$200K Powerball Winner

Powerball with Power PlayOn Wednesday, July 14 one lucky Maryland Lottery player became a 2nd tier Powerball winner. The winning ticket was sold at Standard Deli and Grocery in Baltimore, MD.  If you were in the area, check your tickets to see if you were the big winner.

5 responses to “$200K Powerball Winner

  1. thanks alot for taking time out to answer my question.now,if i can just luck up and win big lol!wish me luck!

  2. thanks for the reply but,you didn’t answer my question unfortunately.the information given states the md lottery’s pick 3 drawing took in 266.9 million in sales and the payout on winners were 133 million…not bad.my question is md lottery’s scratch offs took in 490 million in sales and the payout on winners are _________???thanks.

  3. this comment actually has nothing to do with powerball.i just read another blog from the md lottery basically patting themselves on the back for another year of record sales,i think it was 13 straight.anyway,my question is,scratch offs itself took in 490 million,and you didn’t post the payout like all the others(powerball,pick 3,pick 4 etc.)please post,i would like to know what was paid out,even though i didn’t get much of it.thanks