Lottery Hits a Home Run with “Hit It Here” Orioles Promotion [VIDEO]

Update: Wednesday, October 6
Congratulations goes out to Lillie May Campbell of Baltimore. Lillie was selected from our 58 fans of the game as the winner of the 2011 Orioles Spring Training grand prize as part of the Reese’s scratch-off Hit It Here contest.

Reese's Hit It HereThe Lottery has once again teamed up with the Baltimore Orioles for an exciting second-chance contest.  Lottery players who mail in two non-winning Reese’s™ scratch-off tickets will have the chance to become a Fan of the Game.

Beginning June 4th, a Fan of the Game will be randomly selected for every remaining 2010 Orioles home game and will be announced during the top of the first inning on Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN), the official television network of the Orioles.  If an Orioles player hits a home run that hits the Maryland Lottery Hit It Here sign in centerfield, the Fan of the Game selected for that game will win $100,000.  If a home run is not hit, or if an Orioles home run that is hit does not hit the Hit It Here sign, the Fan of the Game for that game will win $100 worth of Reese’s™ scratch-off tickets and entry into the Grand-Prize drawing.  At the end of the promotion, a Grand-Prize winner will be selected to win a trip for two to Orioles Spring Training in Sarasota, FL. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, October 6th.

Visit for rules and more details.

Hit It Here Fans of the Game

Friday, June 4 – Christopher Scott from Ft. Washington
Saturday, June 5 – Richard Farver from Taneytown
Sunday, June 6 – Barbara Binkley from Halethorpe
Tuesday, June 8 – William O’Connor from Owings Mills
Wednesday, June 9 – Mark McClelland from Cockeysville
Thursday, June 10 – Rose Myers from Nottingham
Friday, June 11 – Niazi Al-Aswadi from Potomac
Saturday, June 12 – Daniel LeBrun from Baltimore
Sunday, June 13 – Elaine Biernat from Baltimore
Tuesday, June 22 – Latoya Kenion from District Heights
Wednesday, June 23 – Tina Jacobs from Hurlock
Thursday, June 24 – Kelly May Baggerly from Nottingham
Friday, June 25 – Cynthia Prize from Clinton
Saturday, June 26 – Frederick Donovan from Baltimore
Sunday, June 27 – Tameka Brown from Silver Spring
Tuesday, June 29 – Lillie May Campbell from Baltimore
Wednesday, June 30 – J.R. Massey from Baltimore
Thursday, July 1 – Eric Snyder from Ocean City
Friday, July 16 – Angela Lane from Easton
Saturday, July 17 – Robert Wehland from Stevensville
Sunday, July 18 – Ashley Baker from Baltimore
Monday, July 19 – David Lotts from Roanoke, VA
Tuesday, July 20 – Inez Blement from Baltimore
Wednesday, July 21 – Gregory DeGross from Baltimore
Thursday, July 22 – Denise Clarkson from Rising Sun
Friday, July 23 – Brandon Bazemore from Windsor Mill
Saturday, July 24 – Tomas Sutjiaro from Silver Spring
Sunday, July 25 – Dana Becker from Baltimore
Tuesday, August 3 – Russell Meyer II from Burke, VA
Wednesday, August 4 – Gerald Dunn from Westminster
Thursday, August 5 – Valerie Allen from Leonardtown
Friday, August 6 – Yolanda Jackson from Mt. Airy
Saturday, August 7 – Mark Widman from Catonsville
Sunday, August 8 – Chereese Barrett from Baltimore
Monday, August 9 – Tanya Cooper from Annapolis
Monday, August 16 – Sylvia Taylor from Westminster
Tuesday, August 17 – Barb White from Baltimore
Wednesday, August 18 – Carolyn M. Williams from Baltimore
Thursday, August 19 – Trula Hein from Fallston
Friday, August 20 – Michael Pederson from Baltimore
Saturday, August 21 – Gerri Purkey-Oho from Kingsville
Sunday, August 22 – Sondra Krebs from Finsburg
Tuesday, August 31 – Cheryl Cole from Brookeville
Wednesday, September 1 – Dorothy Jenkins from Brooklyn
Thursday, September 2 – Nancy Burke from Parkville
Friday, September 3 – Lori Lasser from Machanicsville
Saturday, September 4 – Megan Bjorklund from Baltimore
Sunday, September 5 – Chris Moran from Frostburg
Monday, September 13 – Ray Callaway from Crisfield
Tuesday, September 14 – Keisha Sawyer from Baltimore
Wednesday, September 15 – Donna Morris from Westminster
Friday, September 17 – Naomi Bennett from Baltimore
Saturday, September 18 – Charles Clauss from Glen Burnie
Sunday, September 19 – Linda Montgomery from Joppa
Thursday, September30 – Kathy Mitcham from Ft. Washington
Friday, October 1 – JoAnn Hammonds from Laurel, DE
Saturday, October 2 – Kenneth Saunders from Baltimore
Sunday, October 3 – Earl Harris from Baltimore

The Reese’s scratch-off launches today, Monday, May 17. It is a $2.00 ticket with a top prize of $20,000. Look for it at a Maryland Lottery retailer near you.

55 responses to “Lottery Hits a Home Run with “Hit It Here” Orioles Promotion [VIDEO]

  1. Erica Williams

    How do I know that my tickets were recieved and I am entered in the second chance game?

    • Erica: Honestly, you just have to put your faith in the USPS. With the volume of entries we receive for all of our second chance promotions, we do not have the manpower to inform entrants. To guarantee your entry was received, you can always send the package as “certified mail” and you will receive a confirmation from the USPS.

  2. When you draw the winners on July 12th for the games from July 16th – July 25th, do you post the names of winners for each upcoming game beforehand, so if we get drawn we can make it a point to watch that game?

    • Larry: We have been trying to publish the winner prior to the start of each home game. We have been contemplating publishing all of the winners for the entire homestand. Perhaps you’ll see this later today for this homestand. 😉

  3. Where are the Reeces winners after Ju;y 1st….Today is the 15th for crying out loud….could be a winner….thank you

    • Deb: There are only winners during Orioles home games. The team was on the road through the all-star break which ends today (7/15). The team returns home tomorrow (7/16) and we’ll begin announcing winners again.

  4. i’ve been trying to find the reeses scratch off tickets and no one has them. 😦 Do you know of a retailer in the 21804 zipcode that is selling them? thanks!

  5. this md lottery is very exciting but i think that it should be more exciting!

  6. i emailed previosly about tic tac turkey scratch offs, i am in the 21212 area so if there are any in that area please please let me know…thanks

  7. Monty Godsey

    hello i won a pair of tickets and a parking pass for game i went to on the 24th or 25th of june is that different from the game is for september 4th is that different from the hit it here thing the lottery has doing

  8. Is there a cash equivalent for the trip for two…

    • Matt: The estimated value of the trip is $2,000. The prize includes two (2) round trip airfare tickets from Baltimore to Sarasota, transportation to and from the airport in Sarasota, hotel accommodations for two (2) nights, two (2) tickets to Orioles 2011 Spring Training, plus a cash prize of $500 to cover taxes, meals and some spending cash.

  9. I have never won on any of the promotions. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my name was drawn at the 6-25-10 game.
    I now know that winners come from other areas other than Baltimore and the areas surrounding Baltimore. Thanks! MD Lottery

  10. i love tic tac turkey and i know there are still some tickets out there but how do i find out where they are?

  11. i sent in 2 tickets with my info on them, if my tickets are not drawn do they put them with the rest for the next drawing or do i have to keep in sending in 2 losing tickets?

  12. Wow, it must be nice to win something, I see someones name On Hit it Here, that is also on Livin Lucky list of winners. I have always entered everything, but just doesn’t happen for me.

  13. Steve Gallagher

    Hi: Can one use address labels on any 2nd chance entry tickets, i.e. Reese’s Hit it Here or must they be hand written?

  14. I sent in my tickets in but i didnt write my name on the back of them, i put a piece of paper in with the tickets with my info just wondering if thats ok or not.

  15. I have put my name and address on a card in an envelope with the losing entries. It does not say in the rules to put your information on the tickets.

  16. I am so disappointed with this scratcher and basically all MD Lottery scratchers. I have bought and played about 80 of these Reese’s scratchers and the biggest amount I have won is $5! Every other winner was $2 or $3…awful. I know the Ravens scratchoff was also terrible…bought dozens and won nothing. I think I will go to the pick three and four as these things are not good.

    • Eric: The Lottery launches a variety of scratch-off games per year with an assortment of price points, prize amounts, and play styles. Our goal is to offer a mix of tickets on the shelf that will appeal to everyone. Regarding the Ravens Cash Fantasy game, it was one of the most successful Maryland Lottery tickets ever. All three $1 million prizes were claimed, along with hundreds of experiential Ravens prizes.

  17. Monty Godsey

    who won fan of the game for june 25th

  18. Helen Rogers

    Am I supposed to put my name and address on the back of the tickets? How else will you know whose tickets they are?

    • Helen: Yes, please put your name and contact information on the back of the tickets. Please be sure to follow the official rules which can be found in the this entry.

  19. Is it possible to put your Official Rules in something other than a PDF file?

  20. I’m all for this contest. But the only thing that troubles me is that this may entice children to want to buy scratch offs. (I’m referring to the candy aspect of the game) Sure, sure, you have to be 18 and all, but surely you know that the vending machine type dispensers are used by everyone, including minors.

    I love the MD Lottery, one day I’ll hit it big. I just don’t want to slide down the slippery slope that the tobacco industry did with Joe Camel.

    • Lord Sunder: We understand where you are coming from and strive to ensure that only those 18 and older purchase any game type.

      The Lottery launches approximately 50 scratch-off games per year with an array of different price points, prize amounts and play styles. Our goal is to provide a diversified mix of tickets that appeal to individuals 18 years of age and older. Research and focus groups help determine which games will likely prove popular with our players.

      It is also important to note that none of the Lottery’s marketing or advertising for this ticket has been directed to children or youth. Further, all of our events and efforts seek an adult target. Also, we work closely with our retailers to ensure that no Lottery product is sold to persons younger than 18. As with previously branded scratch-off tickets which might attract the interest of youth like Dubble Bubble Doubler and Ravens Cash Fantasy, our record is strong for maintaining the integrity of the Lottery.

      I hope this has been helpful in addressing your concerns. Thank you for your note. If you have any additional questions or comments regarding the Lottery, please do not hesitate to write in again.

  21. Why does it take so long to to display the fan of the game?

    • Mark: MASN is airing each games fan of the game in the top of the first inning of each game. We have been updating the list at the beginning of the next business days hours. We will attempt to update the list in a more timely manner.

  22. it was some years ag thate you had a game called hit a home run game .this game was gerate .you send in your none wing megmillin tickits and if oreols hit a home run .and my ticked was picked iwood whin .1.000 dollers. this game .WAS THE VERY BEST HOPE TO SEE IT AGEN, BECOUS I WONE 3.000 IN THAT GAME.THANK YOU.BILL.

  23. I was lucky before and hope to be lucky again!!! Hit a home run and hit the sign for me O’s!!!

  24. Is it good for just 1 pick when you send in two cards.In other words you receive my cards on say tuesday you pick,and it’s not me are my cards thrown away at that point or am i still eligible to be picked again? Thanks

  25. Dorothy J. Moore

    How many times can you enter?

  26. Andrea Maggio

    So do you have to be at the game in order to be able to be picked? I’m confused a little, but I’m sure I won’t get picked or win anything, since I never do. I just wasted more money on stamps.

    • Andrea: No you don’t have to be at the game to be chosen. To enter, all you have to do is mail-in two non-winning Rees’s tickets. Just remember to follow the official rules.

      If you’re chosen as a fan of the game you’re name will be announced during an Orioles home game on MASN. We’re also updating this blog entry with the names after each game. Good luck. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.

  27. I just want to see a Home Run . We need that for our team as well as for or lucky fan of the Game. Good Luck to us all and Go Orioles!

  28. I totally agree Robin. Only a few will win this game

  29. I put in for everything and I never seem to win anything . So I’m praying with all I got and may be I can get some luck !!!!!!!!

  30. This is going to be a tough one. If the Orioles hit anything that alone should make you a winner.

  31. david petri

    go orioles

  32. Interesting to see what will happen. Sound like fun.

  33. Can’t waite to see my face as a winner, I did win two dollars on the first night the tickes came out.

  34. I’ve never won on any of the second chance game and will not play this one. sorry! I guess I’m just a sore loser

  35. What a great combination Reeses and the Baltimore Orioles!! Can’t wait to check out the scratch offs.