HOT FIVE – July 2010

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, June 26.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our
scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-Offs

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Extreme Cash Blast ($20) – 67% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 1 remains
Over 40 prizes of $1,000 or more

Extreme Cash Blast

Fantasy Fortune ($10) – 65% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 2 remain
Over 30 prizes of $1,000 or more remaining

Fantasy Fortune

Magnificent 7’s ($5) – 87% sold
Top Prize – $77,000; 1 remains
3$7,000 prizes remain

Magnificent 7's

Rings of Cash ($3) – 85% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 3 remain
25 prizes of $500 or more

Rings of Cash

Year of the Ox ($2) – 80% sold
Top Prize – $9,000; 5 remaining
11 prizes of $900 remain

Year of the Ox

201 responses to “HOT FIVE – July 2010

  1. Natasha Conn

    I purchased six dollars worth of scratch offs at your retailer in silver spring and had them double check my ticket. I won 5 dollars and requested Two more tickets. The retiler then said he can sell me the tickets but can’t check them? Since when is this the case. I’ve heard of many of your retailers picking up tickets out of garbage cans after they are disposed, running the tickets in the machine and then keeping the money. How can I reach the sales rep for zipcode 20902?

  2. Have you given up on the August Hot Five since everyone seems to get their answers from you!!???

  3. I am a true scratch off player. But I have been left with a bad taste in my mouth. I play the Trump Card Scratch Off faithfully. Earlier this year I noticed they were hard to find at the lottery agencies. I noticed Lottery Headquarters and they stated that what was out there was all they had left and they were not printing anymore. Each day I would check the status of what winning tickets were left and the numbers were not moving. Well low and behold I discovered not only did the Representatives at the Lottery Headquaters Lied, but the tickets weren’t even printed. This month all the agencies have received a shipment of what, Trump Card Scratch Offs. Remember I was told 10 months ago all tickets were out and they were done printing these tickets. This has really left me wondering the accuracy of any information on this web site. I have not played a Scratch Off since.

    • Marianne:
      In March of 2009, we temporarily halted distribution of Trump Card for the following reasons: at that time, the ticket sales were decreasing, the game was about 50% sold and there were about 1/2 of the high tier prizes remaining. The Lottery does sporadically re-launch tickets and in doing so, there is always the intention of re-launching the game. Rest assured that all of the Trump Card tickets were printed at the same time and there were no additional tickets printed. Trump Card, which still has a top prize of $50,000 available, was re-launched on June 28th, as part of the Winning Hand promotion along with two other games that were also re-launched: $5 Blackjack Blowout and $10 High Roller. This second chance promotion, as with all Maryland Lottery promotions, was developed as an opportunity to provide our players with more ways to win more prizes as well as provide even more fun! If you’d like to learn more about the Winning Hand promotion, click here.

  4. when will the drawing be for $20 ticket Platinum Rewards game?? how much percentage is left on this game, there is alot of prizes left!

  5. The remaining scratch off page is still showing results from yesterday. Is it still 3 big prizes left for Big 8 bingo?

  6. Will the remaining scratch off page be updated today?

  7. you had 2 blackout bingo scratch-off tickets
    on the website, now one of them is gone, is all
    of the tickets for that game sold out or what
    had a claim date of 7-29-2010

  8. im confused about something you say u cannot locate what retailers have certain scratch offs because they have been giving a final claim date so how is it that u can locate where big 8 bingo could be, that has been issued a final claim date as well

    • rachel:
      There are two dates that occur: (1) the last retailer activation date and (2) the final claim date. We can continue to find books in our system prior to the final retailer activation date. Once the final retailer activation date occurs the clock begins (182 days) ticking towards the final claim date and we cannot find the books.

      For example, the Big 8 Bingo final activation date for retailers is August 14, 2010. The final claim date is February 11, 2011. After August 14 we will no longer be able to give players insight into where they can find Big 8 Bingo.

      Thanks for writing in.

  9. I inquired about a month ago about the fact that even though there is a place at the top of the page listing scratch off prizes remaining ,the date was left blank. You did respond and it was taken care of then but it seems it’s blank again. This should never be allowad to happen. When people check this site they expect up to date information and believe that is what we are getting. We could be running around seeking out certain a scratch off based on outdated information. After all, we are all seeking the best odd’s of a big winner. I would think this would be a priority with I.T. since it has already been brought to there attention once. We have a right to up to date accurate information at all times. Thanks, Hope I don’t have to write to someone else in the future about the integrity of these games.

    • kitty:
      We understand that this is an important part of our website and a big part of player strategy when deciding which games to play. The goal is to update this page every 24 hours and more often then not that does occur. When the update is properly run, there should not be an issue with the date and time. However, from time to time an inadvertent key stroke or other miscue in the update can cause a problem and we fix it as soon as possible. By no means is this done to misinform our players.

      We work hard to provide you with the most up to date information we can to improve your gaming experience. In fact, we are working on a lot improvements to our website so we can better serve our players. You can look for these updates later this summer/early fall.

      Thanks for your note. Good luck.

  10. The Year Of The Ox? Where Is A Good Local To Pick Some Up In The Zip Code 21160 .. WhiteFord Maryland Local ?

  11. can u tell me where i can find celebration, break the bank and one eyed jacks near 21202, 21217, 21218

    • rachel:
      Break the Bank – 95.6%
      Celebration – 95.9%
      One Eyed Jacks – 98%

      Unfortunately, all of these games have been issued final claim dates so we are not able to find what retailers they are at in our system.

  12. what is the percentage sold for spicy hot 7s??? are there any near 21231, 21217.

  13. Can you please let me know of any places to try to buy BIG8 bingo in zipcodes 21060 & 21061

    • Renay: You can give these locations a try:
      21060 – 7-11 #20640, Corwell and Son Liquors, Jenis 7-Star Food Market, McKinsey Road Shell, Plaza Liquor
      21061 – None

  14. can you let me know if there are any big 8 bingo’s within 25 miles of 21128? Since this is a hot game right now can you just send a list of the retailers in MD that might have the game so we all know where to go?

  15. Are there any Big 8 Bingo in 20901, 20906 or 20871

    • Natasha:
      You can give these a shot…
      20871 – SN Beer and Wine
      20901 – Elbes Beer and Wine, Lenox Beer and Wine Gourmet, Long Branch Beer and Wine
      20906 – Aspen Shell, Kensington Pharmacy, Talbot Beer and Wine, White Oak Bowling, Winston Billards Cafe

  16. hello, can u tell me the percentage sold for break the bank, celebration, and one eyed jacks and can u tell me where i can find them near zipcodes 21207, 21217, 21218, thanks

    • april:
      Break the Bank – 95.6%
      Celebration – 95.9%
      One Eyed Jacks – 98%

      Unfortunately, all of these games have been issued final claim dates so we are not able to find what retailers they are at in our system.

  17. Percentage sold for the following tickets please.

    *Diamonds & 7’s
    *Cinema Cash
    *Blackout Bingo


  18. any big 8 bingo tickets in 21623 area or close

  19. are any Bingo 8 tickets left in 20774- I don’t think I have seen thisarea before

  20. Hi – Can you please tell me where I can find the Big 8 Bingo’s in/around the zip code of 21231 or 21701. Thank you!

    • Patrick:
      21701 – You can try East Street Amoco, Express Convenience, Sunrise Liquor and Village Mart Beer and Wine.
      21231 – You can try Bolton Hill Food Center, Downtown Tobacco, Hebon’s Cut Rate Liquors, Liberty Food Market, Manasa’s Hallmark, Hav-A-Snack, Mulberry Street Exxon, Newsmart and Orleans Texaco.


    • ladycoins:
      20748 – You can try 24 Express, Bloom #2705, Branch Avenue Liquors, Bryans Road Amoco/BP, Lee’s Market (Lee’s has 5 books), and Marlow Wing House.

  22. any big 8 bingo in the 21901 area if not where can i find them close by

  23. Were can i get the big bucks party pack in maryland?
    which retailer still has them?

  24. What is the percentage sold for Livin’ Lucky? Thanks, again.

  25. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo in Odenton (21113) and/or Severn (21144)? Thank you!

  26. Will the remaining prizes scratch off page be updated today?

  27. Any more Big 8 Bingo’s in the 21221 area or closeby? Rock A Billy’s said they were sold out.

  28. Big 8 Bingo is creating quite a stir around town with big prizes left. I’ve written before and you answered so quickly that everyone else must have gotten to Rock A Billy’s to get the available tickets and they were sold out when I got there. Any other suggestions in the 21221 area that still has them available? 21220 or 21236 would be OK too. Thanks and good luck to all scratchers!

  29. I have did the math on the bingo big 8 if there is 52,480 winning tickets left, what is the approximately tickets total if you are saying 98.8% sold is that true, how can you count if all tickets havn’t been activated.

    • Stacie: We printed roughly 2.5 million Big 8 Bingo tickets. The percentage sold accounts for all tickets sold from retailers to players. Also, the prizes remaining includes winning tickets that may go unclaimed after the final claim date has come and gone. We won’t know that until that time.

  30. What is the percentage solf for rings of cash and where can I find it in 20721,20910 and 20874?

    • Natasha:
      Rights of Cash is 91% sold.

      You can try the following locations:
      20721 – Express Mart at 15709 Hall Rd.
      20910 – Ertters at 521 Dale Dr.
      20874 – 7/11 at 19412 Walter Johnson Rd.

  31. what is the percentage sold of silver bells and instant keno???

  32. Where can I find Platinum Rewards in zip code 21114?

  33. I have a question the store i bought the big 8 bingo from had a lot of them left saturday when i got them i went back today and there was a different person working but he said that they sold out of them months ago how can that be if i just got them from there, the store is called new greenmount market do you think u could look in to that and see if they have them

    • Rachel: I checked the report that was supplied to me last week and it does appear that a book is at New Greenmount Market and was activated on June 18. It may or may not be sold out at this point. I would encourage you to double check with the retailer.

  34. hey where can i find extreme cash blast 21703 besides 1000 west Patrick street!

  35. What percentage of Tripling Star Crossword scratch offs have been sold?

  36. Hello,

    What is the percentage sold of Platinum Rewards?

  37. first off i want to say thank you so much for helping me find the big 8 bingo i finally found them and bought 3 and won 35 dollars its not the top prize but it was something…also i would like to know what is the percentage sold on the following scratch offs silver bells, hot streak, 3d jackpot and instant keno. can u tell me where to find 3d jackpot around 21207

  38. how come this page isn’t updated at least once a week so we wouldn’t have to ask about the perentage sold? The last update was June 26th…the remaining prizes page doesn’t tell us the percentage sold.

    • Tee: It was decided when we adjusted the HOT FIVE to this format that we would not update the percentage sold. We are working on improvements to our new website and it is our hope to bring even more data to all scratch-offs including percentage sold.

  39. Any year of the ox near zip code 21401 or 21037

  40. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo in zip code 20603 or surrounding areas? Thanks.

  41. Where can I fnd Big Bucks Pty pack scratch off for 21401 or 21060 or 21061 zip codes?

    • Maria: The last claim date for Big Bucks Party Pack has been issued. Thus, we are not able to locate books in our system.

    • Maria,
      The Big Buck Party Pack and the Golden Ticket was pulled months ago by lottery officials. I know because I spoke to the manager of my favorite lottery retailer and also spoke to lottery officials. I can’t give that exact percent by it was over 96 percent sold, and with large prizes available. The lottery does this often and will say that the state requires them to give back the money in promotions. Still doesn’t seem fair to me. Good luck finding tickets with over 90 percent of them sold, lottery officials most likely pulled them as well.

      • John: A number of factors determine why a game is pulled with the biggest reason being that no significant prizes remain for a particular game.

        Big Bucks Party pack is currently at 98% sold with a final claim date of 11/5/10. Golden Ticket was closed out on 6/30/10 at 99.8% sold. For both of these games nearly every ticket was sold. As inventory is depleted the games will be tougher to find at retail, so most retailers opt out and begin selling more current games.

        Through the receptiveness of the Hot Five, we have noticed a demand by players to be able to find games with low inventory and high prizes remaining. We are attempting to develop a tool for our new and improved website for players to search for locations where certain tickets can be found.

        Lastly, you are correct about unclaimed prizes. All unclaimed prizes for online games and scratch-offs, by requirement of state law, must be returned to players. That is how we are able to develop special promotions such as Keno Sprinklers, Hit It Here, Racetrax Doublers and more.

  42. anywhere near huntvalley or 21111 with magnificent 7s or rings of cash left in their stores? ive looked at quite a few and no luck!

  43. I read someon’s blog last week that when the inventory gets low on a scratch off, that a representative from md lottery go to stores and pull the remainders from the retailers. I am beginning to think that is true because shoppers food in laurel, md has a kiosk or machine you can purchase tickets, everyday I was going to the store and purchasing the bingo 8 out of the machines, I was buying 3 at a time, no winner. I went back on a friday and sure enough all the bingo 8 scratch offs were pulled, it didn’t state sold out it just had 3 broken lines under the ticket so I put my money in the machine and it told me to pick another choice again it did not say sold out. Why do md lottery pull low inventory tickets why not allow it to play out until a winner is found?

    • Pam: I’ll try to address each of your concerns.

      A game is typically only pulled for two reasons: 1. When the final claiming date for a ticket has been issued and is approaching. When this happens, we pull the ticket because we can no longer process winners when the final claim date occurs. 2. When all significant tangible prizes have been claimed.

      This is not the case with Big 8 Bingo. As is evident by the number of posts about Big 8 Bingo, our players have latched on because our system is indicating to us that three top prizes are still available. Because of this sudden outreach by players, our sales managers have instructed the sales team to have all of their retailers activate all Big 8 Bingo books and make them available to players.

      The three broken lines on a machines usually indicates a jam of the ticket. If this occurs, please advice your retailer and they will take appropriate action to inform us to fix the problem. When a game is sold out, the machine will indicate the the game is “out”.

      Hope this helps clarify your concerns. Happy playing.

  44. can u tell me where there are big 8 bingos in anywhere near zipcodes 21217, 21212, 21218, 21203

    • Rachel: There are a couple you can try.
      Boss Cash, Carlton Liquors, Greenmount Tobacco Outlet, Howard Street BP, Moon’s Greenmount Liqour and New Greenmount Market are all possibilities.

  45. % sold for Cash Word please?

  46. Where can I find Platinum Rewards in zip code 20774?

  47. I think big 8 bingo scratch off’s top prize winners were allready found! For example, to win the top prize you need a figure 8 on the lower right card. I think that people that dont normally play bingo didnt understand and there for some people might have over looked this!

  48. Where can i find Big 8 Bingo in 20705 or 20707?

  49. Were are the big 8 bingo in 21206 or 21236

    • Ronnie:
      21206 – You can try D&M Liqours. Several others have books but they need to be activated including Bermuda Bar & Liquors and S&M Market. Feel free to encourage them to activate the books.

      21236 – You can try Food Lion store #1413, Rock-A-Billy’s. Chase Liquors also have them but they aren’t activated yet. Again, if they aren’t activated, please feel free to ask them to.

  50. Can you please locate a Rings of Cash retailer in Silver Spring 20910 and Gaithersburg 20879 or 20878?

  51. Any Bingo 8 in 21042 or 21043?

  52. Are there any Big 8 Bingo in the zip codes of: 21144 and 21146. tks

  53. Are there any retailers for the Big 8 Bingo in the 21225, or 21012 areas?

    • brittany:
      In 21012 you can try the Quick Save Mart.
      In 21225 you can try the B&A Citgo, Fairlanes or Murph’s Liquors.

      Also, just as an FYI to you and all players, we are working on a web application so players can search for this type of information on their own. From this feedback, we think this will be a great tool for players.

  54. what % sold is platinum rewards and players club?

  55. Where can I find Big 8 Bingo in the Pasadena area zip code 21122.

  56. can you tell me where big 8 bingo can be purchased around the 20851 area code please.

  57. Where can I find Bingo 8? My zip code is 20851,

  58. what percentage sold on big 8 bingo now, a few
    weeks ago it was 96% sold

  59. if you got a scrath off with( h w w) on it what does that mean..thanxs..

  60. 2nd request-Can you send me retailers in Frederick Maryland that would have the big 8 bingo? I don’t have a specific zipcode but any area would be fine

  61. where can i find more big 8 bingo on the eastern
    shore any area would be fine. i drive alot for my job so location is fine

  62. Can you send me retailers in Frederick Maryland that would have the big 8 bingo? I don’t have a specific zipcode but any area would be fine.

  63. Where can I find Cashino and Spicy Hot7’s. My zip code is 20853. I am willing to drive 50 miles outside of this zip code. Thanks

    • Sheryl: You can find Cashino at East Rockville Sunoco 4100 Aspen Hill Road as well. Spicy Hot 7’s final claim date has been announced, thus we are not able to locate any in our system.

  64. Where can I buy Winner Weather by zipcode is 20853. Thanks

  65. any idea where I can buy Big 8 Bingo tix in zip 21234

  66. Hi,

    I live in zip code 21075. Where can I find Silver Bell Bucks and 3D Jackpot? Also what is the percentage sold of Raise the Stakes?

  67. Where can I find super slots in 20874 and 20879 and what is the percentage sold for Super slots and one-eyed jacks?

  68. i’m looking for Big 8 Bingo in 20774….any suggestions?

  69. Where can I find big 8 bingo in Baltimore, md 21202 and bowie 20721?

  70. hi i live in zipcode 21207 can u tell me where i can find tis the season and big 8 bingo??? also can you tell me the percentage sold for triple it, i also notice that on the scratch off prizez remaining page there are two different blackout bingos what is the difference and the percentage sold for each one thank you.

  71. i can’t find any more of the following scratch–offs :
    Platinum , Magnificent 7, Year of Ox, Rings of Cash, and Golden Ticket .. I live in 20906 zip code. Where can i go?

    • Joe: Try the Aspen Hill B&W at 13745 Connecticut Avenue. They have over 300 books and a lot of those games you mention.

    • Joe, buying the Golden Tickets would be pointless since the last claim date already came and went. The last claim date for the Golden Ticket was 6/30

  72. Curious, does the lottery have a goal for each scratch off as far as percentage sold? I assume you dont sell 100% of all the scratch offs but do you at least like to sell say 80% of each game?

    • J Robert: We always try to sell 100% of our games. However, there are certain factors that come into play that cause us to close a game including prizes claimed, inventory remaining, percentage sold and overall sales. We offer a variety of games throughout the year and any one reason can effect the success of a game.

  73. Can you let me know where there are Big 8 Bingo in my area (within 25 miles of 21128)?

    • Andrew: We would suggest Rock A Billy’s, 2103 Old Orems Road for Big 8 Bingo in your area.

      • Amazingly enough, there were several Big 8 Bingo tickets remaining at Rock A Billy’s but unfortunately I missed purchasing even 1 as someone went in and purchased all they had in inventory. I would strongly suggest that MD Lottery identify locations where customers find specific games. These were my favorite games and I have driven many a mile to find them only to find out that I lost out to getting some by 1 day as obviously another customer saw this post and grabbed them before I could get into the Lottery Retailer. I do ask if you can help me find some additional Retailers that have Big 8 Bingo. You can send me a few locations to my email address.

  74. That’s absolutely crazy,3.5 million tickets printed for magnificent seven. There’s no doubt in my mind under a million tickets are winner. Please print because its a fact, you guys can always state how much winning tickets left but can’t seem to state how many non winning tickets remain.

  75. looking for super slots 21221 thank you

  76. Where can I find a retailer for winner weather, and big 8 bingo in zip codes-20879,20910-Thank you

  77. Please email me and let me know where i can find super slots thank you

  78. If you reveal 10 words on the Tripling Star Crossword and have a star in one or more of your words, does the $30,000.00 top prize triple to $90,000.00.

  79. what do they mean by mtching the same kind on the trump card

  80. Why dont you have a scanner for the scratch offs..I would double check my tickets only to see that I didn’t scratch off a little spot that I didn’t realize was even there. Took it to the agent and won $50..If I had a scanner I could check it there to be sure..

    • Laura: We definitely recommend that players double check their tickets at a Lottery retailer.

      • MD Lottery, you didn’t answer the her question. She asked WHY there aren’t scanners for scratch offs.
        If a person could scan the outside code to see if they won, they could check a ticket before it is even scratched. That is why you need to enter the inner code after it is scratched on the terminal to see if it is a winner. What the lottery could do is have a scannable code under the latex that consuemers can scan it on their own

      • Diego is right. My mistake. I’ll send this suggestion over to sales, product development and our scratch-off vendor for future consideration.

  81. 2nd request for info: When is the top prize drawing for Platnuim rewards?

    • Natasha: The top prize drawing date for Platinum Rewards has not yet been determined. Stay tuned for details as we get closer to selling out the game. As of today, the game is 70% sold.

  82. how do i find out about tic tac turkey? i happen to go into one of my regular stores last week and they had a book, of course it went quickly but i know there are more out there but nobody seems to have them 😦 …one of my favorite games plus i won a top prize and want to try to win that last top prize 🙂

    • kelly: We are working on ways to improve our website so users can find ticket locations in an easier manner. If you send your zip code, we will try to provide a couple locations close to you that you can try to find the game.

  83. I just noticed on the remaining prizes page that 1 of the $9,000 prizes on Year of the Ox was won. What store was the winning ticket sold at?

    • Joe: WOur system does not track where tickets are bought so without a validation number or knowing the claim date we cannot track where it was bought. Also, our communications department did not interview the winner so we have no way of knowing where it was sold at.

  84. It would definitely be nice to know which stores have certain tickets in stock. For instance, I’d like to know where all the remaining Super Slots tickets are, as there are still 2 $10,000 prizes left. The Super Slots haven’t been pulled from store shelves have they? Because I was told by a retailer that when tickets get low on stock the MD Lottery goes around and confiscates remaining stock from shelves.

    • Joe: We are working on many of improvements to our website. This is definitely on this of potential improvements. If you send me your zip code I can ask sales for locations in your area that have Super Slots.

  85. So, when you explain the “overall odds” of scratching a winning ticket, actually as the game goes on don’t those odds change for better or for worse based on the number of winning tickets to non winners?

  86. Ultimate Payday second chance drawing- how will the winner know they won? Do you mail the winnings? I think I might have had a different phone number at the time when I sent the ticket in.

    • Tee: The final date to claim instant prizes is June 30th, 2010. Entries for the top prize drawing are due by July 7th and the top prize drawing will be held on July 8th. A lottery representative will contact the winner through the contact information provided, usually by a combination of phone, e-mail and mail.

      We will also publish the winner’s names here so players have the opportunity to see who won.

  87. When is the top prize drawing for Platnuim rewards?

  88. What are the top prizes left for lucky bingo 8 and lucky 8 also platnium rewards?

  89. Can someone explain to me why the odds of winning located on the back of the scratch-off does not coincide with the actually scratch-off??? For an example I brought 6 $10.00 scratch-offs out of a new pack and the odds of winning located on the back stated 1 and 3.06 however I did not win on any of them…I did not win until I brought the seventh one which was only $10.00. I also brought the eighth one which was not a winner so I gave up. $80.00 spent but only one $10.00 whats the odds in that????

    • Miesha: Winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout an entire game. If the average chance of winning a prize is for example 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every five consecutive tickets. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets back-to-back without receiving a winner at all. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance. In addition, the odds on the back of the ticket are the ‘overall odds,’ which is best described as the ratio of winning tickets to non-winning tickets from all tickets printed for the game.

  90. why there is never promotion on pick 4

    • frank: Ultimately, it comes down to it being a business decision taking into consideration a number of factors. However, recently you are not the only one asking for a Pick 4 promotion. I’ve taken these suggestions and forwarded them on to our Product Development department for future consideration.

  91. If that was true I should have gotten one by now. Or maybe I’m just doomed. Because the most I ever win is $15.00, $10.00 or $5.00. I think If I ever did win, your office would talk about me for years to come. And that the truth. 🙂

  92. the maryland lottery should have store once the scratch offs tickets get down to 80% sold they can one place to buy tickets instead of finding all stores that have the tickets you are looking for lot stores that sell scratch offs it take time to find all the stores.

  93. Hello – I was wondering if someone can clear something up for me. When it says for example, that a scratch off is 85% sold, does it mean that there is only 15% inventory left available for consumers to purchase from retailers or that the MD lottery has sold 85% of their inventory to retailers? Thanks!

    • Dax: When a ticket is, for example, 85% sold, that means there is only 15% left available for consumers to purchase from retailers.

      • So the maryland state lottery keeps restocking the retailers, until its technically 100% sold by the retailer?

      • Brian: The short answer is yes we always try to sell 100% of our games. However, there are certain factors that come into play that cause us to close a game including prizes claimed, inventory remaining, percentage sold and overall sales.

  94. i need to hit……….

  95. I LOVE the fact that the lottery highlights these tickets every month. When I was in Texas a few years ago, they had a printout by the register which showed the most recent figures for each scratch game to help you decide where your chances might be a little bit better.