Jackpot Fever Invades Maryland

Mega Millions Jackpot Surpasses $100 Million; Powerball Jackpot Exceeds $200 Million Mark

PB_MM_play both in MDWith tomorrow’s Mega Millions jackpot at $143 million and Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot standing at  $252 million, there is a lot of “If I win…” chatter swirling around Maryland.

Mega Millions has been a mainstay of the Maryland Lottery since 1996 when it debuted under the Big Game moniker. The game has produced its share of big jackpot winners in Maryland.  The largest win in Maryland was $183 million, which was won in June 2003 by Bernadette Gietka, from Baltimore County. Perhaps the best known Marylander to win Mega Millions was Dundalk resident Bunky Bartlett, who was one of four people nationwide to win the $330 million Mega Millions jackpot in August 2007. He took home a prize of $82.5 million.

The Maryland Lottery’s newest jackpot game, Powerball, arrived just this past January. Although it has produced 14 third-tier $10,000 prizes, it has not yet yielded a large jackpot win for the State. Marylanders with big dreams are happy that they can now purchase their Powerball tickets at their local Lottery retailer as opposed to having to travel out-of-state.

“We’re definitely ready for a local jackpot winner,” reported Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett.  “Maryland’s seen a lot of second-and third-tier winners in recent months but, we’d love to see someone hit it big this week.”

Mega Millions drawings air on Tuesdays and Fridays and Powerball drawings air on Wednesdays and Saturdays, both on WBAL-TV Channel 11 at 11:22 PM.

2 responses to “Jackpot Fever Invades Maryland

  1. it seems like Mega millions has the better cash payout than Powerball..

    • realtor rebates: Powerball annuities are paid out over 30 years and Mega Millions annuities are paid out over 26 years. Annuities are essentially bonds. Since Powerball annuities are for 30 years, the yearly payouts are less than what they are for Mega Millions, which has a 26-year annuity. The cash option amount equals the amount the Lottery pays to purchase the annuity. It’s like a US Savings Bond – if you cash it out early, you will not receive the full value at the time of cashing. If you wait for the bond to mature, you’ll receive the full value. Therefore, the cash option for Powerball is less than it is for Mega Millions because the annuity option accrues interest for 30 years as opposed to 26 years.