Maryland Lottery and Baltimore Ravens Renew Partnership Agreement

Baltimore Ravens-themed scratch-off ticket to be released in August 2010

Ravens head logoThe Maryland Lottery and Baltimore Ravens have renewed their partnership and will release a new Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off on August 9th. The Maryland Lottery was one of the first lotteries in the country to partner with the NFL, following a decades-long, no-gambling policy that was overturned by NFL owners in 2009. The original ticket, which was released last August, holds the distinction of being the best-selling $5 scratch-off ever sold by the Maryland Lottery.

The new $5 Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket will offer more than $11 million in instant prizes – including three $1 million top prizes. Like last year’s scratch-off, each ticket will feature a perforated portion with a special “EXTRA YARDS” code that players can enter on Players who enter their “EXTRA YARDS” codes on the Maryland Lottery’s website will have the opportunity to win premium prizes that include season tickets for life, season tickets in 2010 and 2011, game-day premium seats, an away-trip with the team, framed autographed jerseys and numerous other experiential prizes. Last year, more than 116,000 players registered online for the Ravens Cash Fantasy promotion.

“I’m excited that we are teaming up with the Ravens once again.” said Stephen Martino, Director of the Maryland Lottery. “The ticket and the team both had impressive performances last year, and we look forward to another successful partnership in 2010.”

Ravens Cash Fantasy, which is projected to generate net revenue of approximately $2.5 million for the State, will be sold at every Baltimore Ravens home game and will be available at the more than 4,000 Maryland Lottery retail locations across the State.

“Everyone wins with this collaboration – Ravens fans, Lottery players and the State of Maryland,” said Mark Burdett, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Development for the Ravens.

For more information about the Maryland Lottery and the Ravens, visit and, respectively.

23 responses to “Maryland Lottery and Baltimore Ravens Renew Partnership Agreement

  1. would like to own magnetic ravens decal shown in this segment article. HOW TO OWN.

    • I love the angry bird also. The only things I have found that have this decal are the custom shirts at and the cling decals also on I would love to have the magnet.

      Good Luck!

  2. rosa hompson

    how do you know if you have won trump the card game that cost $5.00 with out going to the store?
    Does three of a kind mean the numbers or the suit?


    • Rosa: No problem. The game legend is referring to numbers only. However, as always, if you’re not sure if your ticket is a winner, please don’t hesitate to take it to a retailer to have it checked.

  3. I won 2010 season tix. When should I receive them?

  4. joseph oaks

    I have saved up over 7 shoe boxes full of losers all denominations when can some more tickets start another loser game

    • Don’t forget to claim the losers at Tax time if you win big! Never throw out your tickets until after you have filed your taxes.

  5. Hannah Feather

    My mom won ravens season tickets for life 2010. We got to do alot of things because of winning these tickets . we even made a episode of “how the lottery changed my life” on TLC.(airing sometime in august). I just wanted to let everyone know that even if you didn’t win anything last year, to keep trying. not everyone gets to win and that was the first years they did ravens cash fantasy. Good Luck to everyone!!!! Hope you win something good ! Hannah *****

  6. I found 2 extra yard tickets from last season that I never logged. Ain’t that some crap. I could have actually won something but I will never know. 😦

  7. I won the season tickets for life this year.It has been the best.I got to go to the traing camp meet players and M&T for the day.And have been filimg a show for TLC.This win has a great thing for myself and family.Please play I never won anything before this.Real people really win.

  8. I’ve played every game there is to play and never won. Its almost depressing but I hope this time I am able to win at least a worn jersey.

  9. Have you all schedule a date for the 2nd chance Cinema Cash? why is it taking so long?

  10. Madeline Hall

    I have sent in 4 different numbers from 3 Triple Play coupons. I have another coupon
    and for the life of me I can’t find the Entry
    blank to fill out for this one. How do I go
    about finding the Entries.

    • Madeline: The Pick 3 Triple Play is not a mail-in promotion. If the coupon’s last two digits match the last two digits of that evening’s Pick 3, the player will win $100. We’re giving away over 2,500 $100 winners each week. Click here to see if you won. If the last two digits do not match that evening’s Pick 3 drawing, players should save the coupon for that week’s Weekly Prize Drawing, which draws an entire 8-digit coupon number for a chance to win up to $250,000. You can find the numbers for the weekly prizes drawings in this entry above or you can click here.

  11. My family and I like the gaming of scratch offs and my sister won online “Fantasy Football” last year. It was a conversation piece and they won an opening day tic for 2 to New Orleans game 2nd Thursday in September. Maybe I can win Ravens Cash Fantasy this year. It is easy! Ravens Rule 2010-2011 Season!

  12. Valarie Johnson

    Good newa!!!! I hope I win this time

  13. when is the new ravens scratch off being sold?

  14. Raymond Traube

    Great scratch-off game. Plenty of prizes and plenty of 2nd chances to win

  15. richard sampson

    Good to hear!! Bought tons of those tickets last year,never won anything from the perforated part,maybe I’ll get luckier this coming year! GO RAVENS!!!

  16. Hey what time of the day do you guys pick the names for the $300.dollars worth of livin lucky tickets.and why not do it live?.

    • Pat M: The time of day the drawings occurs varies based upon our drawing officials schedule.

      We do not conduct our second chance drawings live on TV for a couple reasons. It’s a very monotonous and time consuming. For some promotions, second chance drawings can take several hours. Also, the monetary investment is just too large to try to air all of these drawings.