Lucky Times 20 [VIDEO]

For those that receive our Sn@pshots Wired newsletter, please accept our apology for the Lucky Time 20 pricing error. Lucky Times 20 is indeed a $20 ticket, not a $10 ticket as indicated in the e-mail newsletter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

12 responses to “Lucky Times 20 [VIDEO]

  1. I have been entering my codes since the start of the game and have never recieved an email confirming my entry. I have entered them all again, I hope I am picked since I had to re-enter my codes. I have been entering my codes since last summer.

  2. Will you please post the codes for the March 17th drawing?

  3. If I’am lucky and bless to win I really need an ramp for my grand son to get in and out of the house better, or I will buy him a home with every thing he needs.

  4. I read about the winners of the lottery all the time ,and the fun, and exciting stories people have about how they won their money,Hopefully one day I will be reading my own story.

  5. these lotterys has been a trip seems like no one can hit anything lately all the money i invest dont pay off i play lottery racetrax all of it scrach off when i send in for the winnings i believe they give it to who they know

  6. I submitted my lucky code but I never received anything saying it had been received.

  7. nicole crawford

    I hope I can be a winner ,so Ican get my family
    a nice big house. let’s get lucky.

  8. Lucky Times Twenty ,Let’s See I can pay my bills. Ok I’am going try this scared money do not win.You gotta play to win well I will play until I win.The jackpot.