Lottery Luck Strikes Randallstown Woman…Again

Wins a Scratch-off Top Prize for the Second Time

Hot StreakIt’s a well-known scientific fact that lightning never strikes twice in the same place.  Happily for a Randallstown woman, the same cannot be said of lottery luck.  The mother-of-three needed no help finding the Maryland Lottery’s claim center today and she knew just what identification to bring in order to pick-up her $50,000 prize.  It turns out she had been there before and for exactly the same reason.

A long-time instant ticket player, the residential counselor stopped by her neighborhood Lottery retailer last week to try her luck.  She chose the place not only because it’s near her home, but because she’s found luck there before – $20,000 worth of luck.  “I feel like it’s a good place for me,” she told Maryland Lottery officials

She chose a few of the Hot Streak instant tickets and scratched them there in the store without success.  She was back in her car with the engine running when something told her to try one more.  She went back in and you can guess the rest.  “I asked the clerk if I was seeing things – he looked at my ticket and smiled.”  A scream, applause from the other patrons, and an excited call to her daughter quickly followed.

Ideas for some improvements to her house and plans for a modest vacation are already being discussed.  Future visits to her “lucky” store for Maryland Lottery instant tickets are also on the agenda.

Our winner’s “lucky” store is Pimlico Check Cashing, 3538 Brenbrook Dr. in Randallstown.

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