Jackpot Drawings Now Six Days A Week

Drawings Now Six Days A Week - Visit mdlottery.com for details.

4 responses to “Jackpot Drawings Now Six Days A Week

  1. T'Ron Jackson

    Why doesn’t the Maryland Lottery have Megaplier for its Mega Millions Game?
    DC Lottery & Virginia Lottery have it.

  2. I live in PG county and work in DC. I would rather play my Mega Millions numbers with the DC Lottery because they have Megaplier. The Maryland Lottery doesn’t have Megaplier. So if I hit the second tier -$250,000 -with Megaplier it could be 2,3, or 4 times up to a Million dollars. My friends and I are playing the DC lottery from now on. Hope the Maryland Lottery gets Megaplier. Thanks