HOT FIVE – May 2010

All prizes remaining is as of Saturday, April 24.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our
scratch-off prizes remaining page.

Hot Five Scratch-OffsThe Hot Five were flying off the shelves in April.
Last month we had four big winners claim top prizes.
Baltimore Women is Lucky — Times Ten
Prince George’s County Woman Hits the Jackpot
Prince George’s County Restaurant Owner Rings in a Top Prize
Baltimore Family Man Brings Home $100,000 Top Prize

Tune-in to WBAL-TV’s Morning News the final Saturday of each month at approximately 9:15 AM to see the latest HOT FIVE from the Maryland Lottery!

Extreme Cash Blast ($20) – 56% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 1 remains
4 $50,000 prizes remain
Over 50 prizes between $1,000 and $10,000

Extreme Cash Blast

Livin’ Lucky ($10) – 58% sold
Top Prize – $250,000; 3 remain
Enter your LUCKY CODE at
for a chance to win $10,000.
Drawings occur every 10% sold.
View our winner list here.

Livin Lucky

Hot Streak ($5) – 75% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 3 remain
3 $5,000 prizes remain
Over 40 $1,000 prizes remain

Hot Streak

Bucks Deluxe ($5) – 54% sold
Top Prize – $50,000 including TAXES PAID; 2 remaining
4 $5,000 prizes remain
9 $1,000 prizes remain

Taxes Paid Bucks Deluxe

Ruby Red 7’s ($2) – 66% sold
Top Prize – $7,777; 4 remaining
Over 90 prizes of $500 or more remain

Ruby Red 7's

14 responses to “HOT FIVE – May 2010

  1. I too, enjoy a gamble here and there…but buying those $20.00 tickets and not winning really sucks! I was also, wondering (I haven’t seen any lately) about the $20.00 Platiumn scratch offs that you had to mail in…when is the drawing for them? One last statement, those $20x new scratch offs are absolutely terrible…I’ve talked with others and you rarely see over $25.00 win…The odds should change when you’re coughing out $20.00 bucks 🙂

    • Sharon: The Platinum Rewards 2nd Chance drawing date has not been determined. For an up to date list of 2nd Chance contests and their info you can click here.

    • Sharon: Also, odds are better on $20 scratch-offs compared to other price points. But, even though the average chance of winning a prize on the Lucky Times 20 ticket is 1 in 2.71, this does not mean that there’s an automatic winner within 2.71 consecutive tickets. Prizes are distributed randomly throughout the total game and there is no pattern as to where they will occur. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance.

  2. I have been sending in Cinema Cash 2nd chance contest tickets. Is this contest still going on and if so, how do I know if I won?

    Thanks! Love the MD lottery have already won a total of $1500 plus little ones too!!!

    • Joanie: Yes, the Cinema Cash 2nd Chance contest is still going on. We have not set a date for the drawing. Stay tuned to Maryland Lottery Sn@pshots for up to date info on Cinema Cash and all of our promotion, events and more.

  3. I have V.I.P. # 0-00806. I have had it since
    11/01/2000. I need to change my address on the card. The Lottery site doesn’t recognize it.
    can you help me

    • John: We no longer have a VIP club. To receive the same benefits and information, you can join our new and improved e-mail newsletter Sn@pshots Wired. You can input your e-mail in the available field on our homepage. From there you will be prompted to input additional contact information. Thanks.


    How about a free scratch off for VIP members like you used to send out. SPECIAL SPORTS PRIZES HAVE NOT POPPED UP YET THIS YEAR–are any coming? There is a great variety but maybe an instant mega prize on a ticket costing less than ten dollars would be great. You gotta play to win.

    • Nadene: From time to time, we do give away tickets and experience through our e-mail newsletter Sn@pshots Wired. We have recently given away tickets to the Auto Show at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Harford Live Home and Garden Show at Ripken Stadium. We have plans to give away more prizes at random times. Please make sure you’re signed up for Sn@pshots Wired so you can receive these special offers. You can sign up at The entry field is towards the bottom of the page.

  5. Andrea Maggio

    I love playing scratchoffs, but it really sucks when you spend all that money and lose. I think that all the tickets over 5 dollars should all be winners of somesort, like for example 1dollar or a free ticket, because more people would play more often knowing they can win something, because most of them are losers. 😦

    • Andrea: Similar to other lotteries, the probability of winning a Maryland Lottery scratch-off game is determined using a standard calculation: the total number of tickets in the specific game divided by the total number of prizes in that game. As you may be aware, the odds for any particular scratch-off game are printed on the back of the ticket. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets without receiving a winner at all. Like all lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance.

      • I did not take from Andrea’s comment that she was actually questioning the odds. It appears she was just stating her frustration at not winning anything and was offering a suggestion to possibly bette the experience and increase sales. I feel your response to Andrea’s post really had nothing to do with her comment.

      • Wil: I went back and re-read the comment and our response and you’re right and I apologize.

        I think what we were trying to get at is that, prizes and payouts are determined by a number of factors and winning is purely the luck of the draw and is simply a matter of random chance. We understand your frustration. That is why, in addition to a wide variety of games, we do offer a variety of 2nd Chance Contests opportunities with games like Cinema Cash, promotions like our Racetrax 6 for $5 promotion going on now and the ability to win prizes through our e-mail newsletter Sn@pshots Wired to enhance players gaming experience. Thanks for your feedback.

    • The lottery is gambling and the odds are not 100% accurate but if it’s your lucky day you will win. Most people that win don’t play the lottery daily so don’t waste too much money playing.