Players are Fired Up About Maryland Lottery’s “Hot Five”

Highlighted Scratch-off Tickets are Generating Lots of Wins

Hot Five Scratch-OffsAt any given moment there are more than 50 Maryland Lottery scratch-off games available in stores; games offering tens of thousands of instant prizes ranging from $1 up to $1 million.  With so many games and so many prizes – with more coming every week – individual games and prizes might easily be overlooked…until now.

The Lottery’s HOT FIVE highlights scratch-offs that have a limited number of tickets still available and high-tier prizes still remaining.  The HOT FIVE webpage is among the most frequently visited and the results are clear to see.  The tickets making up April’s list have already seen four top prizes claimed since their listing.

Baltimore Women is Lucky — Times Ten
Prince George’s County Woman Hits the Jackpot
Prince George’s County Restaurant Owner Rings in a Top Prize
Baltimore Family Man Brings Home $100,000 Top Prize

The Maryland Lottery tracks individual game sales and prizes remaining on all active scratch-offs.  “When a game’s sales slow, when players’ attention may have been drawn to newer games,” says Lottery Director of Communications Carole Everett “we spotlight the ticket and the big prizes as a little reminder for players.”  The page also lists the percentage of tickets sold for each game – important information if one is seeking a game’s top prize.  The higher the percentage sold, the better the chances of one of the remaining tickets being that big winner.

The Maryland Lottery’s HOT FIVE page is available on, where players are also encouraged to click on the “scratch-off prizes remaining” tab to view a full listing of prizes remaining on instant tickets.

Players are encouraged to tune in to WBAL-TV’s Morning News this Saturday, April 24 at approximately 9:15 AM to see the latest HOT FIVE from the Maryland Lottery. The HOT FIVE airs the final Saturday of each month.

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