HOT FIVE – June 2010 [VIDEO]

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, May 22.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our
scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-Offs

Platinum Rewards ($20) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain, 1 top prize drawing
3 $50,000 prizes remain
Over 100 prizes of $1,000 or more

Platinum Rewards

Diamond & 7’s ($10) – 65% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 3 remain
Over 30 prizes of $1,000 or more
Diamonds & 7's

Casino Royale ($10) – 63% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 3 remain
3 $10,000 prizes remain

Casino Royale

Lucky 8’s ($5) – 81% sold
Top Prize – $80,000; 2 remain
6 $8,000 prizes remain

Lucky 8's

Blackjack Tripler ($2) – 60% sold
Top Prize – $10,000; 5 remain
10 $1,000 prizes remain
Over 80 prizes of $300 or more

Blackjack Tripler

92 responses to “HOT FIVE – June 2010 [VIDEO]

  1. What is the percentage sold for Big 8 Bingo; on May 25th it was at 96%. I would think the game would be sold out by now but the game is still showing active. Is the game still available and if so are there still big prizes left?

  2. I play in baltimore and towson and its really hard to find the big 8 bingos, if u can tell me where to try to find them that would awesome

  3. Lately i have noticed when i put my numbers on the playslip the machine will play my numbers for at least two days. I make sure nothing is marked in the advance play.Why is this happening.

    • Charles: This is the first inquiry of its kind to us like this. I’ve checked with sales and unfortunately, there is no explanation. We would suggest trying another location or new batch of playslips.

  4. Can you update the Platinum Rewards for percentage sold. We buy alot and get no winners, but the number for no winners seems to never go down. Why

  5. What ever happen to High Roller, are there anymore left in Beltsville area.


  6. What ever happen to High Roller? these scratch offs cannot be found anywhere, yet there are ttwo big money listed to be won someplace (?),hopefully in Beltsville location (?) Curious.

  7. They dont give the odds of winning the jackpot for the powerball…can u tell me what it is? Also, is MD Lottery going to put out a Powerball subscription?

  8. hello I know that the big 8 bingo is almost completely sold out but there are a lot of nice prize amounts still available i look all over trying to find them but have no luck do you know what my best option would be to look for them, thanks.

  9. Hello Maryland Lottery:

    Can u please tell us the percentage sold for the following scratch off tickets?

    ***Cinema Cash***
    ***Year of the OX***
    ***Black Jack Tripler***
    ***Set for Life***
    ***Hot Streak***
    ***Silver Bell Bucks***

    Thank you very much.

    I’ll see you guys at the lottery headquaters soon 🙂

  10. I was looking at some of the the scratch off tickets that have a last claim date coming soon and some of them still have a lot of prizes out there. I can’t seem to find any of the tickets at any stores and some have top prizes remaining. Do a lot of the tickets have unclaimed prizes at the end that are never claimed? Some tickets I saw still have $500 winners that haven’t been claimed.

    • Pat H: Most games with a final claiming date have little or no available inventory to be found in our retailers, other games are closed due to no tangible prizes that would constitute leaving them out for sale. And yes, most of those prizes go unclaimed. However, all unclaimed prizes, by order of Maryland state law, need to be awarded back to the players, so we develop numerous promotions during the coarse of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players. Hope that helps answer your question. We appreciate hearing from our players.

    • Can you tell me the current games sold for players Club and Blackjack Tripler?

    • Pat,
      I had issues with the lottery recalling the Big Bucks Party Pack and the Golden Ticket. Both had grand prizes available with over 90 percent of the tickets sold. One day I went into my favorite lottery retailers and was told that lottery officials recalled the remaining tickets. It doesn’t seem fair to me.

  11. I have been playing 1313 for 7 years ($1 st/$1bx midday/evening). So far, I have not hit. I researched your (Historical Winning Numbers) and found that 1313 has not hit in 10 years, has only hit 6 times since 1976 and has never come out 1313 in that order. I have put $10,220 into this number…is 13 really that unlucky of a number???

    • Kimberly: It’s not that the numbers are unlucky. Winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Numbers drawn for each of the Lottery’s daily drawing games are arbitrary. Every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. In addition, each ball drawn has the same exact chance of being drawn as any other ball in the machine, at any point in time.

  12. What is the percentage of Platinum Rewards tickets sold?
    Also what is the percentage of luck times 20 sold? thanks!!!

  13. LaVada Blue

    I don’t understand how Platinum Rewards continuously remained 65% sold out-month to month. What’s the issue with this game? I’m a buyer of this game and am just wondering why.

    • LaVada: Platinum Rewards is currently at 70%. A number of factors come into play with a games success including price point, ticket quantity, newly launched games, personal preference and more. It’s difficult to pinpoint any one reason.

  14. I appreciate the lottery letting us know how many winning tickets are left and the percentage sold in some of the scratch off games. Why doesn’t the lottery post the total amount of tickets that the game had and how many total tickets are left, not just winning tickets?

    • Joseph C: We are working on many improvements to our website. We’ll add this idea to the list of potential improvements. You can look for these improvements sometime later this summer/early fall.

  15. what is the percentage of set for life sold and is the 1 million winner the second chance or the scratch off

    • Set For Life is currently at 82.7%.

      The Set For Life 2 is a second-chance contest where a player can win $1,000 a week – this can be paid in an annual annuity of 20 equal payments (annuity value is $1,040,000 paid over 20 years) or a “cash” payment option, which will be less than the annual annuity amount. Cash option value will be determined at the time of redemption.

  16. I would like to know it my question could be answered? In November 2009 on the Liberty Heights corridor at The Shell Gas Station I purchased two $5.oo Bingo scrash off on the 25th and went back to cash them twice and was told the tickets were not cashable. How ever the both have bingo on them, I told the lady at the machine that I purchased the tickets here the day before and they still refused tu cash them. How is this possible? I had her to print the receipt that showed the ticket was not cashable.
    I like to know why this happen and will this or have this happen before. By the way I still have the print out and tickets. Knowing I won’t get a refund due to the time frame. But I would appreciate an explanation as to why this happen?

    • G. Senior: Whenever you or anyone has a problem like this, they should contact the Lottery directly. You can contact us through the main number (410-230-8800) and ask for the Security Division. It’s good that you still have the tickets because Security will be able to look the ticket number up and find out what the problem is. If the final claim date has not passed, you will definitely get paid for it if the ticket is determined to be a winner.

  17. What happened with High would seem there are a lot of tickets out there yet they are hard to find and don;t seem to be doing well in the sales dept?

    • J Robert: High Roller will be re-introduced on Monday, June 28 as part of a new 2nd chance promotion called The Winning Hand. Stay tuned. Details will be available the day the promotion begins.

  18. I live in Centreville Md can you tell me where there are any Golden ticket scratch-offs near by?

    • Deb: There is only two weeks left for players to claim their winnings with the Golden Ticket scratch-off. Because of this all books are marked sold out and the system can’t identify what retailers this game is currently at. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  19. Has the Deal Or No Deal second chance drawing been held yet? Thanks for any info.

    • Dianne: The second chance contest for Deal or No Deal has occured.

      Seven semi-finalists were selected for a multi-state drawing held in September. Each won $500 and had a chance to win an additional prize in the game finale. The final round of this contest had only one winner, Virginia Cole of Cincinnati, OH, who won $250,000 and entered the contest with an Ohio Lottery Deal or No Deal scratch-off. If you want to read more about Virginia, the Ohio Lottery has information posted on their winner’s row section of their website.

      The second-chance page dedicated to this game and its results is no longer on, so we’ve included the semi-finalist information below:

      Mike Snukis from Glen Burnie
      James Sharp from Baltimore
      Deborah Speight from Hyattsville
      Melissa Stone from Baltimore
      Lou Silvestri from Baltimore
      Marius Fred Asch Jr. from Baltimore
      Mike Teske from Bowie

  20. I never hear of anyone winning large amounts of money from The Livin Lucky Promotin I know there are $10,000.oo winners but is anyone winning money from the $300.00 worth of scratch off tickets, I mean come on there have been lots of tickets given away and still no big winners, will anyone win the $250,000.00 top prize this game has been going strong for a year now, atleast one person should have scrathed themself to a $250,000.oo win from this internet promotion, this makes me think that the remaining tickets are sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere, and will not be distributed until the later part of July when this game should be coming to a close I mean come on enough is enough this game is lingering on end it, this game should have ended with The Cash Extravaganza., where the even more tickets printed after the first internet promotion, because if so the odds of winning should be different, I don’t see where the tickets have changed, and how many ticketes where produced for this scratch off, and when was it that this scratch off came into circulation, long before last July I know that much already.

  21. can u please tell me the percentage sold of “winter weather”? thanks.

  22. Why does the remaining scratch off prize page not have a date when it was last updated? There is place on the page for it but the date is blank. Thanks, Hope I will be there soon to cash in a BIG blessed winner!

    • Kitty: That should not be the case. This information is updated each working day and should be reflected with the date. I have reached out to IT to address the matter.

  23. Wayne Larkin

    Sir: 702 – Ultimate Pay Day, Last claim Date6/30/2010, When will the actual drawing take Place.


  24. Do you ever consider opening just one day for people that have old tickets they forgot to cash.

    • Edith: As much as we would like to be able to pay out on those prizes, the Lottery is restricted by State law stating that all prizes must be claimed within 182 days.

  25. Does Maryland have any plans for a pick 5 number like PA and NY? Also is there a place we can find what was # payed out daily per #? NY and PA post what #’s come out and the amount paid. Sometimes I am just curious about that. For example evening pick 3 for 4/15/10 was 888. How much did the lottery pay out and how many tickets won?

    • Shel Rio: We do not have any plans for a Pick 5 game at this time, but you can click hereto learn about all of the games we have. In addition, we are planning many improvements to our website and we’ll add this to the list of potential improvements. As far as the 888 is concerned, we paid out a total of $1.7 million to over 7,000 players. You can read more about that particular payout here.

  26. What happened to the accuracy of “the odds of winning”? I feel that I am being ripped off, when I buy ten strait $5,$10 or $20 scratch-offs and “MAYBE” have one winner for $5,$10, or $20.

    What is really going on?

    • Raven M: Winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout an entire game. If the average chance of winning a prize is 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every five consecutive tickets. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets back-to-back without receiving a winner at all. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance. In addition, the odds on the back of the ticket are the ‘overall odds,’ which is best described as the ratio of winning tickets to non-winning tickets from all tickets printed for the game.

  27. Could you please tell us what percentage of inventory has been sold for the $5 ‘cashino’ and the $10 ‘big bucks party pack’.

  28. Hello,

    I had a strange MULTI-PRIZE BINGO ticket.

    none of the three games were winners., but the top portion the 5x, 10x, 20x section, all the bingo for the 10x were called .

    has anyone else seen or heard about that? so the ticket was 10X of nothing? seems strange.

  29. The number of people buying the scratch-offs shouldn’t make that big of a difference. Just because the population in Baltimore is large doesn’t mean all of the winning tickets should be dropped off there. I agree with the other writers, the rest of the state play the lottery and wed like to win too. Its not too much of a coincidence that 99.9% of the winners are out of Baltimore. Switch the tickets up – the tickets you were dropping in Baltimore drop them in the other counties and give Baltimore the losers that are being dropped in all of the other locations in the state. Also – the odds of winning aren’t even close to what’s on the back of the ticket. I’ve played at least 1o $10 tickets in a rwo and never saw anything.

    • Joyce: The number of people playing in a given area affects games in two ways: 1) the number of lottery retail outlets in that operate in an area and 2) the quantity of tickets shipped to that area (to supply the greater number of retail outlets).

      Winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout the full print run of any scratch-off ticket. The wins you see in areas like these could be the result of higher ticket demand and supply in these areas.


    • Charles: It’s only the Saturday midday (12:27 PM) when the drawing does not air. The reason is because children’s programming typically airs from 10AM until anytime between 12:30 and 1:30 PM. FCC regulations prohibit the airing of Lottery drawings during any children’s programming so we conduct it off-air and scroll the winning numbers after the children’s shows are over. Sunday drawings air unless there is a national program on that can not be interrupted, which tends to happen frequently.

  31. Im confused. so is BIG 8 BINGO 81% sold or 96% sold??

  32. Bennett, Linette

    What happened to scatch off tickets.when scatch off tickets first became available we could win a whole ticket I mean everything on the card was a winning hand, now we cann’t even get a winning ticket ,buying seven or ten tickets in a row. it’s disappointing buying that amount of tickets and not getting one winner


    • Charles: Our research indicates that a larger number of people play Pick 3 and we like to reach the largest number of people when we offer promotions. A Pick 4 promotion is a good suggestion and we will consider it in the future.

  34. are you saying that big 8 bingo is over 96% sold
    and there are still large amounts out there

    • Sherry: You are correct. According to our scratch-off prizes remaining page, which is updated daily, we have three $40,000 Big 8 Bingo top prizes remaining with 96% of the inventory sold.

  35. Is there still one remaining set for life big winner left,. how do I send my cash tickets in. loosely in an envelope or do they need to be attached to something. If I just put the 4 tickets in an envelope or folded in a piece of paper then put in an evelope is that ok?

  36. ladydi3607

    I love the scratch offs. I waiting to hit the BIG one!! I know the MSL , can track where the winning ticket are distributed. Just give us a heads up!!!LOL

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  38. michelle stein

    I had a small winner scratch off. the retailer would not or could not cash the ticket for me because the bar code on the back was ;partly ripped off from the retailer that sold it to me. I tried 2 retail stores before tossing the ticket. Is there a better way to protect the barcode or cash tickets when barcode is damaged?

    • Michelle: In the future, if that happens to you or any of our players, they should contact us at Lottery headquarters. The security division will look into the matter and take appropriate action. Depending on the circumstances they may even be able to cash it for you. Again, please contact us at 410-230-8800 if this happens again.

  39. Why is it that the same combination of numbers keep coming out over and over again, I don’t feel as if this is just coincidence because it is done much more frequently than it ever has. I know that playing the lottery is just a chance, but it seems as if over the past two years, in the three digit lottery, you find that sometimes within the same month, a combination of the same number will appear,yet there are other numbers that hasn’t been out in any form. We are taking notice of this.

    • Amelia: Thanks for you note. The odds are identical for every drawing and each drawing is completely random. Every Maryland Lottery drawing is conducted in strict adherence to detailed procedures in order to guarantee the integrity of the results. These procedures call for numerous security checks and much testing of equipment and Lottery balls both before and after every single drawing. Security cameras document all that happens in the studio – 24 hours a day. To further guarantee the integrity of our drawings independent auditing firms perform unannounced visits, as do officials from the Lottery’s Security Division.


  41. Eugene Wagner

    LIVIN LUCKY results please for year 2010

  42. Jannie Jones

    I live in Forestville, MD, and I’m buying scratch-offs all the time and never ever win anything. I noticed on the MD Lottery site, Baltimore has a lot of winners. Why is that?

    • Jannie: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas. Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  43. how many winning are in baltimore city

  44. A little disappointed in the hot five for June. I was expecting Big 8 Bingo and Hot Streak to be shown. They both have to be around 70-80% sold.

    • John R: Hot Streak was a selection for May. We want to keep the message fresh and we typically don’t want to use the same ticket in back-to-back months. Big 8 Bingo is now over 96% sold and we are out of inventory, so it would not be an effective message for an entire month if players can’t readily find it in retailers.

      Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.