Maryland Lottery Achieves 13th Straight Year of Record Sales

Sales Exceed $1.706 Billion; $509.7 Million Contributed to State of Maryland

Despite a challenging economy and two paralyzing snow storms that buried large parts of the state, the Maryland Lottery tallied more than $1.706 billion in sales in Fiscal Year 2010, breaking its sales record for the 13th year in a row.  The Maryland Lottery also contributed $509.7 million to the state, which is used to support important programs, including education, public safety and health and environmental programs. 2010 Fiscal Year-end highlights include:

  • Sales of more than $1.706 billion, an increase of more than $8.5 million over last fiscal year
  • Revenue of  $509.7 million, $16.5 million more than last fiscal year and the 2nd highest return in the Lottery’s history
  • Prizes paid to players reached more than $1 billion for the second time in Lottery history, reflecting an increase of $6.8 million over last fiscal year
  • Commissions earned by Lottery retailers totaled $113.1 million
  • While Lottery sales hit the highest level ever, operational expenses remained low, finishing the year at an estimated 3.1% of total sales

“Our fiscal numbers are a testament to the hard work of our Lottery staff and the more than 4,000 Lottery retailers throughout Maryland,” Lottery Director Stephen Martino said. “We are pleased to send $509.7 million to the state at a time when it is greatly needed. We will continue to produce innovative products and promotions to help achieve our primary goal of generating this much-needed revenue.”

Fiscal Year 2010 brought the addition of Powerball, which rolled into Maryland on January 31.  The multi-state jackpot game registered nearly $29 million in sales. Combined sales for all the Lottery’s jackpot games — Multi-Match, Mega Millions, Bonus Match 5 and Powerball — totaled more than $210 million. The Maryland Lottery’s monitor games, which include Keno, Keno Bonus, Keno Super Bonus, Racetrax and Racetrax Bonus, made a strong showing with combined sales of $492 million, an increase of nearly $9.3 million or 1.9% over last fiscal year. Racetrax and Racetrax Bonus posted $100.2 million in sales, an increase of $11.7 million or 13.21%.

In other game figures, Pick 3 totaled $266.9 million in sales with $133 million in payouts to players.  Pick 4 sales came in at $246.7 million with $132.2 million in prizes to players. The Lottery’s instant games, or scratch-offs, garnered nearly $490.8 million in sales.

Since its inception in 1973, the Maryland Lottery has contributed $11.7 billion in revenue to the State of Maryland. Players have also benefited, receiving more than $17.7 billion in prizes over the Lottery’s 37-year history. For more information, go to

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