Photo Processor Sees $100,000 Prize Develop Before His Eyes

Hyattsville Man Wins Money Money Money Scratch-off Top-Prize

Money Money MoneyA darkroom technician from Hyattsville claimed a $100,000 top prize after playing a Money, Money Money scratch-off ticket. The 43-year-old splits his time between two jobs, often working up to 17 hours per day. When he’s not working, he likes to play the Maryland Lottery, mostly scratching off tickets.

Last week, when he hadn’t had any recent luck with tickets, he decided to change things up a bit. “I changed the store that I purchase from and I changed the ticket,” he said. “I wondered where my luck had flown away.” Although typically believed to be an unlucky number, he even decided to try the tickets from dispenser number 13 for a change.

When he scratched his Money Money Money scratch-off, he wasn’t sure what he was seeing. “I kept looking at the ticket to make sure I was 100 percent sure,” said the winner. “When I realized how much I won, my eyes got as bright as flashlights.”

The lucky winner plans to use his winnings to purchase a laptop for his children, add to his savings and to pay off some debt. The winning ticket was purchased at CT Diamond Jewelry on East University Boulevard in Silver Spring. Money Money Money scratch-off still has two $100,000 top-prizes remaining.

2 responses to “Photo Processor Sees $100,000 Prize Develop Before His Eyes

  1. I too have noticed that a large portion of the major winnings are in the Baltimore area, especially with the instant win games and keno. Prior to the recession I could win on the scratch offs and now I noticed that on some of the tickets the most you can win is $5. In regards to the scracth off called the king, Queen and Jack of hearts, I have yet to see the symbol of the king,queen or jack which allows you to win 10x’s. I think you need to remove this game and place more winning tickets in my area which is temple hills, md. And why isn’t the number drawing shown on tv in the prince georges area, since calling the (410) number is long distant. And is there a cut off time as when you can stop purchasing scratch off tickets, I go to the 7-11 and if it’s 9:50 or after 10:00pm they will not cash them or sell them. If it’s against their religion then why are the terminals in the store. Specifically 7-11 on Allentown Road, Old branch Ave. and other stores in the Prince Georges county area.

    • nsurebets:
      We get a lot of comments about location of winners. The truth is, the geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our press releases from 2009 and 2010 at In fact, we have recently had a few great winners from Temple Hills including a $250,000 Mega Millions winner and a $1 million winner from Ravens Cash Fantasy.

      The Lottery’s television partner is WBAL-TV Channel 11, one of Maryland’s most watched stations. While there are some regions of the State to the east and west that WBAL cannot reach, the station’s strong signal reaches the majority of Maryland’s viewing audience. . The Lottery has attempted to address the issue of televised drawings through agreements with other television stations around the state. Unfortunately, these arrangements proved unsatisfactory due to an inability of potential partners to guarantee the time needed to air all of our drawings. We continue to explore additional avenues that meet our broadcast requirements and that can fit within our tight budget. Please remember that, along with the winning numbers line (410-230-8830), winning numbers always can be found on the Lottery’s website at, in many local newspapers and by visiting any of the more than 4,000 Maryland Lottery retail locations across the State.

      Lastly, our lottery terminals should be available to you during all hours that a business is open and our computer system is operating. We will address each situation accordingly through our local sales representatives.

      Thanks for the inquiry. We appreciate hearing from all of our players.