JUST ANNOUNCED: Ravens Cash Fantasy Season Tickets for Life Winner

Ravens Cash FantasySeason Tickets for Life
Kimberly Feather from Pasadena

Season Tickets for 2010
James Roberson from Silver Spring
Adam Carte from Glen Burnie
Stephen Taylor from Westminster
Karen Kaiser from Glen Burnie

2010 Skybox Tickets
Chris Baughan from Baltimore
Orion Flaherty from Baltimore
Jacqueline Brewington from Waldorf
Sandra Fields from Aberdeen
Joseph Parker from Baltimore
Scott Nieman from Lusby
Steven Luber from Mt. Airy
Deborah Valentino from Gaithersburg
Bernard Mills Jr. from Hagerstown
Jane Heill from Cockeysville
Stephanie Hansen from Baltimore
Robert Deener from Brunswick
Steven Thomas from Hagerstown
Joe Fish from Sykesville
Rita Gaither from Pasadena
Stephen Toth from Street
Mark Hasenei from Havre de Grace
Ken Case from Pasadena
Deborah Rayman from Baltimore
Lisa Casey from Pasadena

Autographed Footballs
Karen Simpson from Baltimore
Charlene Dudley from Glen Burnie
Willis West from Baltimore
Dorothy Johnson from Baltimore
Roseanne Kelly from Germantown
Linda Collins from Elkridge
Charles Jones from Baltimore
Laura Jones from Frederick

Game Worn Jerseys
Ron Williamson from Baltimore
Jim Molinelli from Columbia
Artur Demiri from Owings Mills
John Zimmerman from Joppatowne

Autographed Photos
Marvin Arthur from Riverdale
Tracy Beale from White Hall
Monica Beczkowski from Bel Air
John Beever III from Chester
Kimberly Bradds from Edgewood
Bill Bradley from Baltimore
Daniel Burneson from Odenton
John Cinquegrani from Westminster
Richard Cole from Seven Valleys
Michael Council from Landover
Randy Dare from Stevensville
Bradley Duruttya from Brunswick
Michael Evans from Glen Burnie
Joe Evans, Jr. from Baltimore
Natasha Fenwick from Prince Frederick
Jake Freiert from Reisterstown
Donald Gallagher from Severn
Cathy Gentry from Baltimore
Cam Glaws from Charleston, SC
Malynda Goggins from Baltimore
Paula Gore from Ellicott City
Mark Greenwald from Lonaconing
Emily Grove from Reisterstown
Shannon Grove from Bel Air
Sandra Grzybowski from Ocean View, DE
William Hartsock from Dundalk
Jeff Hendershot from Hanover
Jachelle Hill from Lanham
Francis Hissey, Jr. from Glen Burnie
Susan Holthaus from Parkville
Karen Howard from Baltimore
Jay Hufty from Indian Head
Rhonda Jackson from Lusby
Theresa Kinnear-Till from Damascus
Kenneth Kisiner from Pasadena
John Lawler from Mt. Airy
John Leakey, Jr. from Reisterstown
Daria Lovejoy from Silver Spring
Leslie Lowry-Lewis from Sykesville
Frada Lynn from Baltimore
Keith Makin from Dundalk
Rudy Marroquin from Baltimore
Teri Marshall from East New Market
Sarah Martin from Rising Sun
Michael Martin from Dundalk
Barbara Martin from Perry Hall
Brian McCarthy from Rockville
JoAnn McDermitt from Olney
Lee McDorman from Delmar
Robert Noel from Fallston
James Oliver from Baltimore
Mark Pallozzi from Baltimore
Ronald Parker from Baltimore
John Pasterniak from Baltimore
Emmanual Paulo from Germantown
Frederick Pilger from Glen Burnie
Paul Prestianni from Baltimore
Damien Robinson from Bel Air
Carol Rudy from Glen Burnie
Melvin Simpson from Pikesville
Jerry Smith from Baltimore
Henry Smith from Grasonville
Kelly Smith from Severn
Martin Stewart from Jessup
Susan Thompson from Ellicott City
Susan Trabing from Baltimore
Scott Trask from Stevensville
Anna Tzikas from Baltimore
Richard Ullman from Stewartstown, PA
Elizabeth Vernon from Riverdale
Justin Virts from Glen Burnie
Godfrey von Nordeck from Edgewood
Thomas Walters from Perry Hall
Harriet Watkins from Reisterstown
Roger Weaver from Columbia
Matthew Wech from Cockeysville
Corey Weimer from Baltimore
Robert Whittington from Clear Spring
Carol Wieczorkowski from Nottingham
James Wolfe, Jr. from Annapolis

62 responses to “JUST ANNOUNCED: Ravens Cash Fantasy Season Tickets for Life Winner

  1. shannon grossnickle

    I got a letter in the mail from a Doug from the Maryland State Lottery public affairs office that i won a autographed picture and that i needed to fill out the form and needed a copy of my photo id and SS#. Just need to know if this is the process and if you really do need to give them a copy of your SS# and if i really won. Thanks

    • Shannon: Yes, you are a winner! You won an Autographed Football during our December 21st drawing. You will need to provide the information indicated in the form in order to claim your prize. Feel free to reach out to Doug directly by phone or e-mail if you have any further questions.

  2. Juanita Johnson-Dixon

    Please delete my email address, I am recieving unnecessary emails which should not happen. I assumed my data was confidential and not opened to the general public.
    Thank you

    • Juanita: I search our database for your e-mail address and it does not appear that you are a part of the list. If you receive unwanted e-mails from us in the future, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SafeUnsubscribe. This will take you through the process of unsubscribing from our e-mails newsletter Snapshots Wired.

  3. I won a football Derrick Mason, #85. I was very surprised. Never won anything before. Go Ravens!

  4. Someone just gave me a bunch of yards but looks like its all over with? Any use for them at all, like a 3rd chance..lol

  5. Please tell us you will have the Ravens Cash Fantasy/Season Tickets for Life Scratch-Off next year (and every year)? This was a LOT of fun. It was great that you had the promotion around Christmastime as the tickets made great stocking stuffers.

  6. dorothy l Johnson

    There were a Dorothy johnson that were winner of foot ball My name is Dorothy L. Johnson so could that be Me smile I hope so.
    Dorothyl. Johnson

    • Dorothy: We cross referenced your e-mail address with the winners and it appears that the winner is you! We are still in the process of contacting all of the winners. However, I was told that you will be contacted today. Congratulations!

  7. I won an autographed picture, but do not want to use my SS number to claim my prize. What else can I do? Thanks

  8. I can remember about when md. first
    started our lottery (3 digit) ,30 yrs. or so ago. From what I do remember, it was supposed to help lower taxes. Now 30 yrs. latter,and who knows how many different ways TO WIN there are , it seems to me it has NOT
    accomplished it’s goal. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!

  9. How much of the money from all md. lottery games (including scratch offs),
    go to lottery officials and staff?

    • Lou Sullivan: In FY 2009 the Maryland Lottery had more than $1.69 billion in sales. Of those sales, only 3.5% was used for operational expenses. This includes advertising and other contractual services. The Maryland Lottery’s operating expenses are among the lowest in the country. Please take a look at the “Benefits to Marylanders” section of our website at http://www.mdlottery.com/benefits.html. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us again.

  10. I want to wish all the winners a “congrats”. I spent 2 weeks buying (from every location I could find the tickets), scratching and entering yards on this promotion I know I had over 70,000 yard entered. I spent a lot of money and did not even get a ticket over $75.00 (and that was only 1 ticket).

  11. +maryschweiger

    I entered several yards for almost everything thinking mabey as a gift for a grand son but i must say i am glad i was not a winner. as the taxes on a large prizesuch as tickets for life would be more than i would want to spend. Now back inMay of 2004 I did win the big ben scratch off valued at twenty thousand dollars. although the air fair first class you all made us take cost twelve thousand dollars. and taxes was added we did not get much ashotel was on our own and all activities and food exept for waiting for plane and on the plane was on our own it was a trip we probally would not have taken if I had not won and I must say we had the very best time ever.we extended our stay for two weeks .Iwould love for you tohave another scratch off like BIG BEN thank you.

    • maryschweiger: Thanks for your comment. We appreciate everyone’s feedback.

      All winners should be advised that there are tax responsibilities with all prizes won through the lottery. With second chance contests, players should be sure to check out the second-chance prize rules associated with the contest, so they are not surprised by the prizes and the taxes associated with the prizes they may win.

  12. i got a email that i won a photo and i sent the form back but my name is not on the list .can you let me know why thank you

  13. What about the Eastern Shore, only saw one name from the shore?

  14. I found the geographic locations very interesting. Congrats to winners! No more promotional games for me. I am finally joining gamblers anonymous. Put a fork in me, I am done (LOL).

  15. when the lottery started it was to benefit education in md not to balance the budget .our property taxes are sky high and climbing why is:nt there enough to boost education in md. what do guys do with revenue from the lottery. hey governor tell us something .

    • Eric: You can check out the Benefits to Marylanders here. Lottery revenues are deposited into the State’s General Fund. Over $493 million was contributed to support such services and programs as education, public health, human resources, public safety and much more, all of which greatly benefit the citizens of Maryland.

  16. Everyone who is boo-hooing about not getting anything and entering so many times…I understand its frustrating…but its a CONTEST! No where did they say that they promised you anything for buying tons of scratch offs. And to say that your not ever going to buy anything md lottery ticket related is silly. Its not their fault. The person who might have won may have only had the minimum points they needed for one entry who knows…its random! Entering a million times is only going to get you better odds…not guarantee you anything. 🙂
    I thought this was an exciting promotion and hope they do it again.

  17. funny, I was wondering why Owings Mills has so few winners of anything

  18. Ticked off I agree with what you said. All the winners seem to happen out near the main lottery headquarter. I need to travel out there and see is that will help me to win. Upper Marlboro

  19. i have been saying this for years that the big winners are from the counties. like the last mega million winners. or any other big prizes.

  20. I just so happen to notice that 1st there were winners from Dundalk, Baltimore, Reistertown, etc… I also noticed there was not 1 ( one) winner from Arnold, Severna Park, or Cape Saint Claire.

  21. I agree with ticked-off. how come we have very little winners in the city. i live in west baltimore edmondson village and all i hear is someone winning big on scatch-offs and jackpots elsewhere. glen burnie, essex pasadena, etc. we lower class need the money just as much as they do. perhaps more. i spent so much money on the ravens scratch-offs and all i won was 7 bucks. all i win on the big jackpots is $2, $4 or $6. THAT’S It. come on send some winnings to the city

    • Frustrated: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. Also, some winners choose to remain anonymous. To search for winners from Baltimore City, feel free to use the search bar within the blog.

  22. Having a todal of 3,590 yds and not win anything is really heartbreaking I hope never paticipate again in any Raven base contest.

    • Mac Peterson: Thanks for playing. All winners were selected using a random number generator. The Ravens Cash Fantasy contest was one of our most successful 2nd chance opportunities ever. 114,000 accounts were created, entering in more than 46 million extra yards throughout the contest. We appreciate your feedback. Good luck in the future.

  23. I agree with most of the people complaining about the number of winners not coming from Baltimore. I spent $hundreds of dollars on tickets randomly played at different locations and still didn’t win anything. In the last ten years I have only won one prize from MASN/Orioles promotions thru the MD lottery. Yes, let some of us that play all the games win once in a while. Thanks!

  24. Since this promotion was hugely pushed at the stadium and the people selling ticket didnt even know the deal when asked all they wanted to do is sell a ticket commision? I feel that the fans in the stadium that helped u out should get a little something in return like a conselation prize we did put up with a lot of hurasment from hard sell people.

    • mike: The Lottery promotions staff was on-site at Ravens games, as well as events across the state all year long. Please look out for us at an event near you for the chance to spin the FREE lottery prize wheel.

  25. Matthew Becker

    I would have to agree with other persons about
    the locality of the winners. It would seem to me that there would be at least one big winner from
    Western Maryland? We do play these games as well
    as the rest of the state,at least enough to win a
    football or a picture. I will consider taking my
    next chances with another state, or maybe move
    to Baltimore where one entry is all I’ll need.Thanks for nothing.

    • Matthew Becker: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. We have had several winners from Western Maryland throughout the contest. Please feel free to visit our Ravens Cash Fantasy website and scroll through the winners list including Bernard Mills from Hagerstown who won 2010 skybox tickets.

  26. i got a ray rice autographed photo , im happy but would have liked the tickets for life , see balt is my third team i started with the colts then they moved now im a die hard redskins fan and my afc team is baltimore . root for them both but the colts well they lost me when they left in the middle of the night .

  27. I brought some Ravens stratch-off tickets. I gave away all of my Ravens Yards to people. I don’t see any of their names. I am 53 years old and I have been playing since the lottery started. I was 18 years old. I buy tickets when I am in other location besides Balimore City and County where I live. The previous game that I enter my tickets and a good friend tickets online. No one that I knew won anything. I found it to be time consuming and using my electric.

    Play the lottery race horses. It’s fun when you win and have the right combinations. 1,2,3 and 1,2,8 horses win all the time. A little bit of money won is sometimes better than a whole lot on a budget. When I consistently don’t win, I don’t spend. When I win, I spend, spend, spend, and pay some bills. lol.

    Winnings could cover more. What would happen if Baltimore City and County don’t play for one day?

  28. Congrat’s to all the winners. To all the losers, your not alone. I have 2 envelopes filled with pts, well over 11,000 pts and didn’t win anything. I live in the Baltimore, Parkville area. Maybe next time. Had fun scratching and winning a few bucks here and there…….

  29. I put in 1375 entries that amounted to 36,610 yards and with bonus yards 37,640 total yards. Is that not worthy of a prize? How about a free lottery ticket? lol!
    I’d like to know if anyone put in more entries than that?
    Also, how exactly were the winners randomly selected?

    • OH MY…:
      Thanks for playing. All winners were selected using a random number generator. The Ravens Cash Fantasy contest was one of our most successful 2nd chance opportunities ever. The top account had over 76,000 yards. 114,000 accounts were created, entering in more than 46 million extra yards throughout the contest. We appreciate your feedback. Good luck in the future.

  30. Congrats to all the winners, I only sent in two entries because I have been playing 2nd chances contest for a long time and NEVER won 1 penny so I am pulling back from purchasing scratch offs and not to mention the multi match and mega millions. So have fun folks playing the lottery.

  31. Hello I finally won something after 50 entries I got a worn jersy that is good I hope i’ll b back soon to pick up my power ball cash lol

  32. Hmmmm…why are most of the winners in the Baltimore area?!? Seems like something fishy was going on to those who live further south who purchased MANY tickets!!!!!

    • Wondering:
      The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas.

      In addition to being a high-population area with a sizable number of players, Baltimore, MD covers 38 zip codes (USPS info). Residents come from localities all over the Baltimore metropolitan area, for example, a winner from 21286 claiming a prize may be listed in a press release as a Baltimore winner, even though residents in this zip code may be from Baltimore, Loch Raven or Towson.

      Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  33. Is the MD Lottery going to send the rest of us poor smucks a thank you card for all the dough we poured into this promotion. I’ve never spent so much on lottery tickets in my life.

  34. congrats!!!! to all the winners, but I should have been a winner. Maybe next time.

  35. Juanita Johnson-Dixon

    I agree with Jeff, after multiple entries I could not even get a photo. Congrats to the winners ….

  36. hey can i win a valentinez date wit Ray Lewis?

  37. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! @ all winners wish it waz me

  38. I can not believe I didn’t win. 25 entries for Season Tickets for Life and 15 entries for 2010 tickets…and no winner….Give me a break..

    But I am not hating on the winners….

    • In response to Jeff’s post…

      I’m one of the winners of Virginia Lottery’s 20 years of Redskins Season’s tickets, and believe me it took 300 $20 Redskins Lottery ticket entries, to be lucky enough to be selected to be one of the 16 finalists that went to FedEx field. Then from there 7 out of the 16 won the 20 years worth of Redskins tickets at the drawing held at FedEx field. Sometimes it just comes straight down to luck. LOL, of course, the extra taxes for winning 20 years of tickets is going to kill me in the 2010 tax season, so just maybe you can count yourself lucky for not winning the 20 years worth of Raven’s tickets.

      Congrats to all the winners!!!

  39. Amanda Robinson

    Notify me if any one winner does not want their gift

  40. This was one of the best amd most exciting promotions I have ever taken part in. Let’s do it again.

  41. It always seems that people from well to do areas aways win these things.. I think it is fixed some how. Never hear about anyone from Baltimore city or Dundalk , Sparrows Point area ever everever winning anything. I spend my hard earned money trying to win these things and spent alot. And did not even win a picture!!!

    • Ticked Off: You are not alone. We have received several inquiries like yours. Rest assured, the geographic locations of our winners are random and there is no way to predict where the winners will come from. In addition to being a high-population area with a sizable number of players, Baltimore, MD covers 38 zip codes (USPS info). Residents come from localities all over the Baltimore metropolitan area, for example, a winner from 21286 claiming a prize may, from time to time, be listed as a Baltimore winner, even though residents in this zip code may be from Baltimore, Loch Raven or Towson.

  42. Where do I sign up to become Kimberly’s BFF???? Congrats !