Keno Sprinkler now through April 25

Keno Sprinkler gives you the chance to multiply your winnings!  Check your ticket for the Doubler or Tripler message and, when your numbers come in, you’ll win twice or three times the prize!  This promotion runs through April 25.

5 responses to “Keno Sprinkler now through April 25

  1. go back to the original posting of keno and race trax. the ‘new and improved’ way IS NOT!

  2. linda galford

    Go back to the old way of tracking keno and race trax numbers! The new way is so frustrating, I have decided not to play anymore.

  3. I have been playing for the last 15 years I did not won any big amount what is the trik to win
    I was hoping to win with the gold, silver, bronze ticket game but I did not
    I will keep trying until I win Big.

  4. oliver givens

    keno number search does not work.Is there anyone that can fix this. I talked to someone at the lottery office about this problem and they were supposed to correct this problem.