Livin’ Lucky 2nd Chance Promotion – Names and Codes to be Published

Livin' Lucky 2nd ChanceWe are again adapting our Livin’ Lucky 2nd chance promotion to meet customer demand. We will now publish the NAMES and CODES of winners for the $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky tickets for drawings that have occurred within the past 60 days and will continue to update this page as new drawings occur.  Winners of the $10,000 drawings will be published once their entry has been validated.

The Lottery will continue to contact winners throughout the drawing process through the phone number and e-mail address provided by each entrant.  However, if you find that you have a winning code and have not been contacted to claim your prize, please contact the Lottery at (410) 230-8800 to confirm.

Please remember, the rules have not changed and you MUST keep the perforated section of your scratch-off which contains the lucky code.  If you are chosen as a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize.

Every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs each!

Drawing Date: 10/14/10
962447C6 – Theodore Kozak from Baltimore
0536BAF9 – Andrew Hylton from Shady Side
2F9779AE – Robert Myers from Hagerstown
8CA52425 – Gloria Cusick from Baltimore
4B30FA71 – Robert Campbell from Dundalk
F32216F7 – Tracy Glass from Hagerstown

Drawing Date: 10/28/10
88C4B85A – Terrie Coates from Waldorf
255E8C76 – Phillip Cass, Sr. from Aberdeen
DAA37FF6 – Ronald Melchior from Millersville
1B0E4E87 – Kimberly Runyon from Bel Air
55EBFA9D – John Buck from Fallston
EAF78A77 – Brenda Lewis from Baltimore

Drawing Date: 11/9/10
91848846 – Sam Edwards from Joppa
E0EDEF4A – Rhonda Salter from Salisbury
2234007F – Gary Fuller, Jr. from Pasadena
7F04223C – Bob Fisher from Hanover, PA
4F29E461 – Mary Joseph from Waldorf
E3F10FBB – Margaret Lepore from Burtonsville

Drawing Date: 11/23/10
D908E064 – Walter Bryant from Glen Burnie
503350D1 – Charles Roberts from Baltimore
B9DABAD2 – Alison Sagi from Elkridge
2F59555F – Lynne Stokes from Baltimore
222D340E – Peggie Murphy from Baltimore
C204FE1D – Elbert Phillips from Randallstown

Drawing Date: 12/9/10
2D42D7DD – Jacqueline Brewington from Waldorf
510AD419 – Henry Johnson from Taneytown
41025385 – Carol Fox from Mt. Airy
94CC5EEE – Toni Douglas from Aquasco
DC4C8360 – Mark Widman from Catonsville
8D472F3C – Howard Feld from Olney

89 responses to “Livin’ Lucky 2nd Chance Promotion – Names and Codes to be Published

  1. If individuals selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs do not come forward with there stub are there going to be alternates selected?

  2. I can say I have been one of the lucky ones, who play the Lottery!! I have been to Lottery Headquarters 4 times over ten years.. I won 5 thousand twice on 4 digit numbers and then the BIG ONE, was 100 thousand dollars on a 10 dollar scratch off, that was amazing!! And then last year thru the Livin Lucky Promotion I won tickets to an Orioles Game by entering my codes. I had a blast at the ballgame, It was the first time seeing the Orioles, and they WON!!!!
    So stay positive and your luck could change!!
    Best of Luck to all the Lottery Players!! 🙂

  3. When is the last date that you will pick the six winners for the $300 worth of Livin Lucky Scratch offs? And how many of the $250,000 prizes are still out there? I am hoping you are going to pick my name soon.

    • Kboy: There are still three $250K prizes. There is no final drawing date at this time for this promotion. The drawings will continue as long as the ticket is out there. With the ticket only being 64% sold, it will probably be out there for a while.

  4. If I win something ,will the lottery officals send a letter or e mail if I can’t be reached by phone

  5. Is there a 10 k winner form the last draw ? And if so who ? Or are you all able to disclose that info . If they dont want it i sure as the sun is shining would take it in a heart beat . I could think of 10 thousand things to do with that cash . I havent won yet but “IT AINT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS”and you could hear a pin drop around here lol !

  6. I have complained on here before and the bottom line is you gotta play to win and be in the right place at the right time. everybody wants to win the big one, including me. However I can’t complain mdlottery and delottery has been good to me over the years and sometimes they get thier money back.. so suck it up and keep playing…

  7. Chris Edgerton

    Dear Lottery

    Is it possible to create a log of your submitted,
    ticket stubs. That was a nice feature with the
    RAVENS promotion.

    • Chris: This feature is not included in the Livin’ Lucky website. We’ll keep this in mind for future promotions though as it seems user accounts have been well received. Thanks for the note Chris.

  8. If you win once, is there any chance of you winning again if you continue to summit your lucky codes.

    • NETTA: Yes. There are no restrictions as to how many times you can win the $300 worth of scratch-offs. But, you may only win a cash prize from the Internet Promotion one time – the $10,000 prize (every time 10% of the ticket is sold) and $100,000 grand prize.

  9. joe jenkins

    I been playing for years and I never win nothing, Im getting tired of playing wishing they take it away sometimes, why cant I win everyone has luck I guess?

  10. I guess I will not be getting a response from my post I left a few days ago, it’s ok I will go to twitter, because I know you all are scamming people thats why you can’t respond, this promotion is a joke, I copied my origional post, you received it once I hope I don’t have to keep posting it, and again not get a response.

    • chon: We appreciate hearing from you and all of our players. I recall hearing from you on several occasions. If I missed responding to one, I apologize. We try to get back to everyone in as timely a manner as possible. Sometimes our schedules and the pure volume of inquiries makes it tough.

      Please feel free to follow us on Twitter. We have some really fun an interesting things planned. Good luck in the future.

  11. Dear Maryland Lottery..Please consider a Racetrax/Pack as in your Keno to go. I have a feeling at $.25 a game and up to a 200 game draw our state would make more money and also a few lucky horse players will hit there number once in a while. Big G Waldorf, Maryland

  12. Hi, I remember a friend that won a Bonus second chance prize but she wasn’t notified..Do you notify people that win second chance drawings..I have over 140 Lucky Code tickets and so far none has been pulled. I am just wondering if I do win will you notify me.. Big G. Waldorf Maryland

    • George: Our public affairs department always contacts winners through the contact information provided by the players. They follow internal protocol to inform players by phone, as well as follow up by e-mail and “snail” mail to contact second chance drawings winners. If you’re name is drawn for Livin’ Lucky I can guarantee you will be contact one way or another. Also, recently we have begun to publish more information in regards to second chance contests so players can see who the winners are and contact us as well. But please keep in mind that we will always contact winners with the information provided by each player.

  13. we might not be as populated in Western Md but there are a lot of tickets sold, I purchased 50 dollars worth of scratchoffs yesterday and did not even get 5 bucks payback, I know that is gambling but ther should be something back once in awhile, the 5 dollar bingo is really bad if you scratch the little box in the left in a row you know ther will be no payback at all. so I have decided it is time to quit.

  14. I Kinnda Sorta Have A Problem With That .. Like All Good Gas Stations In Texas All Comments Are Closed ( Or What Ever It Said ) .. We Dont Live In Texas !! I Play The Lottery Every Day ..~~I Know ~~I Donate $140.00 A Week ( $ 20.00 A Day ) .. So Leave Comments Open ~ 24~7 … Never Win But I Play !

  15. Jeffrey Smith

    Hi there, just wondering what is happening with the Livin’ Lucky winner from May for the $10,000. I has been pending for over a month now. Just wondering, thanks Jeff

  16. If you guys know the amounts left in the sratch-offs (and you do), then it follows that you also know where those amounts are located geographically. I’m just realizing that the drawings are more random and fair than the scratch-offs.

    • Jo: We do not know which books of tickets hold winning scratch-offs, nor which retail locations or areas of the state they are distributed to. Strictly for inventory purposes, we do know how many total tickets we start with at the beginning of a game, and the percentage of tickets that have been cashed. Therefore, we know how many total tickets are left in each game.

  17. I play the lottery for fun and to win. can you make the pick 3 and pick 4 more fun to win,like having a bonus game sometimes. Maybe in the pick 3 games, if a ZERO came out in the evening drawing , you get the BONUS……

  18. Andrea Maggio

    It seems to me that the 10% never rises on the livin lucky meter. It’s been at 62% for a long time now. And I know it should have went up to at least 65% by now, I mean you just gave away 300.00 worth to 6 people, and I know I’ve definitley bought a few stores out over a month period. lol. Also I was very dissapointed because I probably have maybe 100 of the codes and I didnt even get picked. I guess my luck is all out with that game now.

  19. I want to know why everytime I play the pick 3 or pick4 i am always one number off ? Is the number drawings computerize ? are they already prepicked

    • cass40: Winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Numbers drawn for each of the Lottery’s daily drawing games are arbitrary. Every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. In addition, each ball drawn has the same exact chance of being drawn as any other ball in the machine, at any point in time.

      Although every ball has the same exact chance of coming up per draw, random drawings do occasionally produce unusual results. Because of this, similar numbers, the same numbers, or even what appears to be a pattern or sequence may be drawn from time to time. I assure you, however, that drawings conducted are fair and random.

  20. Do I have to move back into the city to win anything from the Maryland lottery?

    • Charles: Thanks for the note. It’s funny because city residents think the exact opposite. The truth is the geographic locations of our winners are random and there is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas. Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  21. Brian Paschal

    WoW!!!… I won! 2/16/2010… 🙂


    • Thelma: Sorry to hear that you haven’t been in the winners circle yet. However, when you ar participating in our event promotions like the Powerball Kick-off Party, you’re increasing your chances to get something back. At the Kick-off Party several cash prize winners were selected from the group of only 400. Lottery officials also passed out Lottery T-shirts and other prizes. Keep a look out for our upcoming event season, we’ll be passing out Lottery giveaways all season long. On some occasions we’ll have exciting cash prizes, Ravens/concert tickets. When we do, you’ll want to be there for your chance to win. Keep up on it all here at and the Snapshots blog.

  23. Will the thermometer continue to rise while waiting for this ticket validation? I know it should be close to reaching another 10% in sales – or do we have to wait until April 16th?

  24. I entered codes during the first internet promotion. Do I have to enter them again for this promotion?

  25. can i enter the contest with the same code each drawing.

  26. brenda moore

    i play all the games enter all the contest and still i have not won WHY?????????

    • brenda moore: I’m sorry you haven’t won. All Lottery games are games of chance. Whether one plays once or a hundred times, it doesn’t affect the odds of winning. Good luck!

  27. Benzenia Townsend

    I continuosly enter into your contest or promotions and I wonder why I can never seem to be chosen. Is it because of my location? I continue buying postage stamps sending in all those envelopes and still get picked over. I have to wonder.

  28. Why 60 days, it seems soooo long? Your rules state that perforated stub must be provided. If you can’t present it in 30 days, I doubt it in 60 days. Maybe I am being selfish.

    • lew: The rules for the game state that each winner is given 60 days to claim. It is only fair to give winners enough time to claim their prize. The majority of our second-chance contests allow for 60 days to claim a prize. If the $10,000 winner does not claim the prize, an alternate winner will be notified.

  29. The lottery has given out almost 11, 000 Livin Lucky tickets and out of all those tickets I have yet to see a big winner announced, I mean this is out of the 6 players that have won the 300 tickes in the last 5 drawings which would equal 30 people, makes me wonder if this is just a promotion to make the Md Lottery look good or if there are really all those winning tickets out there not to mention the players that continuosly purchase these tickets in hopes to winning on or off line to me there are not enough winners for this promotion.

    • chon: When this promotion began, prizes from the Internet Promotion consisted of tickets to events such as concerts, sporting events and festivals. Now, every two weeks, we give away $300 worth of scratch-off tickets to six people. Every time 10% of the Livin’ Lucky ticket is sold, we give away $10,000. At the end of the promotion, we will give away a grand prize of $100,000. Since the start of the Livin’ Lucky ticket, two $250,000 top-prizes have been awarded thus far, along with many smaller prize amounts. There are still three more $250,000 prizes to be won. Also, please remember that there are a variety of second-chance contests to choose from. Check out the following link for a complete list of current second-chance contests.

  30. Validation of a winner for Livin Lucky cash prize has been pending for at least a week, why so long?

  31. I can’t get into the site due to block by company. The snapshot site comes up where i’m now. I need to enter the Livin Luckey code. Where can i go to put this code in?

  32. Thanks for your reply to my email. I’d rather have the alternates chosen. It would make the game more exciting. Have a blessed day.

  33. If someone does’nt claim a prize for the $300.00 worth of scratch off tickets in 60 days. Do you pick alternates for that game to. LIVIN LUCKY!!!

    • E Kee: If winners do not claim their $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs the prize goes into the unclaimed prize fund for future promotion opportunities for our players.

  34. how close are we getting to the ultimate pay day drawing. i enjoy playing mdlottery i hope i’m a winner soon.

  35. Hey lottery people you have done a great job at providing the codes and names it is very appeciated. I do have one question though. The $10,000 winner from the Feb 16th drawing still says it’s pending. What does that mean? Can you at least tell us what the code is and perhaps the owner will see and be able to validate it. Hopefully it was mine but if not some other lucky player will be very happy!

    • Brad: Thanks for the feedback. We are contacting the $10K winners directly. The current winner is looking for his Lucky code. They have 60 days to verify or an alternate will be selected.

  36. I love to gamble and hope and wish to be a big winner soon i play the lottery very much.

  37. Whats taking so long to validate the 10.000 dollar prze ticket its been 2 weeks now.

    • Anthony: The potential winner is looking for his ticket. Per the official rules, the person has 60 days to present the ticket or an alternate will be chosen.

  38. i was wondering can you post how many days someone is pending so we know what is happening with the valadation. thanks

  39. I would like to know why on the scratch off tickets the web site does not tell you how many tickets have ben printed in total. I would like to see the total number of tickets not just the prizes left.

    • Michael: We do not offer this information at this time. We are planning many improvements to the website and will add this to the list of potential improvements. Thanks for your feedback.

  40. why does it take so long to validate names

    • james: The person selected as the $10K winner has been notified and is currently looking for his Lucky Code, which is needed to claim the prize. Per the rules, he has 60 days from the drawing date to claim his prize. If he doesn’t claim by then, an alternate will notified and will receive the prize pending validation.


  42. How come in Pa. and De. you can buy megamillions tickets with the multiplier for 1 more dollar, but not in Maryland ?

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  45. What Happen To My Question About Those Crazy Letters Or Numbers I Seen The Other Day .. ( v.3.5 ) or somthing ? Have it written Down Here Some Where …… Never got An E Mail On what They Meant

    • LucyLou: That was an accidental settings change within our Content Management system. It was showing “possible related” content. It referenced content created by someone else. The setting has been adjusted and “possible related” content will no longer be shown.

  46. Where is the winner that was drawn on Feb 16?

    • Mark: The person selected as the $10K winner has been notified and is currently looking for his Lucky Code, which is needed to claim the prize. Per the rules, the person has 60 days from the drawing date to claim his prize. If they don’t claim by then, an alternate will notified and will receive the prize pending validation.


    • Rose: The person selected as the $10K winner has been notified and is currently looking for his Lucky Code, which is needed to claim the prize. Per the rules, the person has 60 days from the drawing date to claim his prize. If they don’t claim by then, an alternate will notified and will receive the prize pending validation.





  51. Come on we need a winner from Fulton, MD how about me! I am Loyal to the Maryland Lottery.

  52. I have to commend the Md lottery for giving the people what they want. There were request for the codes and you gave them to us, then they asked for the names and you gave them to us. Thanks for complying. Now can you make me a winner, lol!!!!!!

  53. I never win any way, so I dont even look at the list any more.