113 zip code area? Thanks.

    • Mike: All Big 8 Bingo books have been activated and are in retailers. This game has been marked as “sold out” in our system and we are no longer able to find book locations.

  17. Please tell me the amount of tickets left for the games below. Please tell me quantity and not percentage:
    Raise the Stakes
    Big 8 Bingo
    Hot Streaks


    • Natasha:
      Due to the nature of our retailer network (over 4,000 state wide) we cannot provide players with this information very accurately. We could provide a figure one minute and the next it could be totally different. Because of this we error on the side of caution by only providing the percentage sold for scratch-off tickets.

      The games you mentioned have the following percentage sold:

      Cashino – 98.5%
      Raise the Stakes – 93.8%
      Big 8 Bingo – 99.3%
      Hot Streaks – 96.6%


  19. I struggle with how you determined the last activation date. This is concerning as this appeared to be one of the hottest stratch off games in quite some time. I have driven countless miles and enjoyed doing it, purchasing many hundreds and hundreds of tickets. So my question is two-fold:
    1) what determines when you set the last activation date and why would the MD Lottery set a last activation date so quickly when there are what appears to be several large prizes remaining? Also, why is your system set up to “shut down” and not locate dealers with tickets remaining? I am in the data business and this does not sound like a very sophisticated system but something that should be easy rectified. Someone made a previous recommendation of just listing the remaining lottery retailers that had Big 8 Bingo. I didn’t understand what the challenge was as many of us, per this blog, did not appear to travel to the locations to find out if they did nor did not have tickets remaining. This would have made the process run more efficently if during the last few weeks prior to “last date activation” if the list would have been provided.
    2) My other question is the stratch offs that I believe are all losers however I do not feel comfortable giving a stack of 500+ to a retailer. Can I come to the MD Lottery office to scan each of the tickets myself to determine if I may have overlooked a winner? Though unlikely, I would hate to have missed one of the 3 remaining $40,000 and throw it out in the trash. I hope that the MD Lottery can accomadate you request. This would be a nice customer service option for those that are dedicated players but unfortunately at times do experience scratch off fatigue and the eyes & mind start to play tricks 🙂

    Thanks for your help. I look forward to still finding one of those 3 left

    • Andrew D:
      Before a final activation date is issued to all retailers there many factors looked at before a date is given. Inventory and tangible prizes remaining are the two most notable reasons. We try to be fiscally responsible to players to make sure that even though in some cases all top prizes are claimed that there still remains a good amount of high-tier prizes for a particular game. Inventory remaining is the most frequent reason a game would closed. On average every game that we sell has a sell through rate at 95% or above. A last activation date is given to retailers 30 days prior to the date to assure that retailers either activate the books they have or give them back to their Lottery field rep to move to another retailer.

      In regards to Big 8 Bingo, although there are still 3 top prizes of $40,000 that have yet to be claimed, we have completely sold out this game and since there are no tickets to sell we closed the game. Those three top prizes if not claimed after 182 days will go into the unclaimed prize fund that by law needs to be given back to the players in the form of additional prizes and promotions.

      Yes you can always bring your tickets to the lottery to be check, but each retailer has a customer display that would indicate to you the player as each ticket is processed if it was a winner.

      Thanks for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our plays.

  20. reggie newsome


  21. chris stewart

    that man says he has only bought six tickets of the ravens scratchers and won a million and won something 5 other times, I have bought 25 tickets and have only won 7 dollars twice and 5 dollars once thats 3 wins out of 25 . last year i had entered 7000 extra yards and did not win nothing , getting discoureged about those tickets BEWARE

    • some people are just more lucky i guess

    • I’m with you on the Raven tickets, they weren’t much last year and I’m quite sure this year they are just as bad. I Ask most of hte lottery agent I brought tickets from and they didn’t see a lot of big winners, most were between $5.00, %7.00 or $10.00. I bet the slots in Maryland will be just as bad.

  22. Where can I find Black Cherry, Cinema Case, Hot Streak, Diamonds & 7, and Platinum Reward in 21223, 21216, and 21224 area codes.

    • Michelle:
      For Black Cherry Doubler, Cinema Cash, Hot Streak and Diamonds & 7’s you can try American Conv. Store at 26 S. Arlington Ave 21223.
      For Platinum Rewards you can try Food Store Mini at 2415 Frederick Ave 21223.

  23. What is the percentage sold of blackout bingo??

  24. Hello where can i purchase The newest ravens cash fantasy scratch off 831 in zip code 21225. Give me as many places as you can thankyou very much.

  25. The scratch off is a rip off, I have never won any big on a scratch off.

    I have been playing this number for three years and it never came out, can’t tell the number but I hope it come out one day.

  26. when you say big 8 bingo is 99.3% sold with 50,000 left over. does that mean you still have 50,000 tickets at the lottery agency awaiting to be sold to stores or does this mean that there are 50,000 unsold tickets remaining in stores and none left at the lottery office to sell at retailers. im just clarifying because the prizes remaining would indicate nearly every remaining ticket is a winner with roughly 46,000 remaining prizes

    • john:
      This number refers to roughly 50,000 tickets at retailer locations. There aren’t any in the lottery warehouse.

      You are correct in the number of prizes remaining. However, please remember that this number also includes tickets that have been purchased but not yet claimed and those that may go completely unclaimed by a player. We have found that this often occurs with lower tier prizes.

  27. Where can I find Hot Streak in zipcode 21040

  28. I would like to know if it possible to get a list of the alphabetical codes
    found on scratch tickets, and the corresponding dollar amounts, example
    fiv=$5.00, ten=$10.00, twn=$20.00 and so on. Would like to know all
    the codes. Thanks, Ruth

  29. and what is the percentage sold for super slots

  30. i know people probably dont ask about 1.00 tickets often, but what is the percentage sold for double whammy and payday bonus.

  31. Where can I find cashino in 20175 and 21076 or 21045, 21044, 21046?

  32. I’m think I’m gonna stop playing the scatch off games because most of the tickets are losing tickets and very few people win. How many losing tickets are out there compared to the winning tickets. Then you say tickets are 99% sold yet they don’t seem to be running out any time soon.

    • I agree! I am beginning to think the lucky cards of the month or just a come on. I just played five Platium Rewards, 20.00 tickets in a row and none of them were winners. That hurts and shouldn’t happen!

      • Wow that means your out 100 bucks that really sucks. I’ve been buying the hot streak and I got one with straight wins all down the ticket yet there was no 50,000 or even a 500 win listed on the ticket. I’m gonna try one more time I’m gonna stop and never play lottery ever again. Plus it’s hard to believe that you didn’t win on a least one platinum rewards ticket cause if you look on the back of the ticket it says odds of winning are 1 in about 2.8 I believe which is obviously a joke.

    • I feel the same way, but you can win if you keep trying I th
      I did win 500 dollars one time but it took me a long time
      e. I need to win big. You know.


  34. Is there any where near Darlington Md or Rising Sun Md that I could locate the BIG 8 tickets. Any where besides Baltimore.

    • Barbara:
      The Big 8 Bingo last activation date for retailers has occurred. This has started the countdown of 182 days until the final claim date (Feb. 11, 2011). Unfortunately, now that this countdown has started we are no longer able to pinpoint exactly where books of tickets are in our system.

      Good luck.

  35. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo and Platinum Rewards in 20850, 20851, 20852, 20853, 20854 and 20814?

    • Patty:
      The Big 8 Bingo last activation date for retailers has occurred. This has started the countdown of 182 days until the final claim date (Feb. 11, 2011). Unfortunately, now that this countdown has started we are no longer able to pinpoint exactly where books of tickets are in our system.

      For Platinum Rewards you can try 5/10 Mart at 1328 E. Gude Dr.


  37. what percentage of bingo8 is sold, which means how many tickets still out there?

    • ellis:
      The last report indicates that the game is 99.3% sold and roughly 50,000 tickets remain in stores.
      However, now that the last activation date has occurred and we are counting down towards the final claim date (2/11/11), we can no longer find where tickets are in our system.

      • Patti Dreisch

        If only 50,000 tickets remain in the stores, how can there be so many winners left according to the web site. There are more $5.00 winners left than that. Confused!!!

      • Patti: The primary reason for this is that often times lower tier prizes have yet to be claimed or will go unclaimed entirely.

  38. Hi . Just Wondering I Have Like 70 Entries To Livin Lucky .. Got Tired Of Puttin Mine & Hubbies Name On Them .. So I Put My Grown Childrens Names … Dose That Make A Diff . ? I Have The Stub If They Win ..

    • Lucy:
      The only impact that this has is who can claim the prize. If your childrens name is on the ticket, they must provide the stub in order to claim the ticket. Also keep in mind that if your children are not 18 and over the entry will not be valid. However, it does sound like they are.

  39. Where can I find Platinum Rewards in Zip code 21114?

  40. looking for big 8 bingo in zip code 21228 and 21229 i really think when the tickets this low and wide spread have a place so people can buy the tickets making it fair for everbody you can only buy a book or so many tickets at a time.

  41. looking for big 8 bingo in zip 21223 is this the last date to find them in your system what happens now hoping that you come cross some if you need luck now.

    • stacie:
      In 21223 you can try Perry Liquors.
      Yes, today is the last date we will be able to look up the games.
      We are attempting to build an web application so players can look up games themselves. However, there is no timetable for its release right now.

  42. what is the percentage sold for lucky 8s and ruby 7s??

  43. WHERE CAN I FIND THE BIG 8 BINGO IN 21133 & 21136 & 21286

  44. Where in the randallstown / owings mills area can you find Hot Streak tickets? RANDALLSTOWN 21133 ALSO ARE THERE ANY CINEMA CASH IN 21133 AND BLACK CHERRY DOUBLERS

  45. If you click on the icon of scratch-off #829 for more info it states the top prize at $10K when it is really $100K.
    And where can I find ‘Hot Streak’ in 21208, 21209?

  46. Good afternoon. Do you have Platinum Rewards and Big 8 Bingo in
    zip codes– 21030, 21093, 21094, 21098, 21204, 21252, 21285. What stores/locations have them? Thank you:)

  47. Good evening,
    Where can I find Big 8 Bingo and Platinum Rewards?
    21093, 21014, 21015, 21001, 21005, 21009, 21040, 21162, 21128

    Thank you very much:)

  48. What is the percentage sold for Black Cherry Doubler ?

  49. Can you please explain why I went to the store that I always play my scratch off’s and they suddenly had a new book of Big 8 Bingo? They never carried these scratch off’s before and when I asked them when did they get them. The retailer responded that they recently ordered it from the lottery AND I must add that the tickets are now a lime green and not yellow. It appears as if the lottery has printed new tickets which would mean the inventory being reported is incorrect. Please explain?

    • M:
      Thanks for the note. Hopefully I can clear this up for you.

      We do not have multiple print runs for any of our scratch-offs games. All tickets are printed at the same time and are housed in our secure warehouse. Throughout the life of a game, Lottery retailers have the opportunity to order books of tickets for their location and we will fulfill those requests as they are made.

      Big 8 Bingo became an extremely hot game because top prizes have yet to be claimed and there is very low inventory. Our sales department was asked to fulfill all requests for this ticket and get them activated as soon as possible because customer demand was so high. In addition, from time to time games have what we call “multiple pulses”. Big 8 Bingo falls into this category because it is a ticket with different color designs.

      Rest assured, no new tickets have been printed for this game and the information on our Scratch-Off prizes remaining page is accurate.

    • Hey “M”, can you share the store that just opened the new book? We’re all looking for them if you can help.

  50. Can you please tell me where I can find Big 8 Bingo in the 21048, 21784, 21157 area? Thx!

  51. any big 8 bingo in 21666 area?

  52. Where in the randallstown / owings mills area can you find Hot Streak tickets?

  53. I was just wondering about the accuracy of the scratch off page. I wrote down the total prizes left for the Total Rewards scratch off from yesterday. I then checked it this morning, and the remaining prizes increased? For instance yesterday it said there were 49,019 $20 prizes left and today it says there are 49,680. Did someone just add them instead of subtracting them?

    • Drew: I honestly can’t explain that. Perhaps your internet browser memory recalled old history. Our records show the following:

      8/10 – 49,019
      8/11 – 48,904
      8/12 – 48,789

  54. what is the percentage of high roller tickets sold?
    where can I find them in 21136?

  55. WHere can I find Big 8 Bingo in 20901? Thanks!

  56. do the self scanners work for scratch-off tickets?

  57. What is the percentage sold for Super Bonus Crossword?

  58. I’m curious about the odds of winning Pick 3 (1 in 999 for straight) and Pick 4 (1 in 9,999 for straight). Whether you play for 50 cents or $1.00 or more makes no difference, correct? What are the odds if you factor in Box play?

  59. are there any bingo 8s left in zipcodes 21030, 21216, 21215 or within a 15 mile radius

  60. Where can we get promo. codes for the new Raven’s scratch off tickets ? Last year I think they gave you a promo code on Friday nights. Not sure if it was every Friday or when ?

    • Cindy:
      Because of the nature of the new Bonus Levels, at this time we do not have any plans to giveaway any promo codes. However, that does not mean that plan won’t change.

  61. At what locations are the Bingo Boxes , Lucky, Spin, Roll Cards, andRed, Hot & Blues 7’s sold in the 21229 area?

  62. Big 8 Bingo in 21117, 20707 and 20705 please.

  63. I notice a lot of places don’t have hot streak so it’s probably almost 100 percent sold right?

  64. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo in the area(s) of 20723, 20707, 20708, 20724, 20704, 20705, 21044, 21045, 21046, 21061, and/or 21062?

    • Lisa:
      You can try these as well Boarman’s Meat Market, Dollar Store, Hunan Hamlet, Lucky’s Superette, Branch Avenue Liquors, Lee’s Market, Marlow Wing House, Oxon Hill Citgo, and Best One Food Market.

  65. What locations can I find Big 8 Bingo in the 21229 area?

  66. Where can I find the Big 8 Bingo in
    21061,21060, 21113

  67. On all the $20 scratch offs. Are all the 1 million dollar prizes out there or does the md lottery wait to release those? Thanks.

    • mike: You can find which $20 games has $1 million top prizes left at our scratch-off prizes remaining page here. We don’t and can’t wait to release them as we don’t know where they are. They are randomly created throughout the print run of the tickets and are randomly placed throughout our retailer network. We have no way of knowing where a winner will be.

      • When a scratch-off game comes out, are all of the tickets printed at the start, or does the ‘print run’ that you mention mean that the tickets are gradually printed out over the months that the ticket is being sold?

      • David: All tickets are printed at once and delivered to the lottery warehouse at least 2 weeks prior to launching.

  68. BloomingRose

    What is the possibility of scratch off games that just don’t have any winning tickets out there, ever? I mean, a printing error or some big mistake. If you look at something like Hot Streak or Platinum Rewards that are nearly sold out by now, but the web site still lists tons and tons of prizes. It seems like something is not right with the game if no one is winning. How common is it for a game to come to an end with tons of prizes not won?

    • BloomingRose: There is no possibility that a game would make it to retailers with a printing error of this kind. There is a rigid process that our printers follow to ensure that all games keep their integrity.

      To specifically address Hot Streak and Platinum Rewards, our product development team informed me that the ratio of claimed tickets is in line with the percentage sold. Meaning, the big ones are out there, we’re just waiting for someone to find them.

  69. Any Big 8 Bingo available in 20746, 20747, 20746, 20772, or 20743

  70. What is the percentage sold for Blackout Bingo & Bingo Boxes? Thanks.

  71. Hello, can you tell me what store’s in the 21222 area I can find cashino scratch off tickets? thank you.

  72. Can you please tell me where I can find Big 8 Bingo in the 21221 area? Thanks!

  73. Can you please tell me where I can find Big 8 Bingo in or near 20723?

  74. bingo 8 locations in 21784, thank you

  75. What is the percentage sold for the blackout bingo that is left on the scratch offs remaining page, i know there was one on there but the last claim date has come and gone.

  76. How about Big 8 Bingo’s in the 21122 (Pasadena) or 21014 or 21015, 21901, 21085? Any left there? It’s the weekend now and we can run further!!!

    • Anne: You can try the following:
      21122 – 307 Wise Avenue Liquors and Tobacco Center.
      21014/21085 – Constant Friendship Exxon, Food Lion #1547, and Tobacco Plus
      21901 – State Line Liquors

  77. Any Big 8 Bingo available in 21701, 21702, 21703, 21704, 20705 or 20875?

  78. Also what percentage is Gold bar bonus sold thankyou

  79. what percentage is high roller sold thankyou

  80. Can you tell me where Diamond 7’s and Platinum Rewards are available in the following zip codes. Thank you : 20676, 20678, 20685

  81. Judy Johnson

    Where in the 21801 zip code area can I find Black Cherry Doubler and Blackout Bingo?


    the scratch offs are really beginning to confuse me–if i buy in the county the city retailers say they are losers, but if i am able to keep my tickets the county cashes them out and vice versa- when are the statewide retailers going to be in sync or will i keep losing hundreds on uncashed tickets?

    • Nadene: Let’s try to clear things up. It doesn’t matter where you purchase a lottery game, you can cash ANY Maryland Lottery game at ANY Lottery retailer. If you are having issues with a particular location, please let us know and we can address the issue.

  83. Hello, can you please tell me where I can find Big 8 Bingo in the 21224 zip? Thanks

  84. Can you tell me what percent Cashino is sold. Thanks.

  85. In that case, can you tell me what locations in the 21237 and 21206 area codes still have it? (Big 8 Bingo that is)

  86. Where can I find Super Bonus Crossword in 21229 area?

  87. Big 8 Bingo as you stated is 99% sold, however there are many places that still have tickets! How can that be?
    Also, do you have the same chances of winning if you purchase your scratch-off tickets from a machine???

    • Toya:
      I just received a new report this morning. Remember, our retailer network has over 4,000 locations and as of this morning only 68 locations of those locations have Big 8 Bingo in stock.

      Your chances of winning remain the same, whether you buy from a machine or not.

      • You could save yourself alot of time and just list the 68 locations for us to hunt them down at this point! How about it?

      • Anne: Trust me I’ve thought about it. I would rather not publish information that could be inaccurate at any given time. I would rather take each request and answer them directly so we can give as accurate an answer as possible.

  88. I sent the C-A-S-H entry in a year ago and attended the powerball party where I was told that the drawing would take place after the tickets were almost sold out. What percentage has been sold and why are we not seeing this ticket on the hot five after all this time? Lets get this drawing done. Thank you

    • Tom: Just as you do, we want to see the drawing take place a quickly as possible. Currently, Set For Life 2 is 85.8% sold. A number of factors goes into selecting the Hot Five. You never know, it may be a part of Septembers.

  89. Hello where can I find the platinum rewards, diamonds & 7’s and hot streak? 21702 Thanks!

  90. Where can I find the Plantinum Rewards in the zip codes of 20634, 20619, 20653, and 20657. Thank You

  91. Where can I find Hot Streak scratchoffs in 21210?

  92. what is the percentage sold for multi prize bingo

  93. Can you tell me where Cashino is available in the following zip codes: 21842, 21851, 21122, 21123, 21811, 21842, 21843, 21108, 21090, 20794, 21075, 21076, 21060, 21061, 21062

  94. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo tickets in the 20685 zip code area please

  95. W J Anderson

    What about SEt For Life R there any Left…….

  96. Big * Bingo has a final claim date and has for about a week, yet you still are able to tell us where we can buy them. Other games we ask about you say you cannot tell us because the game has a final claim date. What’s the difference?

    • J Robert: That’s a good question. Hopefully I can clear it up for you.

      There are two important dates to scratch-off games as they come to an end. The first is the final activation date. This is the final date in which retailers can activate books of scratch-offs for purchase by players. Once the final activation date occurs it starts the 182 day clock towards the final claim date. During this 182 day period, our system can no longer find where games are located.

      We publish the final claim date as soon as we know it as a courtesy to players. In the case of Big 8 Bingo, the final activation date by retailers isn’t until August 13 so we still have roughly eight days to locate books.

  97. bingo 8 locations in 20659,20601 thank you

  98. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo with in 10 miles or less of the zip codes 20175, or 21076?

  99. These retailer’s no longer have Big 8 Bingo:
    Food Lion #1413, B&A Citgo, Murph’s Liquors, Chase Liquors, D&M Liquors, Chesaco Citgo, Stemmers Run Shell, First Stop Convenience Store,
    You mention Fairlanes in zip 21225. Can you give me an address and/or phone #? Also S&M Market address and/or phone #please?

    Also do you have any other retailers in 21128, 21224, or in the baltimore county or baltimore city vacinity?

    Seems like Big 8 Bingo might go down as a very successful scratch off but lets hope one of the persistent customers like myself can find one of the 3 remaining top prizes. I have driven countless miles and probably checked 50 different stores in the area; unfortunately the tickets that I have found no big winner yet but I am still optimistic and willing to keep trying even though I am down several hundred if not into the thousand of $$. Having fun with this -its like a scavenger hunt but would be nice if I could find a full book or two to purchase before the deadline (next week)

    • Andrew:
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We asked for a new report to give more accurate information.

      In 21128 you can try Oakdale Pharmacy.
      We don’t have any books in 21224.
      Also, all books in 21225 have now been sold out.

      It’s nice to see players latch on to a game like this that has low inventory and great prizes remaining.

  100. where can I find platinum rewards near 21225. also on the scratch prizes remaining what does *** 86,000 mean. You know the last number at the bottom.

  101. Hello, can u please tell me where I can find Big 8 Bingo in the 21222 area? Thanks-!

  102. Where could I find Big 8 Bingo and/or Rings of Cash in the 21771 or 21104 zip code?

  103. ok so i did the math if about 3.5 million tickets were printed for big 8 bingo and it is 99% sold that means it has been some winning tickets hat were unclaimed the remaining number of prizes is more than the remaining number of tickets that are left.

  104. what is the percentage sold for big 8 bingo now???

  105. I have purchased several scratch tickets of the same game hoping to increase my odds of finding the “big one”. I could purchase until my face turned blue and have never received more than $3-$20.00. I feel like I am providing funds for the areas with more frequent big winners. (Baltimore and other surrounding counties, except PG.

    • BEJackson: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our winners stories from 2009 and 2010. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.


  107. where can I find Hot Streak scratches in 20774 zip code

  108. hello can you tell me the percentage sold for pirates gold and winner weather, i see the last claim date for pirates gold are you still able to locate them in your system, if so can you tell me where to find them in 2ipodes 21207, and 21217

    • rachel:
      Pirates Gold is 78% sold. Its final activation date has occurred so we are unable to find them in our system. The final claim date is November 5, 2010.
      Winner Weather is 96% sold. The final top prize was just claimed yesterday. You can read the story here.

  109. Who was the winner on July 29 for the poker chip case?

  110. Can you please let me know where in the 21206 and 21237 zipcodes I can find both “Platinum Rewards” & “Diamonds & 7′s” tickets?

  111. Where can I find big 8 bingo in Gaithersburg, MD and Germantown? If you can give me three choices for each since I haven’t had too much luck locating retailers in these areas.

  112. Hello, I was wondering where I could find the Big Bucks Party Pack scratch-offs.

  113. Were can I find Big 8 Bingo in zip 21206 and 21236

    • Ronnie F: Give these a try…
      21206 – Bermuda Bar & Liquors, D&M Liquors, First Stop Convenience Store, Hams Liquors, S&M Market, Sun Liquors, Wolfe Liquors.
      21236 – Chase Liquors and Food Lion (store #1413)

  114. i was wondering a couple things regarding the rings of cash scratch off:
    1. current % sold
    2. if there is still 1 top prize of remaining as listed on the prizes remaining page or if it has already been claimed
    3. lastly if there are any retailers in the 21111, 21030, 21031 with any of these tickets remaining

    • john:
      Rings of Cash is 93% sold.
      Our scratch-off prizes remaining page was updated this morning at 7:45 AM and according to it the top prize is still available.
      You can try for Rings of Cash at Royal Farms at 3209 Jarrettsville Pike.

  115. Hello where can I purchase the hot streak scratch off ticket. I live in Glen burnie zip 21225.Thankyou

  116. We’ve traveled down to Rockabilly’s, no more Big 8 Bingo’s there, we’ve went to Chase Liquors, no more there either. Any other places in either 21220, 21221, or 21222 or even 21236 that may have some left? Please help us try for that big win!!!

    It would be really nice to be able to search locations ourselves and not bother you all the time.

    Thanks! Anne

    • Anne:
      Thanks for the note. We are working on an “ticket finder” application that would allow users to search for specific tickets at retailers. However, there is no timetable for launch. In the meantime, we don’t mind providing this customer service to our players. Hopefully the number of requests doesn’t get too long. 😉

      You can try the following locations for Big 8 Bingo…
      21220/21236 – Food Lion (store #1413)
      21221 – Chesaco Citgo and Stemmers Run Shell
      21222 – 307 Wise Avenue Liquors, Tobacco Center

      Good luck!

  117. Where can I find Platinum Rewards in zip code 21842?

  118. Hello,

    What is the percentage sold of the following:

    extreme cash blast
    players club
    and Gold bar bonus?


  119. If I have refute the results of a scratch off ticket, how can I voice this? I ask because I recently purchased a sizzling crosswords ticket in Salisbury, MD, which revealed three black words and three red words. However, when I asked lottery agent to check the ticket, it read ten dollars. I questioned this with the agent, who informed me that once it was processed she couldn’t do anything about it. I gave her the ticket- which I had signed on the back, but thisprompted me to write on this. Have you had situations like this before, and what usually happens. I write seeking clarification, not something I have not earned. Please offer any insights you may have in this situation. Thanks!

    • Owen: The last thing we want to see is a player that was taken advantage of. In situations like these, we always recommend that the player contact our security office to explain the situation. From there, they can work with you to look into and hopefully resolve the misunderstanding.. You can contact the security department at 410-230-8800.