One Dollar Brings Power–ful Return

Columbia Man Wins $10,000 Third-Tier Powerball Prize

PowerballThe 20-year-old Powerball winner rarely engages in Lottery play. But, when the jackpot grew to $220 million, he said, “It wouldn’t hurt to try.”

“The next thing I knew, I’d won the Lottery,” added the soft-spoken winner. The UMBC economics student bought just one Quick Pick ticket for May 29th’s drawing and matched four numbers and the Bonus Ball to garner his $10,000 prize.

His father, who accompanied him to Lottery Headquarters, was the one who learned of his son’s good fortune. “I was having my tickets scanned,” said his Dad, emphasizing he played  a lot more than his son. “I had his one ticket checked and it said See Lottery.” After being told by the clerk that it meant that the win was more than $600, he went home and checked the numbers on line.

When he informed his son about his newfound wealth, the reaction was disbelief.  “I couldn’t believe one of my first times playing and I was successful,” said the winner.

Although he still intends to play just “once in a blue moon,” the young man expressed his belief that “it takes just a dollar to win.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Columbia Grocery & Deli, located at 10400 Shaker Dr. in Columbia.

The Powerball drawing is held in Orlando, Florida and can be seen locally on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 11:22 pm on WBAL-TV, Channel 11.  The multi-state game is played in 41 states, Washington D.C. and the US Virgin Islands.

6 responses to “One Dollar Brings Power–ful Return

  1. Andrea Maggio

    Hi Could you pleaSE tell me how much percent of livin lucky scratchoffs are sold already? Some stores around here in edgewood,md are saying that its an old game so they arent getting anymore. Are people really not going to sell them much longer?

  2. i would like to complain, i m a daily andbig time player , i play them all my gripe is the scratch off it say 1 in 3 etc,is winner, well i have brought sometimes 5,6,7 or more back to back a dont get a winner i think its false advisement to say that an dont get a winner in that many ,and i am talking $5.00 and higher, i even buy the $20.00 and get nothing.

    • valerie: Winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout an entire game. If the average chance of winning a prize is 1:3 or 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every three or five consecutive tickets. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets back-to-back without receiving a winner at all. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance. In addition, the odds on the back of the ticket are the ‘overall odds,’ which is best described as the ratio of winning tickets to non-winning tickets from all tickets printed for the game.

  3. James Crews

    How do I find the Pick 3 weekly drawing numbers.