Ravens Cash Fantasy – FINAL PROMO CODE!

Ravens Cash FantasyWe hope everyone has had as much fun playing Ravens Cash Fantasy, as we have had bringing it to you. Remember, the final second chance drawing deadline is Monday, February 8th at Noon. Don’t miss your chance to win Season Tickets for Life and other great prizes.

We are issuing one last promo code to give you a chance to get over the hump and enter to win the remaining prizes.  Enter your extra yards with promo code DOUBLE to double the yards that are being entered at that time. That means if your ticket has 20 extra yards, you will now receive 40. If your ticket has 100 extra yards, you will receive 200.  If you enter two tickets valued a 50 yards each, you will double each ticket for a total of 200 yards.

This is a limited time offer valid Saturday, February 6 at 8 AM through Sunday, February 7 at 11:59 PM. The promo code can only be used one time per account transaction up to ten tickets.


  1. Purchase a Ravens Cash Fantasy Scratch-off ticket
  2. Visit www.mdlottery.com/ravens
  3. Log-in to your account
  4. Click ENTER YARDS
  5. Enter in your TICKET CODE and the PROMO CODE (DOUBLE)
    • To enter up to 10 tickets click ENTER ANOTHER TICKET


Learn more at www.mdlottery.com/ravens.

Good Luck!

Maryland Lottery


15 responses to “Ravens Cash Fantasy – FINAL PROMO CODE!

  1. Was the final 1 million ticket ever claimed

  2. I remember when the lottery pick 3 and 4 drawings were live on tv..Now they are not live anymore..Is this a way for the state to decide which pick three and pick 4 numbers to show being pick to pay out as little as possible

    • Jay: At the current time, drawings are conducted and aired on WBAL-TV Channel 11. WBAL’s signal reaches a sizeable portion of Maryland. Unfortunately, there are some areas in the State that do not receive the signal and therefore can not view the drawings. The Lottery is always looking into ways to bring its drawings to these areas in the future. Remember, you can always find winning numbers and even watch the drawings at mdlottery.com.

  3. the Promocode in my email doesn’t even work.

  4. I agree with Carla…It isn’t fair…I entered a whole bunch of tickets last night because of an email I received telling me that the deadline was coming up…then comes this promo, where I could have doubled the 600 yards that I entered just last night??!!!! What gives???

    Also, the promo codes that were given away before were only for 10 or 20 extra yards (at least the ones that I received), which is nothing in a game where you need at least 50 yards to win ANYTHING.

    I play the scratch offs for the instant gratification of winning…I don’t know about everyone else, but I say leave off the second chance contests…especially if the rules keep changing!!

    • Jeff:
      We are sorry if you weren’t able to take advantage of the promo code. We have distributed several promo codes throughout the life of the game. Most have been for bonus yards as you stated; however, we did give away another doubler during the Ravens wild card weekend. The distribution of the doubler codes (WILD CARD and DOUBLE) were identical. The rules have remained the same for all players through out the game. We try to plan these out so as many players as possible can take advantage. Unfortunately, we aren’t always going to be able to please everyone. We appreciate your feedback and thanks for playing.

  5. I don not think this is fair. We who have been playing all along are being passed by for those who are playing at the last minute.
    How can you do this to us????

    • Carla: We have been giving away promo codes at random intervals through traditional and new media throughout the life of Ravens Cash Fantasy. This final promo code was a way to thank new and veteran players, while giving everyone an opportunity to get those final few precious yards to enter their drawings of choice.

  6. I don’t understand. Where is the promo code?
    It wasn’t in my email.

  7. This is great that you let the public know by email more ways to win then ever…..I will always take advantage of this extra feature. I work so much, I never get a chance to see all the new items going on with the lottery. So please keep up the good work, and I will keep playing…Thank you.