A One-Two Punch for Pick 4 Players

1-2-1-2 Combination Delivers $7 Million in Payouts

Pick 4Last night’s Pick 4 number, 1-2-1-2, was a very popular choice and today staff at Lottery Headquarters is greeting a throng of happy winners. Nearly 8,000 players went to sleep and woke up a little bit richer.

The drawing took in $424,959 in total sales and the payout was 1,647 percent or more than $7 million.  Those who placed a $1 bet took home $5,000 and winners with a $.50 wager received $2,500 each.  One of the Maryland Lottery’s mainstays, the Pick 4 game has recently seen resurgence is sales and the past month produced an increased number of winners.

The Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings are held twice daily — midday and evening, seven days-a-week.

One response to “A One-Two Punch for Pick 4 Players

  1. My heart is hurting bout now I played 1212 the day before for 2.00 dollars straight and 2.00 box and didn’t the next day, missed it!! ughhhhhhhhhhh