Magic Kingdom Before Multi-Match Magic Moment

Baltimore Woman Claims $700,000 Prize

Multi-MatchA nervous Maryland woman, accompanied by her dad, came to Lottery Headquarters this afternoon to claim her $700,000 Multi-Match jackpot prize.  While the winning numbers were drawn on April 19th, a pre-planned trip to Disney World kept the woman from arriving sooner.

“I had already planned the trip, so I just had to wait,” said the grinning winner. The lucky lady gave the ticket to her father to keep in a safe while she was away. “I wasn’t scared about leaving the ticket because I knew it was in good hands.”

The 40-year-old Baltimore woman bought the ticket, as she usually does, after work on the day of the drawing. She realized she had won a few days later after casually scanning the ticket at a local Lottery retailer. Outside of sharing her excitement with her immediate family, the winner has kept her good fortune a secret.

The construction company employee said she is going to invest her winnings and purchase a new car. She also plans to help her family.

The winning ticket was purchased at Sterling Liquors located at 196 German Hill Rd. in Baltimore.

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  1. What a great story, Don’t get what you can afford, please get the car you always wanted . Don’t foreget the person or persons who has taken care of you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!