Crank Up Your Winnings With Power Play [VIDEO]

UPDATE May 29: The Powerball Power Play promotion has been extended into the month of June until the 10x multiplier hits.

Beginning in May, the Maryland Lottery will offer players one more reason – actually 10 more reasons – to play its popular mega-jackpot game, Powerball.  Because, the entire month of May, players can multiply their winnings up to 10 times with the game’s Power Play feature.

So what is Power Play?

Power Play is a special feature of Powerball that allows winners to multiply the original non-jackpot Powerball prize by the Power Play number for just $1 more per game.  Typically, the Power Play option offers the chance to multiply non-jackpot wins two, three, four or five times.

For example, based on a $1 per game wager:
Power Play Number Drawn: 4
Powerball Winning Amount: $3
Total Winning Amount: 4 x $3 = $12

This limited-time promotion adds a 10-time multiplier, considerably upping the ante on payout prospects.  If you play the Power Play and you win the second tier ($200,000) prize, then your Powerball winning amount will be multiplied by 5 no matter what Power Play number is drawn.  And now during the month of May, you have a chance to have your prize multiplied by 10* for a top prize of $2 million.


“Just last week we met an Anne Arundel County man who turned a $10,000 win into a $50,000 win with Power Play,” reported Lottery Communications Director, Carole Everett.  “Imagine a similar situation with the 10X multiplier in play, $10,000 turns into $100,000 and $200,000 to $2 million.”

Powerball joined the Lottery’s stable of games in February and has proven to be a popular choice among players looking for big jackpots.  A recent jackpot roll that reached $252 million created quite a stir in Maryland and produced two local $200,000 wins.  Lottery officials believe the 10X multiplier will increase the excitement as the jackpot grows.

Players select the Power Play option at the time of purchase at a dollar-for-dollar cost.  A $1 Powerball ticket with Power Play costs $2.  Tickets are available at all Maryland Lottery retail locations.  The multiplier is randomly selected during each Powerball drawing and can be found at our website and at your local Maryland Lottery retailers.

The Powerball drawing is held in Orlando, Florida and can be seen locally on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 11:22 pm on WBAL-TV, Channel 11.  The multi-state game is played in 41 states, Washington D.C. and the US Virgin Islands.

So Let Yourself Power Play today!

*10x multipler only available Saturday, May 1 through Saturday, May 29.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

12 responses to “Crank Up Your Winnings With Power Play [VIDEO]

  1. tai nguyen

    I still have a little confuse about how to play a power ball. On Wednesday, I bought one ticket . I matched 1 regular number and 1 power ball number. I went to local agent and checked by scanning: it said “you won $4.00”. And the local lotery agent gave me only $4.00. I thought I should win $16.00 instead. Because on Wednesday 5/5/10 it multiplier was 4. Please advise. Thanks.

    • tai: It sounds like you didn’t add the Power Play feature to your ticket. You can buy a regular Powerball ticket AND add the Power Play feature for just $1 more. Next time simply ask your retailer to add the Power Play feature and if you win, your winnings will be multiplied by the Power Play number.

  2. How come regardless of any machine that people allow your random selections there always 95% of the time whether its $1, $5, $10, or $20 tickets always starts with either a single digit number and those numbers majority of times are the least selected numbers.

    How come your machines are not updated at all because I notice that either playing Powerball, Mega Million, or Multi Match the numbers from the last drawing always seems to pair up on each line which really lowers the odds for people because if those numbers play one week the odds are lowered it will come again the next week.

    Another thing is how come over the lasted 10 years of either majority of the Mega Million winners come from the state of Ohio. Is the machines there better in chosing the winning ticket. There certain trends that would suggest such with the Mega Million game. It’s very surprising that yes, Maryland players have hit the 2nd tier prize but maybe a handful ever wins the jackpot. Will that trend continue with the Powerball or there will another state get this type of bias.

    I don’t think there been a winner of either a Mega Million jackpot or a Powerball jackpot in Harford County, Maryland please correct me if I am wrong. These things surely has many thinking just like myself and it just simply seems like a bias in everyway when it comes down to being lucky when it seems something make you scratch your head when you see Ohio again winning the jackpot.

    • Peter:
      The numbers on the scratch-off tickets are simply to allow us to track inventory. They have no correlation to which tickets are winning tickets. All of our scratch-off games are random and we have no way of knowing which ticket will be a winner.

      To address your second question, the odds are identical for all Powerball, Mega Millions and Multi-Match drawing and each is completely random. For example, if a certain sequence of numbers is drawn Powerball, that doesn’t limit the decrease the likelihood that it will be drawn again. Every drawing, from a national perspective and those that are done right here at the Maryland Lottery, is conducted in strict adherence to detailed procedures in order to guarantee the integrity of the results.

      Lastly, the Mega Millions jackpot has been won in Maryland 12 times since the game began in 1996, 7 of those jackpot wins have happened in the last decade. We consider ourselves to have been very lucky to have had several jackpot wins, as the odds of a jackpot win occurring are long for all players and the probability of the win happening in one specific state is low. To break the probability out for a jackpot win, in a specific county in the State of Maryland would be much lower. We certainly would like to see another jackpot winner in Maryland. You can find a list of the jackpot wins here.

      Thanks for writing to us Peter. We appreciate the time and thoughts from all of our players.

  3. Really get rid of the Powerball totally and allow even more people a opportunity to win in every state that the game is in. The 2nd tier prize of 200,000.00 seems to be very small for getting 5 numbers and almost makes the game impossible with that red powerball number. No matter how many times you have that x10 promotion.

    Increase the amount for the 2nd level winners and then you will increase your ticket sales overall from consumers. Another thing drop the number of powerball to 1 to 31 because thats how days in month. The regular number to 1 to 50, which also provide better fanfare for your consumers and increase ticket sales for yourself.

    Right now the game is tilted all for the lottery and really isn’t consumer friendly with the economy at this particular time.

  4. You need to add the Megaplier for Mega Millions. Pa and DC

  5. Charles Clauss

    I had stopped doing Power Play. Now, I may start again.

  6. 10 times the amount is great cant wait to win

  7. I love that we have a better change to win more and I play so let me be the next BIG WINNER. LOL. I did want to say that the learn how to play is not up to date. It says to win 1 million and not 2. Best of luck to all and I say Let Yourself Play To Win and you Just Could Be 2 million dollars richer or ever the Big Winner of that weeks Power Ball. Good Luck and Best Wishes Too All That Play. From Churchville,Md.

  8. Two quick questions:

    Are you planning to offer a PowerBall subscription?

    Are you planning to have the Ravens scratch off in the Fall again?

    • Jeff:
      We do not offer a Powerball subscription at this time.
      We are still planning our product initiatives in the fall. Please stay tuned for more info.

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