Are You Livin’ Lucky?

JUST ANNOUNCED: Next $10,000 drawing is Thursday, May 13.

Livin LuckyDon’t forget to get your Livin’ Lucky tickets at your local Maryland Lottery retailer, then enter your LUCKY CODE from the perforated section of your scratch-off at  You’ll be automatically entered into our next drawing on Thursday, May 13 when we are selecting another six winners who will receive $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky tickets. Plus, our next $10,000 winner will be named and added to the list of past winners including Peggy Martin, Kenneth Hobar, Jerome Fennoy, and Keith Presson.

Don’t forget that you must keep your perforated section in order to claim your prize.

For more information visit,

Remember, all Livin’ Lucky entries must follow the Official Rules.

29 responses to “Are You Livin’ Lucky?

  1. Desiree Booze

    I ‘am waiting on the Cinema Cash 2nd Chance contest .When will that drawing begin?

    • Desiree: We have not announced the drawing date for Cinema Cash. The game is currently at 55% sold. As the game comes closer to being sold out we will announce the drawing date. Stay tuned to Sn@pshots for more information.

  2. I read that the lucky codes if previously submitted at the beginning of the game(last year during Cash Extravaganza?), are still entered for all the drawings. Since I wanted to make sure if that was true, I resubmitted some of those from last year and they were entered successfully without the mention of any previous submission. Does the system simply cancel any duplicate entries?

  3. I have a question about livin lucky will the drawing be may 13 with the pick3 & pick 4 evening # and if you win do i go to lottery head quaters to claim my prize i really been buying livin lucky scratch off so i can better my chances of winning wish me good luck thank you LAVonia.

    • LAVonia: The Livin’ Lucky drawings are conducted at Lottery Headquarters. The winners are randomly selected using a computerized program. The drawings are not televised. The winners are notified by a Lottery representative following the drawing. The winners are also posted online.

  4. Where in this area can I find the Hot Five the 3 places I go do not have them Zip code 21742.

  5. Shantel McMillan

    Everyone’s A Winner let yourself play.

  6. my comment is awaiting moderation, what does that mean? Mispelled some of the wording.

    • Charlotte: All comments must be approved by lottery personel before they go live on the blog. We go through the approval process so we can monitor for inappropriate content, the use of bad language, privacy issues, spam and more.

  7. Geneva Redd

    Live Large and Lucky

  8. notify me

  9. I have had tickets from the beginning of the game. Are my tickets still in the drawings?

  10. Edward BAUMEL

    i keep trying

  11. Well I play every game there is to play. I just hope one day lady luck will come our way. If ever a time we need it it is now. Good Luck to all and remember You Got A Play To Win!

  12. I just wanted to know if the lucky codes submitted since the contest begain remain in contention for prizes as long as the promotion is going on, or are they eliminated after a certain period of time?

  13. Elaine Biernat

    I can not submit my lucky codes on your website. I fill eveything out and when I went to submit, the submit button does not show up. Please help me to fix this problem.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Elaine Biernat

  14. If ever there were a time when a person could really use a big win , it is now! Times are hard for everyone! I pray for all of us!

  15. Lynda Shaw

    I love the snapshots updates. Can’t wait for the Livin’ Lucky drawing on May 13th

  16. YOU gotta PLAY to WIN.

  17. mary dressel

    i play every day but my number do not come up i get up set sorry

  18. I hopr I win something in this drawing I have over 600 of these ticket stubs here on my desk. Also want to complain about 5 dollar bingo and crossword I kept my tockets and had over 500 daollars worth with not even a 5 dollar payback, this is stupid.

    • charlotte: We understand your frustration. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict where the winners will be. Have you checked out the Hot Five? If you haven’t had a chance, take a look. You can take advantage of this information by playing the Hot Five which have limited inventory and high cash prizes remaining. Just last month, we had four winners from the April edition come in an claim top prizes. Good luck.

  19. Can you post the winners who won the scratch off tickets the first week of May please, or the lucky code numbers.

    • chon: We have not had any Livin’ Lucky drawings in May. The next drawing will be held on Thursday, May 13. You can view past winners who are still able to claim their prizes here.