Mother-Daughter Pastime Delivers $30K Prize

Andrea Wilson - Tripling Star CrosswordA 28-year-old federal worker and her mother are still celebrating after winning a $30,000 Tripling Star Crossword scratch-off top prize. Bowie resident Andrea Wilson and her mother are regular scratch-off players.

On this particular day, Andrea’s mother purchased a few scratch-offs for each of them. As Andrea scratched her crossword ticket, they counted the words together. When her mom counted ten words on the ticket she called out to Andrea. “I think you’ve got it,” said her mom.

The lucky winner is in the process of purchasing a condo. “The win came at a perfect time,” said Andrea.  She says she will use the prize money for a down payment on the property. She’s also planning to purchase a car for her mother.  The winning ticket was purchased at Free State Liquors on Annapolis Road in Bowie.

16 responses to “Mother-Daughter Pastime Delivers $30K Prize

  1. Are there any retailers in Howard County or Anne Arundel that have Big 8 Scratch offs left?

    • Lisa: There are a few in Howard County:
      7-11 #32975
      7-11 #32193
      Cork N Bottle Liquors
      Laurel Mart
      Laurel Plaza Liquors
      Royal Farms #076
      Shoppers Food Warehouse #52072
      Tubby’s Diner

  2. Congrat on your winnings

  3. having been trying to find big 8 bingo scratch-offs i’m in chestertown md

    • sherry m: The game is 96% sold. You can try the following retailers, but they MIGHT be out as well.

      College Heights Citgo – 513 Washington Ave
      Super Soda – 302 Maple Ave.

  4. I did the day I first asked, did they recently get some in?

  5. Centreville, Md

  6. Where can I find lucky 8 scratchs offs I live on the eastern shore

  7. congrats to the big winner
    are there still big prize on the big 8 bingo and the
    % sold

  8. Well Congrats its about time someone from the PG County area won!!!

  9. You need to have a 1-800 number so your CUSTOMERS can check to see what the lottery numbers was. Every time I try to call to see what the number was on the 1-410-230-8830, it is always busy, busy , busy, and for the MD Lottery again it should be a 1-800 # and more than 1 line. Not everyone has a computer

    • Shell: We did at one time have a toll-free phone number for winning numbers. It was found, however, that too few players made use of the service to justify the cost. Even without internet access, there are many ways for Lottery players to get winning number information that do not require a long-distance call: local Lottery retailers and newspapers.