Keno Sprinkler now through August 8

Keno Sprinkler gives you the chance to multiply your winnings!  Check your ticket for the Doubler or Tripler message and, when your numbers come in, you’ll win twice or three times the prize!  This promotion runs through August 8.

17 responses to “Keno Sprinkler now through August 8

  1. Although you said that the geographic locations of your winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research show me that most of your wining tickets are not sold in Prince Georges County, I know that a lost of tickets are sold in this area because I work in two stores that sell lottery tickets. I konw a lady that purchased the Sizzle Hot ticket everyday 4 and five at a time at both location but never had a big winner. how do you aswer that? Although you say that most of the winner are in the state of MD, but look at the locations. I do not play but I think its about time someone that a good look at your winning area, and let the customer me a judge of what you are saying,

  2. How do you choose which stores are going to sell the grand prize of a scratch off ticket or do you choose the store that will carry and sell the grand prize winning scratch off ticket

    • jay: We do not choose where to place winning scratch-offs. The geographic locations of the winning scratch-offs are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be.

  3. I’ve tried repeatedly with the multi-match, bonus match -5 , 3 and 4 digit nos. and it certainly seems like these games are being computer generated. What’s up with that?

    • stanley:
      Every Maryland Lottery drawing is conducted in strict adherence to detailed procedures in order to guarantee the integrity of the results. The odds are identical for every drawing and each drawing is completely random. The drawings that you see on television is exactly how the numbers are drawn and no computer is involved in this process. Further more, there are procedures in place that call for numerous security checks and testing of equipment and Lottery balls both before and after every single drawing. Security cameras document all that happens in the studio – 24 hours a day. To further guarantee the integrity of our drawings independent auditing firms perform unannounced visits, as do officials from the Lottery’s Security Division.

  4. I always purchase my lottery at a seven eleven but i will never win there ever. I think that the owners of the seven eleven controll those machines in some kind of way. when i play at the exxon in forestville md. i win all the time. how is this possible that i could never win at seven elevens but when at other places.

    • Isiah: There is no way that a retailer can tamper with the machines so that a person can or can not win. The two systems are not connected. All of the drawings are random and on no one can control what numbers will be drawn or where winners will be. The fact that you win at a certain retailer more than another is simply a coincidence.

  5. Is it my imagination or do most of the winning lotteries and scratch offs hit in Baltimore. What’s up with that. Is that because the actual offices are located in Baltimore? I never hear anything about the Glenelg area winning

    • Helene: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas. Please take a look at our winners stories from 2009 and 2010. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State. Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  6. This is for C. Avery. I work in a store that sells lottery. I’ve had that happen to me before where an unredeemed ticket said that it had already been redeemed. This happened because the lottery machine had gone “offline”. I know that the ticket hadn’t been redeemed because I watched the customer buy it and scratch it. After speaking to my lottery agent I was able to pay the customer. I don’t think the retailer was trying to get over on you. I hope this helps.

  7. Does the promotion work for Packaged Keno to Go too?

  8. Purchase a keno ticket at a gasstation, once I checked and it was a winner, went to a check cashing location and the attendant scan ticket.

    I was told the ticket was already cash in. How is that possible when I had the ticket in my possession all day.

    Luckly it was only one dollar winner. I felt embarrassed and violated. What if that was a 100.00 winner. How is this even possible to be cheated by a winning ticket which had already been redeemed.

    Still upset over this. You just can not trust these lottery clerks.

    • C. Avery: We sincerely apologize that your experience was not as it should be. We certainly never want our players to feel this way. In cases like this, if it’s $1.00 or $100, please feel free to report the situation to the Maryland Lottery security department by calling 410-230-8800 and provide them with all of the details you can. They will open an investigation into the matter and attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

      Thank you for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players about the thoughts, questions and concerns. Again, our sincerest apologies. Good luck in the future.

  9. Just love KENO Sprinkler. I like playing at home.

  10. I am looking for locations that have winner weather tickets left. I am in Anne Arundel co and go to Annap. I go to Frederick alot also.