From Crash to Cash…Baltimore Woman Wins $50,000

Claims Cash Winfall Top Prize

Cheryl Carney - Cash WinfallCheryl Carney went from a minor fender bender to a major windfall on Friday when she won the $50,000 top prize on the Cash Winfall scratch-off. The 45-year-old, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her mom and two youngest sons, was involved in a car accident only minutes before stopping to purchase her Lottery tickets. “I just decided to stop,” said the mother-of-four. “I always see this little store and went in and bought my tickets.”

Cheryl purchased about ten different scratch-offs from the Lottery’s new Player Activated Terminal (PAT). “It was the first time I ever bought them this way,” said Cheryl. “It was fun.”

Cheryl then went home where she scratched her tickets. It was the very last scratch-off that revealed her big win. “I started jumping up and down, my one son was there and then I yelled to my Mom,” said the recently laid-off medical assistant. “My mother tried to ask about the accident and I said ‘I just won $50,000.’”

Cheryl expressed her fondness for scratch-offs and said that she will continue to play. She intends to save her winnings and hopefully move.

The winning ticket was purchased at Gold’s located at 4 Greenlea Dr. in Baltimore.

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