Two Big Wins Make For One Exciting Night

Woman Claims $10,000 Blackjack Tripler and $500 Reese’s Scratch-Off Prizes

Grenda Taylor - Blackjack TriplerGrenda Taylor loves Lottery games. “I play as much as I can,” said the  daily scratch-off player with a wide grin. Also a fan of Mega Millions and Powerball, the 51-year-old had her biggest winning experience last night when she scratched her way to two large Lottery prizes.

Grenda bought a variety of scratch-offs yesterday afternoon on her way to her training class for MV Transportation. “After school, I went home and forgot about my tickets,” said Grenda. Upon remembering, she got her purchases and first scratched her Reese’s ticket which revealed a sweet $500 win. “I yelled to my daughter, who was pretty nonchalant,” said the mother-of-three. “She knows she isn’t getting any money,” said Grenda with a laugh.

After sharing the news, she proceeded to play the rest of her scratch-offs. As she played her third ticket, Blackjack Tripler, she discovered her largest Lottery win to date, a top-tier prize worth $10,000. With her winnings, Grenda plans to pay bills and, despite her earlier remarks, she said that she will probably share a little with her children.

The winning ticket was purchased at Village Liquors, located at 720 Church St. in Anne Arundel County.

2 responses to “Two Big Wins Make For One Exciting Night

  1. Andrea Maggio

    Hi I have been addicted to the lottery lately. And i get so mad when i spend so much money on the 20 dollar tickets and lose all the time. But yesterday i ended up winning 375.00 on livin lucky!! I was so happy but it really just evened me out I really wanna win big! I live in edgewood,md and no one around here is selling anymore livin luckys so i wanna know if you can tell me how much percent is sold and if you know what areas or stores that are selling them still? thank you