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Racetrax Playslip - TrifectaOn Monday, April 19 we announced that Racetrax is now being sold at all Maryland Lottery retailers across our great state. And now, you’re off to the savings! Play Racetrax now through May 23 and get a $1 discount on every $6 Trifecta purchase.  The maximum discount you can receive will be $5 on any ticket valued at $30 or more.

6 for $5 bets include:

  • Trifecta – Select three horses that will finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the EXACT order.
  • Trifecta Box – Select at least three horses that will finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in ANY order (three horses = six bets).
  • Trifecta Wheel – Select four or more horses (at least one in each box) to finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in exact order. Quick pick is not available for the Trifecta Wheel play type.


Racetrax Parties going on now. Find the party nearest to you.

15 responses to “Racetrax 6 for $5 Promotion

  1. Can you recommend a safe place to play racetrax close to DC that I don’t have to drive to? I went to some liquor shop close to redskins stadium that was a little shady.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Cliff: It is our goal that all of our retailers provide a safe playing environment for our players. If you provide your address/zip code, we can get you a list of retailers in your area.

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    your big 8 bingo seems to be not sold
    at some of the lottery retail stores why is
    that?some retailers say they stopped
    selling them,why?

    • Brenda: We are out of inventory in our warehouse, meaning we can not ship any more books of tickets to our retailers. The only advice we can give is to encourage you to shop around and ask your local retailers if they may have a book that they’re not displaying. In addition, if you enjoy our bingo games, Multi-Prize Bingo is currently being sold at lottery retailers. This ticket is at a $5 price point. If you prefer the $3 price point, we are launching a new bingo game in June called Bingo Boxes.


    nadine is right you should have more
    parties in the baltimore city area’s
    we would like to participate too

    • Southern Maryland is left out again!! I wonder how much REVENUE Southern Maryland accounts for!

  6. Yes they are in Maryland, but hardly ever in the
    PGC where I live, I sorry to say but I have not heard of a lot of lottery parties in the PGC area and Lord knows I play the lottery each and every day, so follow when and where they have these parties. So make one in central part of

    thank You

  7. Tomeka Brown

    I think Downtown Silver Spring would have been a nice place to host one of these promotional parties.Oh well maybe next time

  8. how about baltimore county?????


    I think these kick off parties are a great idea, but I wish there were some in the Baltimore city area. There should always be sites in urban and suburban areas of Maryland and not just oriented toward people with motor vehicles .

    • Nadene: We try to hit all regions of the state when we have events like this. In fact, tomorrow we’re at the Orioles game versus the Yankees and we’ve had events like the Keno Patrol last year, where we are in the city. We’ll definitely keep this in mind when planning future events. Thanks for taking the time to write in.

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